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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical and Egyptian Antiquities, 93 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
003Xochipala Blackware Bowl302Indus Valley Seated Female Fertility Idol513Shunga Pillow Book
007Xalitla Standing Female Figure306Syro-Hittite Figure Holding Puppy517Han Dynasty Pottery Hut
017Tlatilco Pretty Ladies (3)307Kilia Marble Head & Body518Chinese Porcelain Cat Pillow
019Xochipala & Olmecoid Seated Figures (2)313Archaic Greek Standing Pottery Figure519Korean Glazed Bowls (2)
058Colima Figural Incensario314Cycladic Marble Legs532Bone Needle with Hide Thong, Spatula & Two Toggles (4)
059Colima Shaman & Warriors (4)315Old Babylonioan Hematite Cylinder Seal541Mentawai Paddle with Incised Hand
062Colima Decorated Covered Bowl318Luristan Bronze Axe Head554Withdrawn Lot
073Colima Blackware Pottery Mask319Urartian Decorated Bronze Belt563Ngonzon Koun Antelope Headdress
082Jalisco Foot Vessel320Luristan Bronze Standard566Dogon Mask
084Jalisco Large Seated Warrior with Club322Assyrian Matching Pair of Bronze Bracelets (2)573Mende Female Figure
087San Juanito Seated Female Figure330Mycenaean Decorated Stirrup Vessel574Dan Spoon Figure
088San Juanito Jalisco Figural Group332Hellenistic Black Glazed Gutti (2)576Djenne Head
090Nayarit, Chinesco & Colima Figures (3)334Hellenistic Decorated Pottery Alabastron 582Baule Bronze Passport Mask
118Maya Fineline Decorated Plate341Campanian Sessile Kantharos600Senufo “Deble” Rhythm Pounder
119Maya Large Decorated Plate343Gnathian Oinochoe605Grebo Staff with Horns
120Maya Large Polychrome Decorated Seated Dignitary Plate 350Greco-Roman Bronze Bust of a Bearded Philosopher608Dogon Spear with Relief Figures
128Maya Small Decorated Cup351Greek Bronze Handle with Satyr Masks613Fanti Akan Figure
133Maya Plumbate Rattle Vessel352Greek Gold Foil Diadem Leaf Appliqués 614Baule Large Door
136Maya Suspended Figure354Villanovan Pottery Alabastron618Shango Yoruba Dance Wand
140Maya Tripod Plate & Lidded Urn (2)374Roman Bronze Boss with Head of Silenus622Yemi Bisiri Brass Sculpture
143Maya Eccentric Flint379Roman Intaglios with Animals (2)635Ngata Male Reliquary Figure
152Costa Rican Tall Polychrome Decorated Shell Urn422Egyptian Alabaster Flared Cup637Small Yaka Figure
153Costa Rican Polychrome Head Urn423Pre-Dynastic Egyptian Alabaster Cylindrical Vase644Tutsi Woven Shield Model
154Costa Rican Polychrome Vulture Urn428Egyptian Faience Ushabti for Hor-ir-aa649Olmecoid Figure, Tlatilco Pretty Lady & Miniature Altar (3)
157Costa Rican Polychrome Serpent Urn431Egyptian Faience Ushabti for Pa-Ra-Hotep650Tlatilco Pottery Bottles (3)
158Costa Rican Baluster Shape Urn432Egyptian Black Pottery Ushabti for Mery Maat651Olmec & Chupicuaro Vessels (4)
167Cocle Polychrome Decorated Fruitera439Egyptian Bull Headed Faience Ushabti657Mahogany Obsidian Awl
168Cocle Small Polychrome Decorated Fruitera440Roman-Egyptian Polychrome Plaster/Stucco Female Head 660Mezcala Greenstone Beaded Necklace
169Cocle Decorated Olla & Fruitera (2)443Withdrawn Lot669Haustec Figure & Veracruz Figures (3)
173Highland Maya Pedestal Face Bowl 447Egyptian Paste Glass Dua Mutef670Mixtec Censer & Monte Alban Spouted Vessel (2)
184Costa Rican Jade & Gold Necklace449Egyptian Fine Faience Khnum683Aztec Shallow Bowls (2)
189Narino Face Appliques (2)450Egyptian Faience Figure Nefer Tum689Spanish Colonial Wooden Stirrups (2)
191Narino Pottery Maskettes & Bone Maskette (3)452Egyptian Burnished Steatite Apet691Maya Tlaloc Bottle & Head (2)
197Narino Large Seated Coquero Figure453Egyptian Basalt Duck Weight696Tairona Coiled Snake Jar & Pottery Shell (2)
202Chavin Stone Bowl with Snakes455Egyptian Blue Faience Cup with Line Drawings709Marajoara Decorated Tangas (2)
227Nazca Polychrome Manioc Root Bowl456Egyptian Faience Hapi with Stamp712Ancient Near East Bronze Animals (5)
230Nazca Decorated Bean Bowl457Egyptian Lapis Uzat Eye714Holyland Oil Lamps (3)
236Chimu/Inca Animal Tupus (4)458Egyptian Orange Carnelian Scarab717Decorated Drinking Vessel, Oil Lamp, Pipe Bowl & Crucible (4)
241Loma Negra/Moche Royal Copper Sandals (2)460Egyptian Large Bronze Figure of Osiris 722Cypriot & Campanian Pottery Baby Feeders (2)
242Inca Leather Sandals (2)461Egyptian Paste Glass Scarab724Greek Pottery Baby Feeder
250Moche III-V Seated Warrior Vessel463Egyptian Alabaster Lidded Lotus Cup725Roman Ungentarium & Pottery Vessels (3)
254Chancay Cuchimilco Female Figure475Dutch Roemer Drinking Glass727Roman Pottery Baby Feeders (4)
261Chancay Wooden Mask478Phoenician Core-Formed Glass Mini Crucible729Holyland Pottery Vessels (3)
268Tihuanaco Stone Palette with Figures485Roman Glass Head730Roman Glass Beaded Necklace
273Argentine Stone Zoomorphic Bowl489Sassanian Teal Glass Dish with Relief Medallions731Roman-Egyptian Erotic Terracotta Figures (3)
277Chancay Textile with Embroidered Birds490Sassanian Bell Shaped Cut Glass Bottle732Coptic Wood Lintel Panel
279Nazca Textile Bag496Nishapur Glazed Bowl with Bird741Ashanti Seat & Lobi Seat
284Chavin Painted Textile Fragment497Nishapur Glazed Bowls (2)742Small Senufo Figure
285Proto-Nazca Large Fringed Textile 498Large Nishapur Persian Bowl745Brass/Bronze Necklace with Charms
289Huarmey Patterned Textile501Gandharan Stucco Head of Guardian Warrior746Two Akan Bronze Pins
296Danish Flint Adze Blades (3)503Sri Lankan Bronze Seated Buddha747Mama Buffalo Mask
297Danish Large Gray Flint Celt504Gilt Buddha on Throne with Nagas (Cobras)
301Tel Halaf Standing Female Figure510Very Large Majapahit Pottery Head