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63 Tribal & Pre-Columbian Art, Classical Antiquities UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
004Large Tlatilco Female Pottery Figure186Greek Geometric Bronze Horse339Moche Face Cup
006Mezcala Stone Figure188Assyrian Bronze Baal Figure344Chancay Wooden Loom Post
008Standing Chinesco Figure192Withdrawn lot345Chancay Figural Vessel Carrying Jar
016Colima Seated Twisting Warrior193Large Gnathian Skyphos347Chancay Figural Pair
025Large Nayarit Figure196Unusually Large Canosan Volute Krater348Chimu Blackware & Pinkware Vessels (2)
048Maya Carved Cylinder Vase 197Micro Mosaic Gold Finger Ring353Small Chancay Figure and Huacho Bowl (2)
059Seated Maya Figure198Late Roman Coral Cameo in Gold Ring354Chancay Wood Figure
066Cocle Polychrome Decorated Fruitera203Gold and Agate Necklace with Gold Astarte Pendant355Chimu Blackware Head Vessel
067Costa Rican Polychromed Figure204Six Strand Necklace of Patinated Carnelian Beads356Silver Kero and Pottery Vessel (2)
077Uraba Gold Eagle205Crystal Necklace with Lapis Carnelian and Glass Beads357Two Chimu Wood Balance Beams with Cups (2)
079Sinu Gold Elongated Nosering with Dangles206Sarmatian Gold, Agate and Carnelian Necklace358Four Chimu Wooden Dipper Sticks
082Ica Gold Wristlet with Breasts208Greek Gold Earrings with Pomegranates359Huari Textile Headband
085Lambayeque Copper Mask209Collection of Intaglios and Seals (58)360Nazca Striped Panel
086Viru Double Lobed Warrior Vessel216Roman Mosaic of Running Lion367Four Religious Items (4)
087Recuay Renya Bottle with Felines217Roman Style Mosaic Panel370Plains Indian Parfleche Bag
088Proto-Nazca Polychromd Figure226Bronze Beard from an Osiris371Pair of Hopi Rattles
090Withdrawn Lot228Bronze Head of a Cat380Pair of Javanese Drums with Beaters (4)
094Moche Seated Chieftain Vessel 232Egyptian Limestone Icthyphallic Figure381Two Fiji Kinas
106Standing Male Cuchimilco with Penis and Clothing 233Bes Bone Container384Large Tibetan Leather Pouch
111Inca-Colonial Kero235Faience Ushabti396Maskette Applique
113Chancay Wooden Female Figure236Egyptian Green Glazed Faience Ushabti400Akan Style Brass Head
114Chancay Wooden Figure with Articulated Arms237Egyptian Ushabti for Pa-Ka-Huy403Two Ghanian Pins/Two Burkina Faso Bracelets (4)
116Spanish Varas Ceremonial Parade Staffs239Alabaster Ushabti407Bambara N’tomo Mask
120Two Silver Ladies Stirrups242Egyptian Sandstone Relief with Hieroglyphics412Lupe Pottery Vessel
123Sumba Mitikau Sarong255Egyptian Wood Mummy Mask417Ibo Lid with Birthing Scene
131Nez Perce Cornhusk Flat Bag259Two Roman-Egyptian Gold Trimmed Bone Pins426Karamojong Hat
132Kachina Doll261Triple Strand of Faceted Carnelian Beads429Zulu Staff
136Dan Mask262Two Roman-Egyptian Bone Pins430Zulu Staff
137Bidjogo Altar Fetish266Iron Spangenhelm War Helmet437Three Ancient Bronze Animals
143Large Lobi Female Figure268Han Dynasty Pig439Three Ancient Near Eastern Bronzes
147Lobi “Bateba” Couple281Tibetan Copper & Brass Teapot442Two Phoenician Tanit Figures
149Pair of Yoruba Eshu Staff Figures282Tibetan Drum and Gilt Amulet (2)450Greek Kylix and Oinochoe (2)
150Yoruba Standing Chief293Reclining Jalisco Female457Twelve Intaglio Seals
152Ibo Mask297Jalisco Female and Colima Figural Vessel (2)458Amber Head Inlay
153Eket-Ibibio Mask300Veracruz Pottery Soriente461Two-Spouted Roman Oil Lamp
154Idoma Mask 312Miniature Tairona Bat Urn & Figural Olla (2)462Roman Bronze Oil Lamp & Coptic Bone Comb (2)
163Ogboni Mask with Articulated Jaw313Sinu Chalice Bowl465Three Roman-Byzantine Finger Rings
164Teke Wood Fetish Figure318Shell Bird Carving & Chancay Bone Flute (2)468Roman Cup and Glass Cone (2)
171Kuba Sword and Dagger (2)321Chorrera Bowl with Faces472Egyptian Pottery Jar
173Lega “Igenga” Figure323Chorrera Eggshell Dish474Seven Ushabtis
176Tshokwe Animal Mask326Chorrera Figural Effigy Figure477Egyptian Alabaster Alabastron
180Roman-Syrian Molded Figure329Brownware Bird Bowl495Han Dynasty Figure
181Hellenistic Molded Pottery Figure of Eros330Ecuadorian Seated Female Figure497Gandharan Schist Relief Fragment of Atlas
183Hellenistic Marble Tyche331Manabi Figure and Narino Ocarina (2)499Indian Sandstone Hand
184Etruscan Terracotta Votive Female Head 333Vicus Seated Figural Vessel 500Turkish Powder Flasks and Ramrod (3)