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68 Fine Tribal & Pre-Columbian Art, Classical, Egyptian and Asian Antiquities 68 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
055Nayarit Seated Female Wearing Painted Dress 299Luristan Bronze Bell Necklace526Five Lydian Silver Spirals
061Nayarit Seated Male Singer304Redware Pottery Jar528Gandharan Pottery Flower
114Cocle Owl Chalice305Holyland Handled Jar529Gilt Bronze Ram Head Roundel (2)
123Chorrera Oblong Fish Bowl313Eleven Miniature Bactrian Stone Vessels543Lot of Early Clay Marbles (170+)
133Chavin Blackware Stirrup Vessel 320Three Kilia Heads557Post Classic Colima Face Flask
152Moche Hallucinating Shaman Skeletal/Erotic Figure321Six Kilia Marble Heads and Fragments566Sinu Pottery Fish Form Grater
153Moche IV Warrior Vessel351Five Silver Spectacle Brooches570Salinar Geometric Vessel
154Moche IV Warrior with Owl Mask352Sassannian Silver Spoon575Moche Copper Necklace Parts (7)
155Moche Figural Vessel353Roman-Byzantine Silver Spoon577Nazca Shark Bowl and Tree Beaker (2)
169Tiahuanaco Skull Kero374Middle Kingdom Alabaster Kohl Vessel 578Moche II Jaguar Vessel
179Huari Spondulas Shell & Gold Necklace383Small Egyptian Wood Mummy Mask579Moche Jaguar Head Urn
193Chimu Carved Wood Loom Sticks with Pumas393Agate Cabochon Framed in Gold Border590Chancay & Chimu Vessels (3)
194Bolivian Lobed Olla394Parthian Agate Inset in Gold Brooch596Inca Pinkware Canteen Shaped Vessel
204Chimu Tie-Dye Cloth Panels (2)396Scythian Gold Parrot599Chancay Figural Urn
205Coptic Bible397Pair of Bactrian Gold Ibex Heads601Six Miniature Silver Ornaments
207Large Russian Orthodox Icon436Gold Cluster and Red Jasper Beaded Necklace608Chancay Textile Strips
209Carved Wood Figure of the Virgin Mary441Ancient Electrum and Silver Pins (27)612Senufo Monkey Heddle Pulley
211St. John the Baptist450Achaemenid Silver Finger Ring613Senufo Bronze Mounted Rider
214Mary and Jesus462Gold and Silver Finger Rings (4)614Ghanaian Pottery Head
215Philippine Santo of St. Vincent Ferrar463Four Finger Rings615Ghanian Wooden Stools (2)
227Guro Mask with Headdress466Gold Overlay Loop Earrings617Bura Type Stone Figural Marker
236Fine “Bateba Phuwe” Pair 468Three Pairs of Spiraled Silver Ornaments (6)619Lobi Standing Figure
237Lobi Small Wooden Female Figure470Six Spiraled Silver Hair Rings621Two Small Lobi Figures
239Two Lobi “Bateba” Figures471Silver Hair Ornaments (12)624Small Teke Power Figure
240Pair of Lobi Figures473Luristan Silver and Iron Bracelet626Songye Style Figures (2)
244Bamana Wooden Granary Door475Pair of Solid Silver Earrings628Dogon Style Bronze Equestrian & Wooden Twins (2)
257Hemba Staff480Two Ancient Silver Bands629African Style Figures (3)
261Suku or Yaka Wand481Two Strands and 17 Loose Gold Ornaments640Massive Wooden Club
262Massive Kuba Ivory Oliphant482Three Brooches and 6 Ornaments (9)654Flint Arrow and Spear Heads (59)
263Luba Staff Finial483Ten Bactrian Sheet Gold Panthers655Arrow Points and Spears Lot (58)
266Tanzania Figure493Silver Earrings, Parts and Finger Ring (18)661Loose Neolithic Flint Points and Tools (135+)
267Horse Hair Fly Whisk49517 Mostly Gold Single Earrings673Ancient Bronze Lot (13)
271Solomon Islands Staff502Seven Gold Roundel Ornaments678Bronze Age Pottery Bowl
274Sepik River “Kundu” Drum511Four Hammered Gold Animal Form Terminals680Two Large Bronze Blades
277NW Coast Frog Shame Pole513Sumerian Gold Torque690Babylonian Gold Hair Ring
279Northwest Coast Cedar Wood Mask518Four Loose Gold Earrings693Three Miniature Ancient Bronzes
282Kwakiutl Bear Mask519One Single and Six Pairs of Gold Earrings694Egyptian Framed Faience Mummy Bead Necklace
283Modern Northwest Coast Mask522One Silver and Four Gold Rings (5)700Two Thracian Iron Scythes
284One-Horned Mountain Goat523Four Ancient Silver Bracelets706Early Chinese Dagger Razor and Two Rings (4)
294Sumerian Pottery Foundation Cone524Four Ancient Silver Bracelets714Nepalese Brass Pitcher
297Two Copper Luristan Axes525Three Silver Torques, 8 Bracelets and an Electrum Pendant (17)716Two Japanese Eating Kits (2)