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57 Fine Tribal Art, Pre-Columbian, Classical, & Asian UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
003Important Anasazi Goose Vessel227Ixlan del Rio Matching Pair469Unusually Large Roman Gold Earrings
014Matty Islands Bowl231Veracruz Xipe Totec Hacha 473Roman Egypt Bronze Bes Knocker
023Gagon Animal Mask236Molded Veracruz Pottery Figure476Byzantine Bronze Hanging Lamp
024Moba Wood Carved Ancestor Figure241Seated Veracruz Priestess479Byzantine Bronze Oil Lamp with Stand
027Large Standing Lobi Figure246Totonac Turkey Vessel480Roman Gold Finger Ring with Intaglio
028Pair of Gan Bronze Cuffs or Anklets263Published Pottery Jar with Jaguar Head482Roman Yellow Jasper Intaglio in Modern Gold Ring
029Cameroon Grasslands Prestige Hat273Taino Fish Bone Necklace484Egyptian Limestone Fragment
036Egungun Crest282Maya Face Cylinder Vessel485Old Kingdom Wood Oarsman
038Early Idoma Headcrest285Maya Jade Snake Pendant487Limestone Fragment of a King
039Fine Idoma Headcrest292Maya Underworld Decorated Cylinder511Anubis Wooden Furniture Inlay
040Yoruba Ivory Whistle300Sinu Bird Lizard Gold Pendant515Uzat Eye Carnelian & Gold Necklace
043Calabar Copper Currency Bracelet304Muisca Tumbaga Avian Pendant516Egyptian Ten Chambered Kohl Vessel
044Pair of Ogboni Bracelets319Moche I Figural Vessel517Alabaster Fragmentary Figure of Harpokrates
045Calabar Currency325Published Vicus-Viru Head Vessel521Two Egyptian Bronzes (2)
046Calabar Copper Bracelet332Three Miniature Nazca Vessels525Large Islamic Bronze Cauldron and Stand
047Large Igbo Copper Currency338Published Moche I Bottle with Painted Design 526Seljuk Bronze Vase
048Mumuye Miniature Wood Figure349Colonial Inlaid Kero with Mythical Beasts527Early Islamic Knobbed Bottle
049Yoruba Ivory Kneeling Figure350Inca Decorated Wood Kero528Pair of Islamic Bronze Candlesticks
050Yoruba Ivory Divination Instruments351Published Mummy Bundle False Head529Islamic Bronze Stylized Stag
061Carved Wood and Fiber Lega Mask353Chancay Textile Doll533Roman Glass Handled Jug
062Kuba Drum354Chancay Textile Doll534Islamic Glass Bottle
065Makonde Wood Mask355Chancay Textile Doll535Islamic Molded Glass bottle
082South American Wood Figure356Chancay Textile Doll536Islamic Iridescent Bottle
083Ceylon Magical Doll358Arica Textile Hat537Mosaic Glass Bracelets (2)
084Aboriginal Bark Painting359Marajoara Bichrome Platter539Triple Strand of Discform Carnelian Beads
085Australian Aborigine Bullroarer360Marajoara Bichrome Oval Dish541Ancient Dong Song Beheading Sword
086Coconut Grating Stool362Olmec Jade Piercer543Chinese Silver Luan or Chariot Bell
087Solomon Islands Club415Two Chancay Textile Strips551Two Gandharan Schist Buddhas
098Boiken Pre-Contact Bowl416Chancay Painted Panel553Terracotta Bust of a Goddess
104Two Asmat Bone Daggers417Chimu Long Strip with Figures554Five Fine Pottery Items and Fragments
105Two Sawos Pottery Bowls420Marajoara Seat of Power Stool555Group of 18 Terracotta Molds
107Arapesh Talipun421A.P. Maudslay Photogravure556Terracotta Mold of a Royal Couple
108New Guinea Shell Pectoral422A.P. Maudslay Photogravure557Terracotta Mold of a Buddha Head
113Nias Figure 423A.P. Maudslay Photogravure569Iranian Concave Tripod Bowl
123Djimini Heddle Pulley424Decorated Silver Pitcher571Luristan Bronze Seals & Finials (3)
125Tugu Bele Figure426Large Near Eastern Vessel with Painted Birds575Archaic Greek Goddess
141Small Yoruba Bronze Trumpet429Published Iranian Tripod Bowl576Greek Bronze Bowl
143Yoruba Bronze and Iron Dance Wand431Published Near Eastern Spouted Jar577Greek Geometric Bronze Pendant
144Chamba Iron Bridal Currency432Pottery Vessel with Two Dipper Rests580Roman Bronze Eagle Finial
145Unusually Large Yoruba Divination Board434Fine Luristan Bronze and Iron Sword581Ancient Ivory Column Form Inlay
157Olmec Stone Mask437Greek “Bikini” Pectoral585Unusual Wood Mummy Mask
158Pair of Olmec Jade Plaque Pendants438Bronze Spectacle Brooch586Faience Icthyphallic Dwarf
159Pair of Teotihuacan Jade Pendants440Two Greco-Buddhist Agate Seals589Roman-Egypt Terracotta Figure of Priapus
165Pre-Classic Pottery Transitional Vessel441Achaemenid Agate Cylinder Seal593Islamic Bronze Candlestand
166Olmec Decorated Bottle444Greek Molded Pottery Donkey and Rider595Two Islamic Bronze Finials
177Pihuamo-Colima Seated Figure with Bowl446Bactrian Copper Bottle with Applicator & Pin Roundel (2)596Islamic Bronze Round-Bodied Bowl
188Ameca Seated Female Figure450Minoan Decorated Jug597Aubergine Glass Bottle
189Ameca Seated Male 451Greek Pottery Hydria598Iridescent Baby Feeder Askos
191Large Jalisco Seated Female457Daunian Ware Krater600Handled Bottle with Swirl Pattern
194Early Jalisco Seated Figure460Hellenistic Molded Female Figure602Wide Mouth Glass
197Colima Seated Dog461Roman Marble Head 603Large Glass Bottle
202Chinesco Type D Seated Female462Sardinian Bronze Figure605Romanesque Marble Head
203Jalisco Standing Female Holding Pot463Large Geometric Mosaic Panel613Three Miniature Gray Schist Heads
208Colima Autlan Standing Figure464Geometric Mosaic Panel614Molded Pottery Buddha and Prince (2)
212Fine Colima Dwarf465Large Geometric Mosaic624Tibetan Tsa Tsa and Gilt Brass Plaque (2)
213Ixlan Del Rio Seated Pair466Roman Bone Doll with Gold Earring