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6/26/2017 6:38:21 PM

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130. Danish Neolithic Boat Stone Axe
Opening Bid: $375
131. 2 Neolithic Danish Daggers
Opening Bid: $150
132. Neolithic Small to Medium Adzes (3)
Opening Bid: $300
133. Ancient Gold, Silver & Bronze Ancient Bracelets (7)
Opening Bid: $350
134. Amlash Pottery Rhyton
Opening Bid: $150
135. Luristan Bronze Bowl
Opening Bid: $150
136. Luristan Silvered Bronze Bowl
Opening Bid: $250
137. Luristan Noded Bronze & Silver Bracelets & Latch (6)
Opening Bid: $150
138. Three Luristan Bronze Animal-form Pin Handles
Opening Bid: $350
Listing 1 - 9 of 72
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