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Pre-Columbian and Tribal Art, Classical and Asian Antiquities #71 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
012Four Various Ancient Stone Animals336Lobi Pottery Pot with Figures585Cocle Owl Chalice
013Roman Bull Head & Achemenid Bull Head Pendant337Lobi Pottery Pot with Figures589Narino Square Dish
017Bronze Bearded Figure 340Bamana N’Tomo Society Mask590Narino Polychrome Olla
019Silver Standing Headless Figure 342Bamana “Kono” Mask591Sinu Flared Globular Bowl
024Bronze Bull Head345Dogon Couple592Sinu Chalice Bowl
027Luristan Bronze Bull Finial 346Small Mossi Female Figure593Bone Flute with Incised Zoomorphic Motifs
030Two Luristan Bronze Bracelets350Bini Mask598Carchi Penis Bowl
031Luristan Bronze Zoomorphic Pendants (3)351Northern Nigerian Standing Figure599Chorrera Scallop-Edged Dish
041Luristan Bronze Double Janus Head Fibula 352Fon Bocio Figure605Vicus Vessel
042Luristan Pins & Septer Base 358Abeokuta Ibeji Figure607Moche Molded Figure
050Silver Figural Finial367Agere Ifa Bowl608Moche Copper Necklace Parts (7)
067Large Pottery Bull’s Head Pendant368Azande Wood Staff616Chancay & Chimu Vessels (3)
073Four Syrian Pottery Animals369Bashilele Staff617Inca Pinkware Canteen Shaped Vessel
076Two Molded Astarte Figures & Bearded Musician Fragment (3)370Azande Colonial Staff619Two Chimu Blackware Vessels
077Bronze Bull371Yoruba Bronze and Iron Dance Wand621Large Mexican Folk Art Vessel
078Small Bronze Male/Female Votive & Female Figure (2)372Songye Chief’s Steel and Copper Axe622Olmec Cup & 2 Bones (3)
081Ancient Bronze Snake, Animal & Seated Figure (3)373Bingi Helmet Mask624Two Decorated Ceramic Bowls
086Limestone Votive Objects (3) 374Kongo Power Figure 627Argentinean Keros and Bowl (3)
087Small Bronze Bull with Sheet Silver Covered Head375Yaka Female “Nkisi” Figure628Two Argentinean Bowls
088Bactrian Camel Head379Hemba Monkey Mask629Three Small Argentinean Mugs
089Greek Bronze Bull 381Three Fly Whisks631Large Marajoara Bowl Type Lid
090Redware Pottery Jar383Carved Wood Mask632Three Pre-Columbian Vessels
091Holyland Handled Bilbil Jug 384Tami Island Bowl637Four Bolivian-Inca Keros
098Miniature Bactrian Vessels (2)385Mt. Hagen Type Axe638Three Bolivian Pottery Vessels
101Syro-Phoenician Bronze Standing Figure387Abelam Yam Mask639Maya Ball Game Print- Jeremy Havlik
106Four Bactrian Stone Busts388New Hebrides Large Skull Mask Sculpture646Chimu/Inca Tumpline
114Ancient Cypro-Greek Bronze Bench Figure 393Massim Sago Spatula650Western Ewe “Ewewo”Pair of Twin Figures
121Roman Bronze Double Recumbent Panthers 404Kwakiutl Bear Mask656Ghanian Wooden Stools (2)
124Two Ancient Bulls & Head (3)405Modern Northwest Coast Mask657Senufo Male and Female Figures
128Two Small Bronze Bulls407Bronze Spear, Torque & Korean Spoon (3)660Baule Colonial Figure
135Bronze Oinochoe with Cuneiform Writing410Luristan Bronze Bell Necklace669Long Mossi Mask with Plank Top
136Molded Pottery Female Protome413Two Iron Age & Islamic Vessels (4)670Bambara Rhythm Stick
139Roman Marble Bust414Iron Age Blackware Juglet673Lobi Figure
141Bucchero Ware Bowl and Kantharos418Two Large Bronze Blades676Lobi Figure
150Three Silver Torques, 8 Bracelets and an Electrum Pendant (17)419Three Oil Lamps677Heddle Pulleys (2)
151Five Lydian Silver Spirals420Two Hidden Menorah Oil Lamps 678Four Lobi Small Pottery Vessels
152Five Silver Spectacle Brooches424Roman Bronze Foot, Bird, Coptic Bone (3)679Mambila Figure
154Silver Hair Ornaments (12)428Byzantine Two Spout Pottery Oil Lamp681Mumuye Shoulder Mask
155Six Spiraled Silver Hair Rings437Plaque of Ibis Headed God & Bronze Needle (2)682Iron Currency
156Four Ancient Silver Bracelets438Egyptian Framed Faience Mummy Bead Necklace683Yoruba Throne
160Two Ancient Silver Bands444Coptic Bone Idol and Comb (2)685Bronze Group (5)
169Lapis Head of a Pharaoh with Bronze Beard446Islamic Glass Jar687Pende Staff with Figures
171Pale Green Ushabti448Seven Miniature Glass Vessels688Kuba Cloth
172Pale Blue Faience Ushabti449Ancient Glass Lot (6)695Small African Art Group (4)
173Bronze Embryonic Sarcophagus452Roman Glass Bottle696Makua Mask
184Egyptian Lapis Frog with Feldspar Inlay455Three Celtic Bronze Pins697Fipa Staff Handle
187Millifiore Glass Lion Head Inlay456Two Thracian Iron Scythes699Makonde Wooden Body Mask
188Ibis Millifiore Glass Inlay457Ethiopian Crosses (12)700Female Body Mask
189Three Phoenician Paste Glass Heads460Carved Stone Santo 701Makonde Body Mask
192Coptic Weavers Comb & Implements (3) 462Large Madonna and Christ Child703Horse Hair Fly Whisk
195Han Dynasty Life-Size Pottery Dog466Carved Wood Figure of the Virgin Mary706Pottery Head, 2 Wood Carvings and a Basket (4)
201Han Dynasty Bronze Sword - Withdrawn469St. John the Baptist709African Carvings (3)
202Gandharan Pottery Head474Han Dynasty Bronze Appliqués (6)711Songye Style Figure
205Gandharan Schist Fragment479Life-Sized Marble Bodhisattva Head 714Dinka and Nuer Implements (9)
214Ming Stucco Buddha481Chinese Porcelain Decorated Vases (2)717Abelam Woven Basketry Mask
222Olmec Grayware Bowl with Carved Roundel 482Four Plaster and Glass Figural Tiles718Papuan Wood Staff
226Chupicuaro Polychrome Bird Bowl 483Reproduction Chinese Exportware Koi Pot722New Guinea Standing Figure
233Colima Curled Dog484Ching Wood Figures (2)724Hopi Kachina Doll
234Very Tall Colima Male Figure486Chinese Sampan God728Four American Stone Tools
236Colima Figural Vessel487Two Gilt Wood Sampan Gods729Four Native American Stone Tools
239Jalisco Standing Female 490Gandharan Stone Fist730Elk Tooth Anklet, Necklace and Beaded Badge (3)
240Colima Seated Warrior Holding Knife491Small Bronze Indian Sculpture741Three New World Flint Knives
242Colima Head Vessel492Indian Brass Nandi742Southwest Coral Necklace and Earrings
249Chinesco Standing Female Figure493Indian Bronze Nandi743Southwest Turquoise Necklace and Earrings
250Unusually Large Sheep Faced Jalisco Figure497Two Indian Brass Finials745Hopi Kachina Doll
259Olmec Jade Tube with Face502Bone Carving with Buddha & Stone Animal 748Hopi Kachina Doll of Tutumsi
267Maya Copador Swimmer Bowl506Tibetan Drum and Gilt Amulet (2)749Victor Charlie Kachina Doll
270Maya Carved Cylinder Fish Vase 507Large Tibetan Leather Pouch750Red Fox Kachina
271Maya Tall Carved Cylinder Vase 508Tibetan Exorcism Phurba752Hopi Bearded Tutumsi Kachina Doll
274Maya Face Bowl 511Nepalese Brass Pitcher753Hopi Clown Kachina
275Maya Fire God Articulated Maskette513Two Flint and Tinder Pouches755Hopi Bird Deity Kachina
279Uraba Gold Poporo Spout515Five Thai Pottery Stamps and Molds756Hopi Carved Wood Kachina Doll
283Chavin Carved Stone Mortero517Two Japanese Eating Kits (2)758Very Large Sunface Kachina
286Chavin Decorated Stone Bowl519Two Japanese Prints759Large Situlili Kachina
287Chavin Obsidian Jaguar Chalice520Three Japanese Woodblock Prints761Mounds Builder Flint Spade and Celt (2)
300Moche Deer Vessel522Erotic Bronze Majapahit of Rama and Shinta763Five Small Kachinas and a Pair of Rattles (7)
301Moche Figural Vessel528Tlatilco, Michoacan & Colima Miniatures (3)764Two Hopi Kachina Dolls
305Nazca Olla with Relief Faces530Chupicuaro Lobed Zoomorphic Vessel770Indonesian Kris
308Moche II Lizard Vessel534Mezcala Small Figure and Figural Pendant (2)773Travel Beading or Weaving Tool
309Huari Figural Vessel544Nayarit Seated Female Wearing Painted Dress 774Group of Souteast Asia Carvings (3)
311Large Huacho Llama Head Vessel545Nayarit Seated Figures Wearing Ponchos775Four Naga Necklaces
317Chancay Anthropomorphic Amphora 547Nayarit Drummers & Seated Female (3)779Guatemalan Dance Mask
318Chancay Zoomorphic Amphora556Autlan Seated Female Figure 781Poalo Boni Framed Collage- “Fantasy”
319Chimu Bronze Staff Head565Nopiloa Molded Figural Rattle782Max Papart Drawing - “Jeune Filee a la Carte Tarot”
322Pair of Bolivian Conical Keros (2)566Nayarit Post-Classic Ollas (2)785Andre Derain Etching, Entitled Nu Assis
324Chancay Textile with Embroidered Birds567Huastec Zoomorphic Shaman Figure786Stone Sphere on Brass Lamp Stand
325Smaller Chancay Textile Doll569Aztec Decorated Censer792Fossilized Shark’s Teeth (4)
326Marajoara Painted Bowl570Three Aztec and Huastec Figures (4)796Islamic Pen Case & Powder Flask
332Senufo Iron Helmet572Michoacan Post-classic Teapot Vessel 800Trade Axe, Buckles, Nails & Glass Fragments (55)
333Senufo or Chamba Firespitter Mask578Maya Stone Jaguar Mace Head 801English Chamber Pot Set (2)
335Dan-We Mask584Costa Rican & Mixtec Pottery Bowls (2)803Boteroesque Bisque Figure