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98 Winter 2011 Variety Auction UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
006Western Greek Protome Maskette260Ibibio Mask390Timor Ancestor Figure
045Two Beaded Necklaces261Nigerian Style Stool392Maranao Mortar Bowl
077Roman Pottery Foot273Two Oblong Kuba Boxes402Dayak Walking Stick
080Greco-Roman Standing Figure274Two Wooden Kuba Boxes404Dense Bone Pounder
089Six Small Egyptian Items306Small New Guinea Style Mask410Jadeite Carved Head Pendants (3)
114Miniature Islamic Glass Jar with Trailing317New Guinea Basket Hooks (2)441Chinesco Standing Figure
125Bronze Satyr325Papuan Wood Staff445Five West Coast Pottery Vessels
129Two Roman Style Juglets & Figural Glass Bead327Papua New Guinea Basket Hook Figure492Two Costa Rican Jade Avian Celts
131Antiquities Lot (5)338Trade Bead Necklace Lot (4)494Costa Rican Stone Supplicant Figure
138Han Dynasty Pottery Bust345Sepik River Pottery Vessel Stand502Bone Flute or Staff
142Chinese Cloisonne Tray348New Guinea Pottery Vessel Stand503Sinu Ceramic & Stone Necklace
153Indian Brass Latch and Bone Pendants349Maprik Basketry Mask504Sinu Ceramic & Stone Necklace
171Tibetan Drum357Four American Stone Tools505Tairona Beaded Necklace
177Tibetan Ladle358Four Native American Stone Tools542Three Recuay Decorated Bowls
191Two Cloisonne Covered Boxes359Two SW Blackware Pottery Bowls549Rattle Staff Monkey Holding Fruit
193Lot of Japanese Landscape Scrolls (3)360Caddo Incised Decorated Olla564Mexican and Peruvian Cast Brass Decorations (15)
196Korean Inlaid Wood Box386Five Baskets590Ethiopian Crosses (11)
232Ashanti Large Cast Brass Fish388Large Bali Figure612Gold Jewelry (3)
234African Trade Beads389Ifugao Ceremonial Box613Venetian Glass Trade Beads