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#61 June, 2012 Pre-Col &Tribal Art, Classical & Asian Antiquities UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
036Egyptian Pre-Dynastic Pottery Fish286Tiahuanaco Portrait Stone Carving 588Pair of Inca Keros
061Greek Bronze Spectacle Fibula287Imperial Inca Stone Model of a Fortress589Miniature Canopa and Bone Finial with Inlays (2)
063Bronze Seated Priestess Diana 295Chancay China596Chancay/Inca Textile
070Roman Gold Garnet and Pearl Earrings (2)296Chancay Anthropomorphic Amphora 598South Coastal Woven Bag
071Byzantine Carnelian Carved Stone in Gold Ring 298Nazca Textile Strip600Chancay Painted Textile Fragment
072Roman Gold Ring with Intaglio300Paracas Textile Fragment601Chancay Textile Shirt in Box Frame
075Sabean Alabaster Stele303Chancay Brown Textile603Figural Vessel with Bowl
076Islamic Gold & Lapis Necklace 307Timoto-Cuica Miniature Figure604Bolivian Decorated Bottle
078Ancient Eastern Greek Sarmatia Necklace 311Jadeite Beaded Necklace606Diaguita Decorated Bowl
079Ancient Egyptian Necklace312Two Mezcala Jadeite Beaded Necklaces616Marajoara Painted Bowl
082Old Kingdom Marble Jar315Mezcala Stone Beaded Necklace621Marajoara Seat of Power Stool
083Roman Glass Tear Vial 316Mezcala Jadeite Beaded Necklace626Inca Copper Chisel and Colombian Broad Wing Pectoral (2)
084Roman Handled Double Chambered Balsmariam321Three Pre-Classic Figures635Jade Beaded Necklace
087Han Dynasty Life-Size Pottery Dog324Chupicuaro Large Standing Figure640Eskimo Ice Goggles
090Gandharan Stucco Buddha Head329Chontal Stone Mask641Eskimo Baby Spoon Rattle
092Indian Ivory Figural Carving339Colima Seated Female Figure 642Nootaraloo Sculpture
093Early Kushan Terracotta Head of Buddha 344Ixlan del Rio Type Seated Female Figure646Australian Spear Thrower
099Dong Son Bronze Plaque345Archaic Colima Figures (2)648Samoan Canoe Model with Outrigger
101Ban Chieng Decorated Pedestal Bowl346Colima Figures (3)651Hawaiian Tiger Eye Koa Dish
102Himalayan Shaman’s Horn347Colima Figures (3)653Two Asmat Headhunter Daggers
106Marquesan U’u War Club 349Jalisco Seated Female655New Guinea Long Spear
111Ramu River Woven Dance Mask350Ixtlan del Rio Seated Drinker656Asmat Wooden Trophy Head
113Maori Nephrite Tiki358Nayarit Round Bodied Female658New Guinea Adzes & Fishing Spear (3)
116Fiji Cannibal Fork359Nayarit Squash Vessel 659Ifugao Agricultural Tool/Staff
117Two Samoan Wooden Clubs365Colima Dog with Turtle Shell660Unmatched Pair of Balinese Garuda Heads
118New Guinea Fighting Club 375Chinesco Large Standing Female Figure 661Balinese Mask of Shinta
119New Guinea Fighting Club 377Chinesco Standing Female Figure662Lidded Basketry Bottle
123Pair of Rare Bali Masks (2)379Chinesco Seated Female Figure663Baule Hip Mask
124Large Koa Wood Umeke380Chinesco Seated Figure667Baule Male Figure
125Sandwich Islands Poi Board & Stone Pounder (2)381Chinesco Type C-D Seated Figure 670Bobo-Fing Helmet Mask
126Samoan Kava Wooden Dish 404Maya Decorated Bowl671Bwa Antelope Mask
127Bronze Moko Drum409Jaina Molded Priest Rattle672Sierra Leone Soapstone Figure
132Batak Lute412Six Maya Soapstone Objects 673Small Mossi Female Figure
134Eskimo Dance Paddle413Large Maya or Mixtec Green Glazed Pottery Medallion679Burkina Faso Stool
136Shamans Curing Doll419Maya Polychromed Plate 681Large Zoomorphic Bracelet
137Kwakiutl Model Totem Pole428Maya Small Plumbate Pedestal Vase 682Two Ghana Wood Seats
138Haida or Nootka Shell Rattle441Costa Rican Polychromed Tripod Bowls (3)683Small Ashanti Figure
139Eskimo Ivik Torso444Diquis Parrot Effigy Stone Marker686Ogboni Bronze Figure
141Eskimo Kayaks (2)445Four Pottery Mirror Backs689Chamba Pottery Group (2)
144Burmese/Thailand Sling446Nephrite Heirloom Half Celt692Yoruba Stone Female Figure
145Bassa Mask447Two Costa Rican Stone Pendants693Chokwe Caryatid Stool
148Senufo or Chamba Firespitter Mask448Two Costa Rican Jade Pectorals695Hemba or Luba Cup
154Guro Mask454Pre-Columbian Jade Pendant 696African Spiral Currency
156Senufo Figural Rhythm Pounder467Costa Rican Beaded Necklace 698Shona Wooden Spoon
159Chokwe Initiation Mask 468Costa Rican & Tairona Jade & Carnelian Necklace 699African Basket
160Bini Mask470Costa Rican & Tairona Gold & Carnelian Necklace 705Chinese Burl wood Beggar’s Bowl
162Djenne Terracotta of an Old Seated Woman479Three Shell and Stone Beaded Necklaces707Chinese Burl Wooden Lid
163Djenne Terracotta of a Man in Boat 501Quimbaya Anthropomorphic Figural Rattle 715Indian Bronze Double Bell
164Northern Nigerian Standing Figure503Two Tumaco Bone Figures 717Thai Bronze Elephant
166Yoruba Gelede Helmet Mask504Large Tairona Stone Broadwing Pectoral720Dong Son Bronze Spear Blade
168Tchokwe Monkey Figure510Hollow Molded Jamacoaque Figure723Three Tibetan Items
170Kongo “Nkisi” Figure516Vicus Cat Vessel752Two Luristan Bronze Spears
171Yaka “Nkisi” Large Wooden Figure520Vicus Seated Figure Vessel762Two Ordos Bronze Horse Decorations
173South African Club523Recuay Anthropomorphic Bottle 765Cypriot Redware Bottle
176Kusu Figure541Moche Ceramic Corn Popper Vessel 773Campanian Blackware Lebes Gamikos
178Congo Backrest542Moche IV Fineline Vessel with Hummingbirds774Group of Ancient Apulian Pottery (4)
226Costa Rican Jade Axe God545Moche Erotic Stirrup Vessel778Greco-Roman Bronze Foot
234Costa Rican Gold & Carnelian Necklace 549Huari Anthropomorphic Vessel with Cup783Carved White Marble Capitol & Ancient Cone (2)
240Uraba Avial Headed Curly Tailed Tiger Pendant551Huari Feline Vessel 786Roman-Byzantine Bronze and Iron Lot (6)
241Uraba Gold Eight Zoomorph Fused Bar Pendant553Hauri Spouted Vessel with Bridge Handle 798Three Mummy Bead Choker Necklaces
242Sinu Gold Triple Bird Finial554Huari Human Figure 820Small Bronze Osiris and Egyptian Faience Cup (2)
251Valdivia Block Figure 558Chimu/Inca Stirrup Spout Vessel821Three Gold Scarab Brooches
253Valdivia Slab Type Axe Form561Chimu Stirrup Bottle830Heavy Emerald-Green Glass Vial
262Moche II Crouching Hallucinogenic Frog Stirrup Vessel563Chimu Carved Wood Bird Finial 831Ancient Roman Glass Lot (6)
267Large Sican/Lambayque Copper Mask with Danglers565Sican/Lambayque Seated Chief838Italian Glass Mosaic of Christ
282Two Inca Blackware Pottery Bottles575Chancay Figure and Vessel (2)839Italian Glass & Stone Mosaic of Christ
283Huari Decorated Pottery Bottle578Chancay Figure with Black Designs on Face844Antique Dental Bridge
285Tiahuanaco Dog Vessel584Chancay China847“Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan” 2 Volume Set