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#60 Pre-Col &Tribal Art, Classical & Asian Antiquities UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
010Colima Squash Bowl136Chimu/Inca Gold and Copper Tupu370Egyptian Bronze Head of Thoth
011Colima Gadrooned Vessel with Faceform Legs140Chavin Sodalite and Gold Necklace371Egyptian Large Sandstone Scarab with Hieroglyphics
016Large Jalisco Painted Woman146Moche Gold and Turquoise Choker Necklace374Islamic Pottery Lidded Vessel
020Chinesco Standing Red Figure148Moche Mixed Beaded Necklace396Chinesco Standing Figure
023Chinesco Seated Figure150Narino Gold Nose Ring399Nopiloa Molded Figural Rattle
027Nayarit Seated Figure152Moche Two Gold Spider Nose or Earrings401Large Veracruz Head
028Nayarit Figure 155Five Moche Gold Noserings411Costa Rican Polychromed Bowls (3)
037Molded Nopiloa Figure157Four Moche Gold Ornaments414Costa Rican Pedestal Urns (2)
040Veracruz Stone Head168Chorrera Bowl with Armadillo Motif418Costa Rican Decorated Bowls (3)
049Maya Jade Skull Bead Necklace176Chavin Seated Figural Vessel419Costa Rican Decorated Bowls (3)
058Maya Decorated Wide Cylinder 178Chavin Anthracite Mirror421Costa Rican Decorated Ollas (2)
059Maya Decorated Bowl 182Chavin Carved Stone Cup424Nicoya Footed Urn
061Costa Rican Transformational Figure 211Moche Silver Crown with Wood Figure425Costa Rican Decorated Vase & Tripod Bowl (2)
063Guanacaste Olla with Relief Face212Moche Silver Crown426Costa Rican Decorated Bowls (2)
064Guanacaste Head Pot221Large Moche Seated Prisoner429Costa Rican Shell Necklace
065Costa Rican Head Pot 223Moche Snuff Palette with Jaguar436Six Tairona Carved Shell Ornaments
073Calima Gold Crown with Repousee Birds224Moche Snuff Palette438Barranquilla Pottery Beaded Necklace
074Calima Gold Crown with Spectacle Design227Moche Copper Finial with Dangles439Tairona Amber Beaded Necklace
075Calima Gold Crown with Punctuate Design232Moche Chrysocolla Beaded Necklace442Large Chorrera Bowl with Animal Motif
076International Gold Roundel Pectoral233Moche Chrysocolla Beaded Necklace445Chorrera and Narino Pottery items (3)
077International Style Gold Roundel Pectoral234Fine Chimu Inlaid Shell Collar Necklace 450Chorrera Decorated Olla
078Large Colombian Gold Roundel235Moche Atl Atl459Moche I Reclining Jaguar Vessel
082Pair of Sinu Filigree Earrings 245Pachacamac Orangeware Vessel 472Moche-Chimu Balance Beam
083Tairona Tumbaga Gold Earrings255Chancay Loin Cloth484Cuchimilco with Large Phallus
084Two Quimbaya Gold Noserings266Dogon Janeiform Figure & Child497Inca Textile Fragment
085Pair of Tairona Gold Earrings268Bobo-Fing Mask499Inca Textile
086Sinu Gold Ball and Dangle Ornaments (3)272Two Ibeji Figures504Argentinan Painted Bowl
089Tairona Stylized Bird Pendant274Ibeji Royal Couple with Cloaks515Two North Luzon Carved Wood Seated Figures (2)
090Colombian Gold Lobster Claw275Ibo Mask517Timor Ancestor Figures (2)
093Tairona Gold Frog Necklace276Eket-Ibibio Mask520Ojibwa Lacrosse Sticks (2)
094Quimbaya Fine Gold Necklace 277Idoma Mask 528Two Baule Figures
095Quimbaya Gold Bead Necklace278Bobo Mask529Small Baule Figural Couple
096Sinu Gold Nose Ring279Ashanti Akuaba532Mossi or Bwa Helmet
097Large Sinu Gold Nose Ring281Miniature Ivory Eshu Head533Djenne Pottery Head
098Sinu Gold Nose Ring284Hopi Kachina Doll536Yoruba Kola Nut Bowl
099Sinu Gold Bar Nose Ornament286Ming Attendant with Removable Head538Yaka Miniature Figure
100Vicus Gold “Pearl” and Snake Necklace297Nepalese Bronze Slayer of Evil539Button Lega Cap
101Tairona Gold and Turquoise Necklace300Erotic Bronze Majapahit of Rama and Shinta540Lega Style Bone Spoon
102Calima Gold Ball Necklace 302Ban Chieng Decorated Pedestal Vessel543Baga-Nimba Figural Crest
103Quimbaya Large Gold Globular Beads (13)304Mesopotamian Gypsum Goblet549Three Han Pottery Figures
104Narino Gold Roundels with Jaguar Faces (2)306Old Babylonian Votive Plaque550Two Han Pottery Figures
106Tairona Gold Zoomorphic Necklace Parts307Scythian Bronze Stag554Qing God of Fortune
107Tairona Gold Pendant with Silver Inlays308Elamite Bronze Axe Head564Eastern Indian Bronze Standing Deity
108Tumbaga Frogs on Beaded Strand309North Syrian Libation Bowl Fragment565Indian Bengal Garuda Lamp Base
109Calima Gold Wristlet312Cypriot Terracotta Horse & Rider566Indian Bronze Shiva Lingum Cover
110Narino Loose Necklace Parts318Lead Casting of Jupiter567South Indian Bronze Statue of a Female Suppliant
111Colombian Gold Beads320Minoan Serpentine Miniature Goblet 569Indian Shiva Copper Repousse Plaque
112Calima Gold Necklace Parts323Minoan Terracotta Idol576Nepalese Bronze Ritual Vessel
115Sinu Gold Earring324Minoan Terracotta Idol 584Japanese Meiji-Taisho Bronze Statue of Ainu
117Group of Gold Objects (9)326Minoan Terracotta Idol585Mongolian Iron Spear
118Colombian Gold Noserings (13)327Greek Terracotta Bust of a Goddess589Amlash Pottery Duck
119Large Lot of Mostly Gold Artifacts333Greek Gold Gorgon Repousse Applique590Small Hellenistic Painted Pottery Jar
120Two Sinu Gold Earrings335Villanovan Bronze Fibula with Cowrie Shells591North Syrian Terracotta Vase Fragment
122Colombian Gold Objects337Etruscan Terracotta Votive Leg594Three Phoenician Pottery Idols
123Five Colombian Gold Noserings339Etruscan Decorated Bronze Mirror605Bronze Archer with Gold Earring
124Eight Quimbaya Gold Noserings343Roman Bronze Soldier612Apulian Bronze Axe Pendant
125Tairona Gold and Carnelian Necklace344Apulian Red-Figure Painted Pelike619Egyptian Pale Blue Faience Ushabti of a Singer
126Narino Gold Bird on Necklace353Pale Blue Faience Ushabti of a High Priest 620Overseer Ushabti of Neskhonsu
127Quimbaya Gold Bottle Neck354Egyptian Faience Amulet of Bes634Islamic Bronze Incantation Bowl
129Moche Gold Ornaments (2)355Egyptian Pottery Ushabti636Islamic Style Glass Cup
131Two Tairona Gold Necklace Bar Ornaments356Pale Blue Faience Ushabti of Padikhons637Qajar Blue & White Glazed Pottery Bowl
132Muisca Three Figure Gold Pendant364Egyptian Bronze Striding Pharaoh