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64 Fine Pre-Columbian, Tribal Art & Classical Antiquities 64 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
026Colima Squash Olla 211Gogo-Teke Figure381Chavin Blackware Decorated Cylinder Vase
055Veracruz Figural Whistle216Makonde Helmet Mask385Moche Portrait Head Cup
063Veracruz Seated Howling Coyote225Monkey Mask392Chimu/Inca Stirrup Spout Vessel
082Maya Face Bowl 235Skull-Form Cane Handle398Inca Textile Section
091Maya Jaguar Cylinder Vase 238Luristan Plate with Lions402Chancay Textile with Embroidered Birds
128Chavin Carved Stone Jaguar Vessel 240Greek Bronze Cage Bell410Huichol Indian Beaded Mask
129Chavin Double Chamber Stone Vessel245Eastern Greek Silver Bowl421Eskimo Whale and Kayak (2)
130Chavin Wooden Mirror249Greek Pottery Horse Head422Three Small Eskimo Bird Carvings
132Salinar Double Lobed Vessel Chief in Temple 263Large Geometric Mosaic423Two Eskimo Seals and a Fish Carving (3)
134Chavin Carved Llama Bone Spatula264Byzantine Bronze Hanging Lamp426Eskimo Face and Grouping (2)
135Chavin Carved Bone Implements (3)265Roman Bronze Pendants433Four Heddle Pulleys
139Moche Mountain Vessel267Sassanian Bronze Lion441Pair of Ibeji Figures
149Large Chancay Llama268Roman Bronze Handle with Figural Bails447Beaded Dolls of Cameroon (2)
156Anthropomorphic Chino Amphora 270Roman Bronze Bull Head449Masai Knob Club and Whisk (2)
164New Guinea Soul Boat Prow279Wooden Figure of Ptah450Three Stalves and Currency Weapon (4)
169Amazonian Dance Mask288Coptic Weavers Comb & Implements (3) 485Neo-Classical Alabaster Centerpiece
172Sepik River Food Bowl290Marbleized Amber Glass Bottle488Three Religious Figures
173Large New Guinea Food Bowl291Core-Formed Glass Alabastron490Carved Stone Santo
174Tami Island Bowl296Two Roman Glass Vessels491Ethiopian Crosses (12)
176Very Rare Batak Ancestor Figure299Islamic Decorated Bronze Cauldron492Carved Wood Bible Stand
177Dayak Female Hampatong Figure300Gilt Silver Belt Elements496Italian Alabaster Quarry Worker’s Mask
179Dayak Hudoq Mask301Marble Relief with Fountain497American Dog Muzzle
180Balinese Topeng Bondres Mask302Slate Relief with Cherub498Military Chemical Worker’s Helmet
184Nepalese Wooden Tamang Mask303Tiffany Studios Pine Needle Desk Set (9pcs) 500Welder’s Mask
202Bamileke Elephant Mask308Mezcala & Colima Stone Figures (2)504Schragnel Goggles
205Bingi Helmet Mask354Colombian Wide Hipped Figure505Automotive Goggles
207Ibibio Mask356Sinu Flared Globular Bowl514Welder’s Mask
208Nupe Multi-Legged Stool360Bone Flute with Incised Zoomorphic Motifs