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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical and Asian Antiquities #89 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
006Chupicuaro Figure in Canopy Bed 262Inca Pictographic Painted Plaque473Batak Decorated Lute
028Tlatilco Type K Pretty Lady Figure263Wari Textiles with Animal Designs (2)492Washkuk Yam Mask
031Teotihuacan Black Serpentine Face Mask 270Canaanite Bronze Duckbill Axe500Kachina Dolls (2)
034Michoacan Double Tiered Vase306Impasto Ware Jar502Pair of Animas Figures in Purgatory
039Colima Dignitary in Litter324Roman Gold Band with Relief Putti514Dan Fetish Figure with Bell
047Colima Standing Shaman Figure with Tall Staff330Byzantine Bronze Reliquary Cross518Redware Pottery Bowl
058Colima Redware Snake338Parthian Small Clay Bullae (2)520Pottery Bowl with Bumpy Surface
070Colima Multi-Faced Olla344Roman Silver Bracelet & Three Silver Fibula Pins (4)528Senufo Mask
073Colima Redware Olla360Sassanian Hematite Seal534Dogon Figure
075Colima Redware Maguey Olla364Late Roman/ Sassanian Iridescent Blue Glass Seal544Ibo Head Crest & Yoruba Colonial Figure (2)
077Colima Fruit-Shaped Vessel368White Agate Intaglio Ring546Yoruba Eshu Altar Staff
078Colima Mother & Child371Carnelian Hair Ring547Terracotta Bell-Shape Chalice
079Colima Redware Axe Vessel373Ancient Bead & Seal (2)548Mossi Doll
080Colima Double Armadillo Olla379Sassanian Bronze Stamp Seals (4)549Anyi Funerary Head
081Colima Seated Figure with Exposed Ribs380Sassanian Green Jasper Seals (3)552Djenne Redware Pot
082Colima Standing Female Figure384Roman Gold Earrings with Insets556Yoruba Shango Staff
084Colima Shaman Holding Bowl on Shoulder385Roman Gold Hoop Earrings 558Yoruba Shango Staff
100Colima Tlaloc Fang-Faced Vessel386Roman Miscellaneous Gold Earrings (6)561Mambila Antelope Mask
107Jalisco Seated Female 389Egyptian Alabastron562“Bocio” Fon/Ewe Fetish with Umbrella
110Jalisco Blackware Curled Dog392Egyptian Painted Wood Striding Male 564Ijo Altar Figure
111Jalisco Gray Ware Dog393Egyptian Bronze Ibis Head576Hemba Figure
113Chinesco Seated Figure 400Roman-Egypt Cartonage Mask581Yaka Polychrome Mask
142Aztec Censer401Egyptian Mummy Mask597Chupicuaro Squatting Figures & Miniature Grouping (3)
148Tarascan “Teapot” Vessel404Egyptian Mummy Mask599Michoacan Pre-Classic Seated Figures (2)
153Aztec/ Mixtec Tripod Bowl & Shallow Polychrome Bowl (2)411Roman Glass Handled Bottle600Michoacan Flared Bowl with Stucco Decoration
160Maya Polychrome Decorated Chief Plate 413Roman Tall Glass Jug602Chupicuaro Decorated Vases (2)
161Maya Cache Vessel414Roman Glass Vase605Chupicuaro Pedestal Bowl & Tripod Bowl (2)
173Maya Jadeite Face Pendant418Roman Pattern Molded Sprinkler Bottle 612Colima Hut, Litter & Cover (3)
175Maya Jade Implement419Roman Large Glass Bottles (2)615Jalisco Decorated Bowls (2)
181Pre-Classic Maya Female Figures (2)421Roman Small Glass Jugs (2)619Michoacan Small Bowl with Incised Decoration
186Quiche Maya Bowl with Choc Head431Roman Glass Molded Janus Bottle623Colima Seated Mother & Child
189Maya Large Molded Female Figure 433Roman Pattern Molded Glass Jug 625Colima Figure in Litter
198Maya Stucco Head 434Roman Pattern Molded Sprinkler Bottle 634Aztec Coatlalpanec Style Black & Red Pitcher
202Costa Rican Small Jade Axe God Pendants (2)436Roman Iridescent Glass Sprinkler Bottle 646Sican Figural Vessel & Pig Mask (2)
214Calima Figural Double Spouted Vessel437Roman Glass Handled Jug648Chancay Male Figure
219Vicus Copper Face Mask442Roman Sprinkler Bottles (3)654Luristan Bronze Pin with Ball Head
225Moche Warrior Deity Vessel443Roman Glass Jar & Double Chambered Balsamarium (2)667Ghanaian Pottery Head
226Moche Figural Stirrup Spout Vessel 445Roman Glass Vessels (3)671Large Brown Pottery Bowls (2)
228Moche Seated Lord holding a Jaguar Cub446Roman Iridescent Green Glass Bottle677Pottery Vessels (2)
231Huari Decorated Kero447Roman Glass Bottles (2)679Dan Incised Wooden Bowls
245Chancay Cuchimilco Figure449Roman Glass Vessels (5)681Vessels with Linear Detail (2)
247Inca Standing Female Figure 450Roman Glass Bottles (4)683Dahomey Brass & Bronze Figural Castings (3)
248Chancay Wood Staff with Janeiform Heads451Roman Small Glass Bottles (7)685Wood Ladles & Handled Bowl (3)
250Chancay Wood Staff with Anthropomorphic Figure452Roman Glass Bottles (3) 690Bali Figural Kris Handle
256Chimu Decorated Stone Spoon 465Tang Pottery Camel692Wooden Tattoo Forms (2)
257Large Marajoara Geometric Olla468Han Dynasty Horse693Small Timor Horn & Wood Spoons (2)
258Monumental Marajoara Decorated Vessel 471White Marble Seated Buddha with Incised Aureole694Sulawesi Wooden Spoons (3)