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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical, Egyptian & Asian Antiquities (94) UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
002Olmec Greenstone Standing Figure251Moche Warrior Killing Beast Vessel541Sassanian Cut Glass Bottle
006Mezcala Greenstone Maskette253Moche Skeletal Figure with Sacrificial Deer546Roman Double Chambered Balsamarium & Vial (2)
014Mezcala Stone Figure258Moche Fine Cube-Shaped Warrior Vessel547Large Glazed Ceramic Temple
015Chontal Greenstone Female Figure272Nazca Polychrome Decorated Hummingbird Bowl548Tang Pottery Brahma Bull
016Mezcala Greenstone Seated Female Figure292Cuchimilco Large Female Cuchimilco Figure550Chinese Greenstone Cicada Necklace
017Mezcala Greenstone Figure293Chancay Large Llama552Chinese Fancy Brass Pipe
020Mezcala Greenstone Temple with Prostrated Figure307Inca Small Double Chambered Vessel with House555Indian Figural Wall Support
021Mezcala Stone Standing Figure309Sican Blackware Reyna Vessel556Goguryeo Iron Horses (2)
022Mezcala Stone & Marble Figures (2)316Chancay Pair of Wooden Figures with Headdresses558Indian Heavy Gold Spool Shaped Earrings
030Colima Mothers with Children (2)336Chancay Shirt Embroidered with Large Figures560Bokharan Pair of Gold & Gem Set Earrings
040Jalisco Mothers with Children (2) 337Chancay Embroidered Panel with Large Figure561Pair of Gold Capsule-Form Earrings with Granulation
044Chinesco & Nayarit Seated Figures (2)349Chancay Painted with Two Rows of Figures562Pair of Gold Capsule-Form Earrings with Granulation
045Chinesco Seated Figures (2)357Assyrian Silver Profile of a King or Noble 564Indonesian Gold Earrings
048Colima Pottery Mask359Luristan Bronze Figure, Etruscan Pin & Bracelet (3)565Indian Matching Pair of Gold Earrings
055San Sebastian Large Standing Figures (2)364Luristan Horse Bit567Tribal Indian Gold Spiral Earrings
057Jalisco Pensador Female Figure369Bactrian Bronze Axe568Indian Single Gold Earring
058Chinesco Type B Seated Female373Sumerian Boat Bowl with Carved Animals572Indian Gold Knot Finger Ring
060Colima Trophy Head Vessel375Hacilar Decorated Bowl573Khmer Green Glass Earrings (2)
069Colima Hunchback Male Figure384Sumerian Alabaster Flared Cup574Stone Tool Collection (8)
073Nayarit Standing Female Figure385Bactrian Marble Bowl579Painted Stucco Seated Buddha
074Nayarit Seated Mother with Child390Bactrian Bronze Mirror583Nepalese Copper Face Plaque
077Veracruz Large Incensario399Greek Bronze Bowl585Large Quartz Crystal
087Huastec Seated Female Figure401Western Greek Libation Vessel594Pair of Mendi Figural Dolls
089Monte Alban Urns (2)402Minoan Decorated Stone Bowl595Indonesian Wood Stoppers (2)
093Veracruz Figural Flute403Hellenistic Molded Female Figure602Ntomo Society Mask
094Veracruz Flute/Whistle with Full Figure406Boeotian Bull with Bull Fighter 603Dogon Tower/Stool
096Veracruz Hacha with Original Stucco and Paint408Etruscan Fine Bronze Statue of Hercules 607Bankoni Pottery Head with Long Neck
111Maya Polychrome Plate with Jaguar Deity409Hellenistic Molded Aphrodite611Lobi or Bwa Chaise
112Maya Seated Dignitary Plate415Greek or Etruscan Bronze Mirror627Baule Fly Whisk Handle
118Maya Copador Polychrome Processional Vase416Villanovan Conjoined Triple Jar630Baule Figure “Asie Usu”
124Maya Greenstone Face Pendant Necklace419Xenon Ware Olpe632Pair of Senufo “Tefelapitya” Stalves (2)
128Costa Rican Deep Green Jade Deity Celt Pendant421Corinthian Squat Oinoche634Baule Female Figure
141Costa Rican Figural Jade Pendants (2)423Xenon Ware Kylix635Baule Gold Necklace Parts (9)
151Costa Rican Zoomorphic Urn429Campanian Ribbed Blackware Mug636Baule Gold Necklace Parts (10)
152Costa Rican Urn with Relief Animal Head453Roman Bronze Male Head Wearing a Dome Cap 654Two Figural Combs
153Nicoya Polychrome Decorated Head Vessel455Roman Bronze Shield Boss655Yoruba and Yaka Combs
156Cocle Large Polychrome Decorated Owl Vessel460Egyptian Amethyst & Gold Beaded Necklace667Eket Altar Figure
167International Style Dignitary Pendant472Egyptian Red Jasper Reclining Hare670Benin Bronze Bird
180Chimu Gold Ball & Cylindrical Beaded Necklace473Egyptian Gold Lapis & Jasper Finger Ring672Yoruba White Beaded Crown
181Chimu Gold Necklace with Depilatory Tweezers474Roman-Egypt Gold Finger Ring 679Yoruba Ere Ibeji Twins
182Chimu Gold Necklace with Figural & Shell Pendants478Egyptian Squat Alabaster Vessel with Lid680Pair of Yoruba Ere Ibeji Female Twins
183Narino Pair of Gold Roundel Plaques479Egyptian Early Dynastic Redware Jar681Yaka Staff with Seated Figure
184Huari Gold Wristlet with Two Standing Figures482Egyptian Early Dynastic Bowl686Bamun Beaded Figure
185Paracas Gold Face Ornaments485Mudbrick & Plaster Relief691African Steel Hoe/Axe
189Sinu Tumbaga Bird Finial486Egyptian Limestone Relief of Inyotef II, Son of Re693Bembe Male Figure
191Tairona Gold Bird Head Pendant490Egyptian Alabaster Cylindrical Vase694Songye Scepter with Male Figure
192Tairona Bird Head Gold Pendant491New Kingdom Sandals (2)697Yaka Fly Whisk
199Tairona Carnelian & Jade Necklace with Earrings (3)494Egyptian “Khefren” Diorite Squat Bowl698Makonde Helmet Mask
202Tairona Carnelian & Obsidian Necklace502Egyptian Mummy Mask705Narino Miniature Maskettes (4)
207Monkey & Six Jasper Bird Necklace Parts (7)504Egyptian Bearded Mummy Mask709Vicus Animal Vessel & Chancay Partial Figural Vessel (2)
209Chorrera Large Female Figure 510Amarna Period Necklace Parts (8)712Moche House Vessel & Chimu Vessels (3)
211Tamalameque Figural Urn 515Egyptian Large Faience Maahes Amulet 715Luristan Spear Blade & Six Pins (7)
213Narino Seated Coquero Figure516Egyptian Miniature Rock Crystal Bowl719Parthian Pottery Bullae (29)
222Chorrera Coatimundi Stirrup Vessel517Egyptian Baboons & Horus in Boat722Jedmet Nasr Seals (3)
229Early Paracas Figural Effigy Bottle526Roman-Egyptian Carved Marble Bust724Egyptian Basalt Lugged Jar
234Moche Royal Copper Mask with Owl Head Necklace528Roman Aubergine Grape Flask725Parthanian Sprinkler Flask & Drinking Cup (2)
242Moche Copper War Club Ceremonial Staff529Roman Cut Glass Bowl on Low Ring Base726Roman Glass Vessels (3)
243Inca Tupus & Silver Spoons (10)530Achaemenid Core-Formed Square Vial727Modern Pre-Columbian Style Beaded Necklace
250Moche I Figural Vessel531Phoenician Paste Glass Heads (3)733Akan Bronze Goldweight