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#58 Fine Tribal, Pre-Columbian Art & Antiquities UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
001Olmec Basalt Deformed Adolescent161La Aguada Bowl with incised Figures 260Chokwe or Cameroon Male Figure with Support
012Mezcala Jadeite Pendant162Two La Aguada Grayware Bowls261Two Fly Whisks
029Ixtlan del Rio Matching Couple169Nazca Blanket Panel262Congo Fly Whisk
057Chinesco Type E Seated Pregnant Female170Large Chancay Blanket284New Guinea Coral Beaded Necklace
061Colima Redware Pottery Olla172Near Eastern Stone Rams Head297Russian Oklad Icon
075Aztec Stone Figure of Ehecatl174Three Bactrian Marble Bowls361Nayarit Olla
083Maya Flared Bowl with Resist Decoration175Two Bactrian Marble Bowls365Nayarit Double Headed Dog Vessel
089Maya Decorated Vase 182Corinthian Belly Amphora366Large Colima Olla
092Jaina Standing Ball Player with Yoke183Attic Red-Figured Lekythos396Huacho Silver Bowl
094Costa Rican Tripod Bowl with Relief Head189Four Luristan Bronze Animal Pendants397Two Vicus Gilt Copper Roundels
098Costa Rican Blue-Green Jade Pendant194New Kingdom Pottery Head417Silver & Copper Keros, Bowl, Bells and Roundels (12)
104Chimu Long Silver Belt206Khmer Bronze Avalokitesvara 418Silver and Copper Tupu Collection (13)
106Three Crescentic Silver Pectorals208Himalayan Mask425Chancay Necklace with Wooden Figure
109Chimu Silver Crown Element211Japanese Wood Demon Figure435Chancay Painted Textile with Squares
110Chancay Huacho Silver Pectoral212Standing Figure of Shomen Kongo444Argentinean Anthropomorphic Cup
111Large Chimu Silver Pectoral217Architectural Lion Guardian459Amethyst Beaded Necklace
114Chimu Silver Kero226Mende Sitting Stick460East Greek Crystal Beaded Necklace
116Chimu Silver Cuff and Bird Pectoral (2)234Baule Hip Mask467Ataoro Style Figure
119Withdrawn lot235Bobo Mask471Dan Mask
120Withdrawn Lot237Large Cameroon Mask with Leopard477Kuba African Textile
121Withdrawn Lot240Bwa Zoomorph Mask482Lidded Wooden Bowl
135Marajoara Flared Cylinder with Janeiform Faces245Three Mossi Flute Whistles489Basketry Olla
138Chavin Carved Stone Mortero250Ngere Mask491Pima or Papago Basket
154Inca/Lambayeque Double Face Vessel251Kuba Globular Pottery Vessel493Sandra L. Chupka Modern Basket
157Stone Palette with Face256Northern Nigerian Wooden Figure495Asmat Spear Thrower
160Two La Aguada Ceramic Bowls258Lega Mask 497Sepik River Shield