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Fine Pre-Columbian, Tribal, Classical, Egyptian & Asian Antiquities #69 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
020Guerrero Triple Strand Shell Necklace201Pair of Epa Masks449Nazca Feathered Fan
029Pre-Classic Maya Solid Pottery Figure210Gogo-Teke Figure450Nazca Feathered Fan
030Pre-Classic Maya Seated Figure213Pende Crescentic Axe452Nazca Feathered Fan
031Three Pre-Classic Maya Miniature Figures214Pende Axe with Decorated Handle453Nazca Feathered Fan
032Two Pre-Maya Pottery Figures217Azande Female Ancestral Figure455Nazca Feathered Fan
033Three Pre-Maya Seated Figures218East African Pole Marker456Nazca Feathered Fan
039Copador Squat Olla with Birds219Nyamwezi Male Figure457Three Textile Fragments
040Maya Blackware Tripod Bowl 220Bongo Figural Burial Marker458Chancay Textile Doll
041Maya Poison Bottle221Sukuma Female Guardian Figure469Two Asmat Bone Daggers
049El Tajin Grayware Bowl226Near Eastern Bronze Figure of Baal474Hunstein Mountains “Garra”
052Maya Orangeware Footed Vase241Decorated Near Eastern Pottery Bowl479Double Pottery Vessel
056Maya Carved Tripod Cylinder242Old Babylonian Plaque with Bull481Sepik River Clay Mask
086Calima Turtle Vessel 243Iranian Bronze Phiale484Middle Sepik River Masks (2)
087Calima Vegiform Vessel 249Near Eastern Bronze Ram485Gope Board
094Moche Portrait Vessel257Six Chlorite Vessels and a Rim (7)490Eight New World, Celts, Knives & Spears
105Huari Figural Vessel258Mojeno Daro Stone and Metal Artifacts (15+)492New World Stone Tools (5)
112Chimu-Inca Copper Erotic Tumi 260Parthian Bronze Figure of an Archer493Native American Stone Tools (4)
115Chancay Large Painted Textile261Parthian Bronze Figural Lid496Sioux Necklace with Large Cent
119Small Feathered Hat on Rattan262Anatolian Bronze Bearded Figure497Two Native American Pipes
120Nazca Feathered Delantera269Greek Pottery Lion Head Vessel498Copper Fish Hook, Bone & Stone Implements (11)
121Nazca Feather Decorated Chisel 281Etruscan Bronze Female Figure of Turan502Eskimo Lure, Beads & Labret (6)
122Nazca Feathered Fan289Greek Bronze Pendant with Obsidian Intaglio503Eskimo Soapstone Walrus Head
123Nazca Feathered Fan325Phoenician Core-Formed Glass Amphoriskos504Pair of Kachina Dolls
124Nazca Feathered Fan329Core Formed Glass Amphoriskos 508Guro Female Figure
128Shell Gorget and Spoon (2)331Roman Glass Decorated Jar 509Baule Colonial Figure
141Vanuatu Fern Wood Figure333Roman Cut Glass Bowl510Akan Style Brass Head
142Fernwood Figure337Two Egyptian Alabaster Vessels514Lobi Figure
143Long Sepik River Post345Bronze Horus and Isis518Nok/Katsina Bust
147Trobriand Islands Wooden War Paddle355Han Dynasty Bronze Sword520Mumuye Shoulder Mask
148Boundary Post with Integral Bulul356Agate and Two Jade Carvings (3)522Two African Necklaces
149Dayak Hardwood Ancestor Figure367Petrified Wood Slab Table 524Two Decorative Masks
150Ancestor Guardian Figure377Mezcala Gray Stone Figure528Congo Gourd Helmet
151Hampatong Figure Holding Lizard385Two Pre-Classic Figures and a Head (3)529Kifwebe Style Mask
153Large Seated Male Bulul Figure389Jalisco & Nayarit Figures (3) 532African Carvings (3)
154Philippine Seated Bulul Figure390Nayarit Drummers & Seated Female (3)534Large Congo Style Decorative Mask
155Small Seated Philippine Rice God391Jalisco Pair of Female Figures (2)540Three Early Knives
161Baule Figure392Nayarit Painted Figures (4)542Utensils, Knife, Scalpel, Spurs, Pistol Barrel (10)
162Baule Male Figure393Large Colima Flat Standing Female Figure 543Trade Axe, Buckles, Nails & Glass Fragments (55)
163Senufo Male and Female Figures394Colima Flat Standing Females (2)544Carved Horn Devil Finger Ring
165Large Bedu Plank Mask395Colima Flat Standing Female Figures (2)545Four Neolithic Stone Blades
168Dan Bird Mask397Nayarit Seated Figures Wearing Ponchos546Four Small Celts and a Weight (5)
171Akan Pottery Funerary Jar Top Head403Nayarit and Jalisco Female Figures547Five Neolithic to Han Stone Tools
174Bambara Carving404Nayarit Seated Singer551Two Early Chinese Stone Bracelets
178Large Bobo Mask405Jalisco Dog Vessel 552Ancient Chinese Stone Bracelets (2)
181Small Mossi Female Figure408Four Small West Coast Figures554Chinese Miniature Jade Screen
182Wum Helmet Mask412Michoacan Post-classic Teapot Vessel 557Chinese Sampan God
184Heddle Pulleys (2)416Two Pre-Maya Pottery Figures558Two Gilt Wood Sampan Gods
189Mambila Figure 417Eight Pre-Maya & Maya Small Figures and Heads (8)580Ordos or Scythian Bronze Pendant
194Abeokuta Ibeji Figure418Maya Decorated Bowl & Dish (2)582Mythical Creature Bronze Oil Lamp
195Shango Janeiform Scepter428Costa Rican Tripod Bowl & Panamanian Olla (2)583Bronze Spiral Beads, Whorls and Rings (35+)
196Urhobo Male Figure429Costa Rican Decorated Bowl 598Roman-Egypt Molded Figure
197Mumuye Female Figure433Three Panamanian Ollas614Nine Complete and Six Partial Rings (15)
198Standing Mumuye Male Figure438Chorrera Fish Bowl615Roman Bronze Finger Rings (9)
199Ibo Head Crest441Nazca Wood Snuff Palette