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65 FineTribal & Pre-Columbian Art and Antiquities UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
003Mezcala Greenstone Head Pectoral215Five Miniature Stone Vessels392Amazonian Fiber Wig and Earrings (3)
007Standing Chinesco Figure221Bactrian Carnelian Beaded Necklace393Dyak Wooden Animal
010Small Seated Chinesco222Western Greek Bronze Protome Maskette and Buckle (2)396Sepik River Shield
011Chinesco Seated Female224Four Miniature Greek Pottery Vessels397Travel Beading or Weaving Tool
014Chinesco C Type Large Standing Female 249Roman-Egypt Pottery Amphora398Papua New Guinea Shell Necklaces (2)
029Colima Figural Vessel251Islamic Cut Glass Lidded Container399Sepik Cowry Shell Necklace
030Colima Seated Warrior Holding Knife253Celtic La Tene Decorated Gold Bracelet400New Guinea Wooden Staff or Pounder
038Jalisco Warrior255Gilded Bronze Bust of St. Catherine Holding Sword402Dan Mask
055Casas Grandes Zoomorphic Olla257Norman Gold Snake Ring 403Mossi Figure
066Jaina Molded Figural Rattle & Whistle (2)258Roman Gold Intaglio Finger Ring 411Bambara Rhythm Stick
077Narino Square Dish 259Max Papart Drawing - “Jeune Filee a la Carte Tarot” 412Lobi Female Figure
078Narino Polychrome Olla261Poalo Boni Framed Collage- “Fantasy”413Baule Brass Figural Grouping
080Marajoara Round-Bodied Urn262Bob Guccione Lithograph- “Untitled 2” 414Dan Passport Mask
082Marajoara Painted Bowl268Authouart Lithograph “Une Cadillac Pour Marilyn” (Monroe)417Small Doorlock
084Vicus Double Chamber Figural Vessel with Large Penis269Cremant Du Roi Lithograph Poster 418Three Bamana Heddle Pulleys
097Large Huacho Llama Head Vessel273Victor-Jean-Baptiste-Barthelemy Binet Oil Painting419Lobi Figure
118Large Madonna and Christ Child277European Tall Case Clock420Mossi Flute
119New Hebrides Large Skull Mask Sculpture282Two Mezcala Jadeite Beaded Necklaces422Pair of Nigerian Figures
123Abelam Yam Mask306Chinesco Fineline Decorated Plate423Rectangular Divination Board
130“Coolaba” Baby Carrier 307Nayarit Seated Female Figure425Ritual Board
133Two Java Topeng Masks310Three West Coast Pottery Vessels 426Chamba Post Figure
134Collection of Akan Figural Gold Weights (17)311Colima Conch Shell Player & Shaman Under Canopy (2)427Nigerian Figure
136Akan Brass Gold Weights (131)312Mixtec Tripod Bowl430Congo Axe
137Toma Mask333Carchi Painted Bowl with Figures432Kuba Cloth
138Punu Mask334Carchi Penis Bowl433Luba Divination Instrument
139Baule Figure337Chorrera Eggshell Dish435Bearded Mask
140Senufo Figure344Vicus Deer Vessel439Fipa Staff Handle
141Baule Slingshot Figure356Moche Head Vessel & Chimu Parrot Vessel (2)449Chinese Wooden Lady
142Baule Figure357Inca Blackware Puma Vessel451Two Indian Wood Carvings
143Four Baule Colonial Figures360Two Chancay Pottery Vessels452Shiva Lingham Stone
147Baule Gong Beater with Chameleon361Two Chimu Blackware Vessels453Indian Brass Finial
150Dan Large Passport Mask367Three Chancay Textiles454Two Indian Brass Finials
160Burkina Faso Mask368Two Frames of Textiles455Erotic Bronze Majapahit of Rama and Shinta
163Ere-ibeji Figure369Chancay Textile Bag456Burmese Alabaster Buddha
165Yoruba Figure371Two Chimu Figural Textile Strips458Tibetan Exorcism Phurba
166Fon Bocio Figure372La Aguada Bowl with incised Figures 459Small Tibetan Wooden Phurba
173Kuba Box 373Two La Aguada Grayware Bowls464Two Stone Swans
178Yaka Female “Nkisi” Figure375Santo of San Isidro468Canaanite Bronze Axe
180Kifwebe Wood Mask376Cuzco School Style Oil Paintings (2) 477Naqada Ware Pottery Jar
182Makua Mask377Cuzco School Style Oil Paintings (2) 488Plaque of Ibis Headed God & Bronze Needle (2)
189Chinese Porcelain Decorated Vases (2)379Roundel Icon of St. Michael 490Egyptian Bone Amulets (3)
190Han Dynasty Pottery Horse380Coptic Cross491Two Egyptian Bronze Finger Rings
193Bronze Jain Buddha384Pre-Columbian Art of South America by Alan Lapiner493Roman-Egypt Pottery Jar
195Indian Bronze Ganesha386Pima Woven Basket499Medieval Silver Belt/Shoe Buckle
201Tibetan Wooden Phurba388Eskimo Fur Doll500Three Celtic Bronze Pins
203Two Tibetan Traveling Gau Boxes390Uchu Protective Figure505Carved High Relief Wooden Panel
204Japanese Noh Mask391Guatemalan Dance Festival Mask