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Fine, Pre-Columbian Tribal & Ancient Art 70 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
007Monumental Jalisco Pair 110Veracruz Seated Dignitary 288New Guinea Wooden Drum
008Colima Standing Figure 111Veracruz Seated Dignitary 289Marind-Anim Ceremonial Drum
009Colima Seated Ball Player 112Veracruz Figure with Child 296Two Sepik Armbands and a Timor Hair Ornament (3)
010Monumental Jalisco Female Figure114Veracruz Standing Priest297Four Batak Implements
011Jalisco Seated Male Figure 116Veracruz Sonriente Standing Figure 300Naga Head Hunters Axe
012Nayarit Seated Pair 117Veracruz Seated Fire God301Naga Head Hunters Axe
015Jalisco Conjoined Pair 118Veracruz Seated Male Figure 302Kampilan Sword
016Jalisco Conjoined Seated Drummer 122Veracruz Seated Warrior with Shield304Two Guri-Guri Pots
017Jalisco Conjoined Drummer125Nopiloa Molded Figural Rattle 308Eskimo Wooden Seal Tray
028Colima Jester Seated Figure 138Maya Polychrome Decorated Vase 329Four Small Marble Kilia Heads
030Colima Seated Figure 142Maya Decorated Plate 331Hellenistic Miniature Marble Vase and Bronze Vessel (2)
032Jalisco Kneeling Female Figure 150Maya Polychrome Decorated Cylinder Bowl 338Two Miniature Corinthian Vessels
033Nayarit Seated Female Figure 152Maya Head from Urn & Large Fragments 340Corinthian Miniature Pottery Pyxis
036Colima Seated Dwarf Figure 170Maya Carved Cylinder Fish Vase 355Byzantine Pottery Amphora
038Colima Standing Aged Female Figure 184Maya Blackware Jaguar Urn 384Lot of Bone, Stone and Copper Pins (8)
039Large Jalisco Seated Musician 188Maya Jade Pendant Necklace390Roman Glass Feeder, Flask and Square Bottle (3)
040Colima Standing Ithyphallic Figure Holding Phallus 192Maya Choc Jar395Two Small Bottles and a Double Chamber Vial (3)
045Jalisco Standing Female Figure 201Large Narino Coquero Figure416Chupicuaro Pedestalled Fruitera
046Jalisco Female With Bowl 202Early Calima Sun Mask417Colima Woman Holding Child
051Jalisco Double Headed Long Dog with Bowls 203Diquis Gold Capped Fang419Nayarit Seated Figure
052Withdrawn Lot208Moche I Beer Markers Vessel 420Jalisco Seated Thinker Figure
055Jalisco Standing Mother with Child209Moche IV Raptor with Large Fish Vessel 421Two Jalisco Female Figures
056Large Seated Female Jalisco Figure210Chavinoid-Paracas Foot Bowl 426Nayarit Dog Vessel
061Colima Double Duck Vessel 213Moche Bat Vessel 431Maya Copador Bowl
062Huastec Seated Female Figure 216Moche III Ai-Apec Warriors in Relief Vessel 440Maya Polychrome Decorated Bowl
066Nayarit Seated Warrior 220Moche IV Yam Vessel 445Sinu Gold Frog
067Jalisco Seated Pulque Drinker 224Moche Fine-Line Warrior Vessel 447Small Jamacoaque Standing Figure
070Jalisco Seated Female Figure 235Moche Blind Man Vessel 451Withdrawn Lot
071Jalisco Seated Female with Bowl 236Nazca Head Vessel 458Sican Copper Disc & Duck-Form Tumi (2)
080Colima Head Vessel237Moche Figural Deity Vessel 469Trobriand Sword Club
084Jalisco Dog with Side Baskets240Moche Head Vessel 470New Guinea Ancestor Effigy
085Nayarit Male and Female Figures242Chancay Wood Head 473Group of Chumash Stone Animals (3)
091Nayarit Seated Warrior 245Inca Sleeping Llama Vessel 475Eskimo Soapstone Carving
092Jalisco Seated Figure 246Ica Janus Faced Vessel 476Eskimo Soapstone Carving
098Nayarit Female Figure253Valdivia Hardstone Axe 483Two Ancient Stone Vessels
099Colima Acrobat/Armadillo Vessel 255Carchi Decorated Pottery Shell 487Miniature Mycenaean Oinochoe and Corinthian Aryballos (2)
100Jalisco Warrior with Captive 257Jamacoaque Kneeling Warrior509Indian Brass Nandi
102Veracruz Double Face Palma 259Salinar Owl Vessel513Shaman’s Instruments
107Monumental Veracruz Deity Head Incensario 273Lobi Wooden Figure
108Monumental Huastec Figure283Pende Mask “Kiwoyo”