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FinePre-Columbian, Tribal Art and Classical Antiquities Auc. 75 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
012Luristan Bronze Mirror Back273Nazca Gold & Silver Concentric Ring Ear Spools (2)414Bamileke Stool
021Decorated Pottery Vessel 274Moche Fruit Ear Ornaments (2)424Ibo Janus Helmet Mask
025Bactrian Alabaster Bowl275Moche Gold & Wood Lip Ornaments (2)434Mambila Figure
031Roman Bronze Horned Stag Finial 277Chimu Gold & Silver Ear Flare444Yaka Janus Power Figure
046Finger Rings with Glass Intaglios (2)278Chavin Miniature Gold Bottle Pendant 446Yaka Male Power Figure
047Large Geometric Mosaic279Nazca Silver Spool Ear Ornaments (2)447Lega Wood Figure
058Egyptian Stone Bowl280Moche Heavy Gold Tweezers (2)459Monkey Figure
066Egyptian Wooden Ushabti281Small Gold Maskette Applique 465Bronze Furniture Leg & Bell (2)
071Egyptian Wax Figures (2)282Narino Coca Chewer Seated Figure469Luristan Bronze Belt Latches (15)
078Set of Ten Faience Paint Cups287Chavin Miniature Figure472Syro-Hittite Horse & Rider
109Large Alabaster Dish289Chavin Decorated Bottle 511Mixtec Set of Three Copper Bells
110Limestone Jar with Alabaster Lid292Chavin Decorated Bottle 522Maya Olla with Loop Handles
115Egyptian Bronze Situla294Chavin Sacrificial Leg Vessel524Maya Copador Bowl
124Limestone Swan-Form Cosmetic Spoon296Chavin Owl Head Vessel 527Vicus Gold Items (4)
125Ancient Papyrus Roll Letter301Moche Salinar Transitional Decorated Vessel 536Large Nazca Fish Bowl
127Egyptian Limestone Seals (3)309Moche Fineline Stirrup Vessel 543Chimu Blackware Howling Monkey
176Islamic Bronze Camel312Huari Decorated Hardwood Trumpet549Colonial Textile Coca Leaf Bags (2)
180Islamic Incense Shovel & Tongs (2)314Tiahuanaco Double Lobed Vessel with Human Face 550Bolivian Textile Coca Leaf Bags (3)
182Islamic Bronze Vessel316Chimu Pyro-engraved Gourd Rattle 553Peruvian Wool Textile Panel Fragments (2)
187Islamic Polychrome Decorated Bowl317Nazca Hardwood Trumpet 555Inca Vessel Nayarit Olla & Bowl (3)
188Gourgan Pottery Plate320Inca Standing Dignitary Vessel556Inca Tumpline
192Cobalt Blue Core-Formed Amphoriskos324Huari Large Textile Panel557Han Dynasty Stone Vessel
196Persian Chainmail Shirt326Proto Nazca Headband 559Chinese Porcelain Ceramic Vases (2)
204Xalitla Seated Figure 327Chancay Birds & Fish Gauze Textile562Large Rajasthan Embroidered Textile Panels (2)
207Xalitla Drummer 328Nazca Textile Strip563Two West Indian Embroidered Head Cloths (2)
208Xalitla Balloon Figure 329Chancay Painted Textile566Sawankhalok Glazed Pottery Bowl
219Colima Phallic Dancer 330Sican Lambaeque Spider Appliques (6) 567Indian Hand-Blocked Textile Panel
225Nayarit Curled Dog with Double Heads331Huari Small Jaguar Panel580Middle Sepik Carvers Mallet
226Tecoman Face Olla 334Chimu Textile Roundel588Eskimo Fighting Bear Statue
227Standing Veracruz Figure with Raised Arms335Massive Basalt 3/4 Grooved Axe592Baluchistan Woven Wool Panel
228Veracruz Seated Fire God367Murik Lakes Mask594Baule Heddle Pulleys (2)
232Veracruz Matched Pair of Articulated Figures377Fiji Ula Throwing Club601Baule Figure & Dogon Lock (2)
235Veracruz Pottery Slide Whistle388Nias Figure610Fon Figure & Ibo Gourd Mask (2)
236Veracruz Four Chamber Flute392Turkish Embroidered Portfolio611Nok Pottery Fragments (3)
239Aztec Decorated Bowl 395Guro Standing Female Figure621Lwena Staff
268Tairona Gold Bells (3)398Afo/Idoma Figure625Tanzania Figure
269Large Tairona Gold Ear Ornament402We-Gere Wobe Mask630Group of Early Iron Hardware
270Frias Heavy Gold Ear Ornaments410Lobi Fertility Couple632Antique Riding Crop
271Huari Gold Crown Parts (4)412Chokwe or Lwena Maternity Figure
272Nazca Pair of Gold & Silver Ear Spools (2)413Chokwe or Lwena Couple