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#59 Fine Tribal, Pre-Columbian Art & Antiquities UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
001Mezcala Ceremonial Stone Scepter226Greco-Roman Standing Female419Ogboni Mask with Articulated Jaw
012Olmec Stone Bench Figure232Greek Ivory Recumbent Animal 422Yoruba Beaded Royal Crown
018Chupicuaro Decorated Olla 236Greek Bronze Cavalry Helmet425Luba Kasai Mother and Child
030Jalisco Conjoined Couple240Archaic Greek Terracotta Standing Goddess 426Songye Fetish Figure
032Jalisco Seated Warrior247Knob-Handled Patera436Chief’s Teke Necklace
034Colima Lidded Drum 250Gnathian Lekanis437Zigua or Chaga Pottery Fetish Figure
048Chinesco Seated Figure with Bowl252Three Gnathian Prochoi (3)438Sukuma Mask
058Colima Standing Warrior255Roman Small Bronze Pigmy Gladiator 439Ugandan Milk Pot with Inlays
061Veracruz Xipe Totec Hacha 257Roman Barbotine Ware Straight-Sided Beaker440Collection of Kwere-Zaramo (5)
062Veracruz Bedded Figure259Roman Miniature Bone Bust of a Goddess or Empress441Collection of Zaramo Dolls (5)
063Veracruz Sonriente Figure261Roman Bronze Applique Bust of a Female 442Zulu Woman’s Hat
071Maya Carved Cylinder with Lid 265Roman Marble Head of a Satyr 443Sambaa Fetish Doll
074Ulua Valley Maya Cylinder270Egyptian Old Kingdom Black Basalt Stone Bowl 444Zaramo or Shamba Terracotta Maternity Figure
078Large Maya Lidded Urn 273Alabaster Handled Vessel462Nopiloa Molded Figural Rattle
079Maya Blackware Cylinder Vase 276Egyptian Middle Kingdom Pottery Hippopotamus466Zapotec Decorated Vessels (2)
080Maya Decorated Cylinder Vase277Egyptian Limestone Stele 470Figural Stone Incensario
081Early Maya Fluted Bowl with Glyphs293Egyptian Silver Sheathed Copper Horus Falcon477Axe God Pendants (4)
083Early Maya Fluted Bowl295Egyptian Cartonnage Fragment 478Three Costa Rican Celts
084Maya Cylinder with Glyph Band300Bronze Mask Eyes and Brows Inlays492Phallic Form Stone Implement
087Maya Incensario Base302Romano-Egyptian Limestone Male Head495Chavin Grayware Miniature Bottle
106Guanacaste Figural Urn304Islamic Colorless Molded Glass Bottle 507Sican Blackware Vessel & Chancay Figure (2)
112Calima Gold & Olmec Jade Necklace 310Pair of Early Byzantine Gold Ear Pendants518Mesopotamian Red and Beige Banded Stone Vase
113Sinu Gold and Carnelian Zoomorph Necklace313Ancient Gold, Faience and Lapis Beaded Necklace527Pre-Elamite Copper Axe
114Gold & Jade Penate Necklace315Roman Pottery Vase Molded as the Bust of an African Youth528Central Asian Bronze Ibex Ornament
123Tumbaga Mythological Creature Pendant316Byzantine Silver & Gold Shoe Buckle529Anatolian or Commagene Terracotta Horse & Rider
131Pair of Chimu Silver Tupus318Mummy and Amphora Beaded Necklace & Earrings530Pair of Anatolian Silver Sheet Votive Figures
157Nazca-Huari Figural Bottle320Song Dynasty Bronze Bottle533Corinthian Pottery Pyxis
168Moche Pumpkin Stirrup Vessel321Chinese Bronze Standing Buddha537Villanovan Bronze Thymiaterion Cover
171Inca Bronze Seed Crusher331Thai Gilt Buddha543Romano-British Bronze Circular Boss
176Withdrawn Lot353Eskimo Point Hope Wood Mask555Egyptian Limestone Alabastron
178Withdrawn Lot355Eskimo Ivory Toggle556Egyptian Limestone Alabastron
179Withdrawn Lot357Nootaraloo Sculpture563Egyptian Faience Amuletic Bead
180Withdrawn Lot358Eskimo Soapstone Sculpture565Egyptian Limestone Ithyphallic Harpokrates
183Chimu Blackware Prisoner Vessel359Eskimo Soapstone Carving566Egyptian Limestone Kneeling Ithyphallic Dwarf
187Chancay/Inca Textile362Northwest Coast Pressed Paper Art567Egyptian Alabaster Vessel
189Very Large Red-Faced Mummy Bundle Mask368Zuni Water Jar569Egyptian Terracotta Seated Child
192Inca Decorated Wood Kero373Zia Water Jar571Romano-Egyptian Terracotta Nude Ithyphallic Youth
215Anatolian Bronze Goat374Large Zuni Pottery Bowl572Romano-Egyptian Terracotta Bearded Ithyphallic Male
216Canaanite Bronze Baal379Solomon Island Fertility Couple598Antique Baccarat Pansy Paperweight
217South Caspian Bronze Ram 388Massim Large Sago Spatula599Antique Clichy Scattered Ground Paperweight
218Large Roman Pottery Amphora393Baule Standing Female Figure600Two Antique Baccarat Paperweights (2)
219Roman Pottery Amphora395Dan-Guere Mask601Satirical Carvings (3)
220Iron Age Pottery Amphora399Sogo Bo Puppet626Dayak Figural Root Carving
221Seal and Intaglio Lot (28)400Vai or Gola Mask631Brownware Pottery Vessel
222Chalcedony Double Portrait Intaglio in 18K Ring407Dogon Wood Seated Male Figure632Pottery Vessel
223Kushan Garnet Intaglio in Gold Ring 411Large Mossi Axe
225Cypriot Terracotta Chariot Group 413Two Mossi Wooden Dolls