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56 Fine Antiquities, Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
011Greek Bronze Vessel Handle241Guerrero Stone Double Snake Pendant347Chinesco Matching Seated Pair
015Anatolian Plank Idol249Colima Tlaloc Incensario348Chinesco Seated Figure Holding Bowl
058Molded Pottery Bust of Emperor252Colima Seated Hunchback351Colima Saucer Form Olla
059Molded Pottery Aphrodite and Eros Grouping266Nayarit Mother & Child Figure358Early Post-Classic Brazier Head
061Molded Pottery Winged Eros272Jalisco Seated Male Figure364Maya Jade Bird Head
063Tanagra Molded Female Figure284Huastec Decorated Conch Shell Trumpet367Maya Stone Votive
064Corinthian Fresco Fragment with Lion286Maya Eccentric Flint 373Costa Rican Axe God Celt
067Molded Pottery Bearded Satyr294Costa Rican Jade Avian God Celt380Large Stone Ball with Faces
068Pottery Figure of Ganymede with Eagle303Sinu Gold and Carnelian Zoomorph Necklace395Chimu Blackware Erotic Vessel
071Hellenistic Molded Bust of Aphrodite305Chavin Rock Crystal & Gold Deity Necklace 425Italian Hanukkah Menorah
073Boeotian Molded Pottery Figure306Calima Gold & Olmec Jade Necklace 436Brass Synagogue Lamp
085Roman Bronze Figure of Athena Promachos307Gold & Jade Penate Necklace443Judaic Painted Tin Plate
090Roman Bronze Vessel Handle308Sican Gold Earspools with Repousse Bird Decoration457Four Wick Brass Oil Lamp
112Old Kingdom Limestone Relief Fragment309Paracas Gold Flying Bird Crown Element462Gandharan Stucco Head
113Old Kingdom Limestone Relief with Torso311Narino Gold Ear Spools 474New Guinea Gope Board
120Egyptian Wood Mummy Mask312Two Sican Gold Discs510Fiji Throwing Stick and Atl Atl
132Ptah-Sokar Osiris Figure314Moche Gold Nose Ornament 512Garuda Medicine Container Lid
134Bronze Osiris Figure319Chavin Erotic Blackware Vessel516Belel Nut Pestle Knife
135Bronze Isis with Child Horus320Important Salinar/Moche Seated Shaman521Dan Mask
143Roman Egypt Molded Female Bust322Paracas Resin Painted Vessel522Bobo Animal Mask
177Two Gypsum-Alabaster Cosmetic Jars326Mochica Portrait Vessel533Fang Ivory Faux Oliphant
198Greek Bronze Bird328Inca Decorated Aryballos547Two Ashanti Combs
214Bronze Hapi Figure336Recuay Textile Shirt550Abstract Combs (2)
222Pale Green Glass Drinking Cup337Huari Painted Textile Fragment565Congo Currency Knife
231Colima Lidded Drum 345Nayarit Seated Female Holding Bowl566Four African Knives