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67 Tribal Art, Pre-Columbian, Classical & Asian Antiquities UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
004Xochipala Female Figure181Lower Portion of a Wooden Sarcophagus388Ewe Dolls (3)
018Large Jalisco Seated Figure184Large Egyptian Sarcophagus Mask389Fanti Doll
022Colima Standing Figure Holding a Tumpline255Late Byzantine Decorated Copper Bowl390Ashanti Wooden Seat
023Colima Post Classic Standing Figure256Sassanian Gilt Silver Patera391Bamana Figure
029Chinesco/Nayarit Stirrup Vessel 269Ming Dynasty Magistrate Figure393Egungun Headdress
036Large Napiloa/Joachin Veracruz Figural Rattle270Ming Stucco Buddha394Kuba Wood Box
037Veracruz Molded Figure in Tufted Costume274Indian Hanging Temple Lamp397Pottery Head, 2 Wood Carvings and a Basket (4)
038Veracruz Warrior Holding Shield276Indian Sandstone Bust400Himalayan Mask
053Maya Stucco Decorated Vase277Indian Wooden Temple Plaque of Vishnu402Tooth Belt
054Maya Decorated Tripod Vase279Large Thai Bronze Buddha408Axe Arrow Heads & Paint Pot (7)
075Uraba Avial Headed Curly Tailed Tiger Pendant284Meteorite423Bone Christ Figure
077Muisca Gold Tunjo Holding Bird287Picasso Crowing Rooster Dish428Large Islamic Copper Tray with Table Mount
087Vicus Double Lobed Vessel288Picasso Don Quixote Plate434Luristan Bronze Bull
091Moche II Lizard Vessel289Picasso Bull Plate435Pottery Lot (4)
096Chancay Figural Vessel299Chupicuaro & Michoacan Figures (3)436Iron Age Blackware Juglet
100Chancay “China” Amphora303Colima Seated Figure with Jester Collar437Syro-Hittite Animals (5)
103Chancay Male and Female Figures (2)308Nayarit Figures (2)438Middle Eastern Bull Rhyton
105Chancay Wooden Lidded Box309Two Jalisco Warriors with Helmets and Clubs439Ancient Pottery Figures (4)
108Inca Decorated Wood Kero 325Jalisco Miniature Figures (3)442Two Baluchistan Fragmented Figures
114Chimu Textile Depicting a Deity329Tlaloc Incensario443Kilia Head and Torso
118Papuan Gulf Gope Board334Three Aztec and Huastec Figures (4)451Roman Bronze Lion Head, Pin & Bracelets (4)
119May River Board357Tariona Basket Handled Double Vessel452Two Roman Molded Bowls
122Naga Head Hunters Hat 363Chavin Stirrup Vessel455Bronze Ram Head Patera Handle
130Punu Mask364Moche Blackware Bottle with Inset Beads 457Pre-Dynastic Pottery and Stone Items (8)
134Bozo Puppet367Huari Jaguar and Man Vessel480Bronze Harpokrates
141Senufu Bronze Staff373Two Chimu Blackware Vessels490Roman Glass Bracelets and Vials (8)
142Dogon Iron Staff379Three Pre-Columbian Vessels491Ancient Pottery and Glass Lot (11)
148Reliquary Figure380Pre-Columbian Lot (5)494Ancient Pottery lot (3)
149Bembe Seated Wood Figure385Cavernas Textile Swatch505Tibetan Tsa Tsa
176Two Neolithic Adze Blades387Dogon Mother and Child Figure