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#62 Fine Tribal Art, Pre-Columbian & Classical Antiquities UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
003Five Chupicuaro & Michoacan Figures (6)208Western European Gold Torque365Costa Rican Tripod Vessel
012Colima Seated Figure209Saxon Gold & Garnet Decorated Finger Ring367Panamanian Bird Effigy Vessel
017Colima Female Carrying Bowl 211Two Medieval Silver Rings and Inlaid Weight (3)372Large Chorrera Bowl with Bat Motif
028Colima Dog 214Horn Bracelet with Gold Foil Terminals373Carchi Olla with Negative Resist Decoration
029Colima Curled Dog 215Saxon Gold & Garnet Finger Ring 375Carchi Resist Painted Bowl
031Colima Dog216Norman Gold Snake Ring 376Jamacoaque Standing Figure
044Small Seated Chinesco220Roman Gold Intaglio Finger Ring 381Paracas Blackware Bowl with Incised Geometric Decoration
045Chinesco Seated Female223Early Chinese Buddhist Sculpture 383Moche Prisoner Vessel
047Jalisco Standing Figure 227Fine Indian Sandstone Female Torso 387Two Moche Floreros
053Colima Figural Vessel229Dan Wooden Spoon389Nazca Wood Snuff Palette
055Large Seated Nayarit Figure231Senufo Figural Rattle390Two Moche Bone Spatulas
066Veracruz Seated Figure 232Dan Round Eye Mask396Cuchimilco Standing Figure
068Veracruz Sonriente Standing Figure233Dan Wooden Mask398Chancay Small Standing Figure
076Casas Grandes Human Effigy Pot234Dan Passport Mask400Chancay Conehead Figure
078Casas Grandes Zoomorphic Olla235Senufo Kpelie Mask403Chancay Sewing Kit
087Maya Green Jade Pendant 236Baule Female Ancestor405Inca Copper Bird-Form Tupus (3)
090Maya Stone Mirror Back240Akan Pottery Funerary Head406Chachapoyas Ceramic Phallic Whistle
092Maya Squat-Bodied Bottle241Akan Pottery Funerary Jar Top Head412Two Frames of Textiles
097Jaina Ceremonial Rattle 245Large Wooden Drum415Chancay Textile Bag
106Costa Rican Small Metate248Bwa Bushcow Mask417Chancay Dark Brown Panel
108Costa Rican Tripod Plate251Luba Wooden Paddle421Chimu Damaged Figural Fragment
109Costa Rican Tripod Bowl with Relief Head252Yoruba Staff with Janeiform Heads422Strip Fragment with Four Birds
112Jamacoaque Seated Female Figure255Egungun Helmet Mask424Chimu Yellow Frogs Textile Fragment
118Chavin Stirrup Vessel with Feathered Pattern256Fine Idoma Headcrest425Nazca/Chimu Fragment with Sun Vignettes
120Paracas Owl Form Vessel258Hemba Male Figure429Chimu Fragment with Snake and Bird Pattern
126Moche Monkey Stirrup Vessel260Carved Wood Kneeling Pregnant Female Figure430Chimu Openweave and Embroidered Cats Fragment
127Paracas Bowl with Feline Image261Lega Mask433Inca Stripe Fragment
129Moche Drunkard on Llama269Nampeyo Ceramic Bowl434Chimu Figural Fragment
135Moche Owl Warrior Vessel273Northwest Coast Style Cedar Wood Mask435Sash Fragment with Mudfish and Bird Motif
136Moche Erotic Vessel276St. Lawrence Island Ivory Figure438Three Textile Fragments
138Moche IV Spider Stirrup Vessel 277Batak Staff440Chancay Textile Doll
140Moche Portrait Stirrup Vessel 279Wooden Hampatong Figure446Antiquities Lot (4)
141Moche IV Owl Stirrup Vessel 281Indonesian Puppet Head450Roman Bronze Key Ring with Letters
143Nazca Globular Vessel282Ifugao Headhunters Effigy Head451Byzantine Lead Icon
145Huari Oblong Vessel283Two Dayak Baby Carriers with Beaded Fronts (4)459Medieval Silver Belt/Shoe Buckle
149Huari Polychromed Double Spout Vessel284Marano Wooden Saddle460Egyptian Terracotta Jug
152Huari Double Spouted Vessel285Toraja Island Bone Slatted Helmet467Indian Brass Latch and Bone Pendants
153Moche or Vicus Copper Mask296Six West Mexican Small Bowls468Indian Carved Sandstone Head
157Sican Whistling Vessel297Mezcala Jade Beaded Necklace482Two Kiardi Beaded Aprons
158Inca Bottle with Monkey304Michoacan Standing Female Figure483Nigerian Wooden Head
160Tihuanaco Cargador Vessel 308Nine Small Figures and Effigies484Two Yoruba Figural Scepters
163Inca Double Globular Vessel with Bird325Two Small Seated Chinesco Figures487Igbo Copper Currency Coil Bracelet
168Chancay Wooden Lidded Box328Seated Colima and Chinesco Figures (2)490Three Congo Hats
174Chimu Step Design Textile Tunic335Mixtec Tripod Bowl492Two Masai Beaded Earrings
175Chancay Painted Textile336Zapotec Jaguar Leg Vessel494Abelam Woven Basketry Mask
176Withdrawn lot341Casas Grandes Effigy Pot 499Oceanic Wooden Paddle
178Nazca Feathered Ear Spools343Casas Grandes Anthropomorphic Effigy502Tobacco Bag and Head Band
179Huari Coiled Hat344Casas Grandes Style Avian Effigy Olla 504Philippine Wooden Hat
180Pachacamac Childs or Womans Small Tunic345Casas Grandes Zoomorphic Effigy Pot507Ojibwa Lacrosse Sticks (2)
181Chancay Painted Mummy Bundle Faces (2)346Casas Grandes Bear Effigy508Native American Beaded Pouch
182Paracas Cavernas Fragment347Casas Grandes Effigy Olla512Pueblo Drum
183Proto Nazca Munekas349Aztec Tripod Bowl519NW Coast Horn Spoon & St. Lawrence Bird Harpoon Head
191Miniature Bactrian Vessels (2)350Post Classic Long Pipe 520Northwest Coast Small Ivory and Bone Charms
193Two Bactrian Stone Bowls353Jaina Priest Figural Rattle 523Santo of San Isidro
197Gilded Silver Garnet Saxon Brooch354Jaina Priest Figural Rattle 525Sangre de Cristo Bust
198Gilded Bronze Bust of St. Catherine Holding Sword355Jaina Priest Figural Rattle
206Celtic La Tene Decorated Gold Bracelet361Costa Rican Decorated Olla