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55 Tribal and Pre-Columbian Art UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
003Mezcala Stone Figure116Western Asiatic Beaded Necklace296Yoruba Wooden Tapper
013Colima Curled Dog118Egyptian Limestone Canopic Jar Lid297Ifa Divination Bowl
025Veracruz Stone Head119Egyptian Alabaster Canopic Jar Lid of Duamutef299Yoruba Ceremonial Staff
040Maya Large Decorated Jadeite Slab 121Withdrawn Lot300Female Ere Ibeji
041Large Jade Iguana Pendant134Sixteen Ming Horsemen & Twelve Standing Attendants (28)310Yaka Fetish Figure
052Crawfish Shaman Figural Pendant138Large Toma Mask311Songye Figure
057Tairona Pedestal Bowl141Verre Standing Figure314Yombe Fetish Figure
062Moche Pottery Mask with Perforated Ears144Luba Figural Stool323Togo Heihashiro Inscribed Plaque
063Small Moche Pottery Mask146Large Gelede Mask327Luristan Bronze Finial
064Moche Fineline Warriors Stirrup Vessel 207Rattle Staff Monkey Holding Fruit331Two Luristan Bronze Axes
065Sican Copper Mask with Danglers210Rattle Staff with Figural Finial333Luristan Bronze Axe
066Moche Copper Mask with Owl Necklace212Huari Anthropomorphic Bottle336Two Canaanite Bronze Axes
081Bactrian Copper Seated Idol216Miniature Huari Bird Vessel & Ica Olla (2)340Indus Valley Limestone Footed Dish
082Bactrian Copper Seated Idol222Chancay Gauze Textile344Kilia Type Marble Head
086Large Iranian Bronze Chariot Decoration224Karwar Island Neck Rest350Greek Blackware Vessel
088Greek Hellenistic Bronze Horseman225Western Samoan Figure with Mortar354Etruscan Terracotta Foot
092Cypriot Decorated Oinochoe240Caddo Incised Decorated Olla355Etruscan Terracotta Foot
097Villanovan Lidded Biconical Krater252Dayak Knife Handle with Ancestor Figure365Byzantine Bronze Bell
100Withdrawn lot258Ifugao Ceremonial Box368Egyptian Choker Necklace
105Ptolemaic Large Red Glass Inlay of Profile Face276Portable Brass Betel Nut Crusher369Amlash Iridescent Glass Necklace
106Six Roman Bone with Gold Pins277Squatting Figure Magic Amulet371Four Ancient Necklaces
107Unusual Daunian Askos278Kneeling Amulet Figure with Removable Head379Egyptian Necklaces and Amulet Lot (3)
108Roman Limestone Eagle284Ewe Standing Female384Bronze Mongoose Embryonic Sarcophagus
110Two Glass Bead Necklaces286Two Heddle Pulleys386Amulet Lot (5)
112Three Egyptian Bead Necklaces287Fang Figure396Seljuk Bronze Siren
114Egyptian Beaded Necklace288Ivory Cameroon Pipe397Islamic Bronze Spindle Jar and Lamp (2)
115Egyptian Beaded Necklace295Ere Ibeji Female Figure402Roman Blue-Green Glass Jar