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Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical and Asian Antiquities #76 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
003Chupicuaro Pair of Female Figures Chewing Hairlocks (2)198Bongo Figural Burial Marker377Large Bronze Pin with Horned Goat Head
004Chupicuaro Standing Figures (3)199East African Pole Marker379Three Bronze Buckles
005Chupicuaro Polychrome Decorated Bowls (2)200Sukuma Female Guardian Figure381Bronze Furniture Leg & Bell (2)
006Olmec Pottery Monkey Vessel203Abelam Yam Mask382Luristan Bronze Belt Latches (15)
008Olmec Zoomorphic Vessel206Trobriand Islands Wooden War Paddle384Redware Pottery Jar
017Ameca Female with Tattoo Breasts207Toraja Wooden Coffin End390Small Bronze Male/Female Votive & Female Figure (2)
018Ameca Large Seated Female Figure209Ancestor Guardian Figure391Limestone Votive Objects (3)
019Colima Head Vessel211Hampatong Figure Holding Lizard394Two Bactrian Stone Bowls
020Colima Figural Vessel213Large Seated Male Bulul Figure396Bronze Spiral Beads, Whorls and Rings (35+)
025Colima Redware Crouching Male Dog 214Philippine Seated Bulul Figure398Bactrian Camel Head
027Colima Coyote Head Vessel215NW Coast Frog Shame Pole402Two Nal Pottery Vessels
030Colima Curled Dog217Eskimo Wooden Seal Tray403Bactrian Alabaster Bowl
032Colima Seated Dog 218Eskimo Soapstone Carving409Ancient Cypro-Greek Bronze Bench Figure
033Colima Parrot Nest219Tang Pottery Horse410Boeotian Boar and Figural Bust (2)
035Jalisco Seated Female Figure222Indian Brass Shiva411Two Encrusted Bronze Vessels
045Very Tall Colima Male Figure226European Tall Case Clock413Bucchero Ware Kantharos
048San Juanito Seated Shaman in Trance227Hair Wreath414Roman Bronze Foot, Bird, Coptic Bone (3)
050Huastec Pottery Figure233Chupicuaro Pottery Vessels (2)416Roman Bronze Double Recumbent Panthers
053Veracruz Figural Whistle234Small Seated Chinesco417Two Ancient Bulls & Head (3)
054Veracruz Dignitary Figure236Nayarit Dog Vessel418Roman Bronze Nude Male Figure
057Maya Stone Mirror Back237Autlan Seated Female Figure 420Byzantine Lead Weight
058Maya Stucco Maskette 239Chinesco Type C Seated Male Figure423Three Pairs of Spiraled Silver Ornaments (6)
062Maya Copador Swimmer Bowl243Archaic Colima Figures (2)426Four Finger Rings
063Maya Pottery Bowl 245Colima Seated Figure427Four Ancient Silver Bracelets
067Costa Rican Marble Owl Mace Head246Colima Figure and Figural Vessel (2)428Four Ancient Silver Bracelets
068Gold Pendant and Chimu Silver Necklaces (3)250Huastec Zoomorphic Shaman Figure430Middle Kingdom Alabaster Kohl Vessel
074Uraba Gold Poporo Spout254Post Classic Colima Facial Urn431Egyptian Framed Faience Mummy Bead Necklace
082Tumaco Standing Zoomorph255Colima Head Vessel433Roman-Egyptian Heads (20)
084Jamacoaque Figural Lid256Post Classic Colima Head Vessel 435Coptic Bone Idol and Comb (2)
085Chavin Stirrup Vessel with Feathered Pattern260Maya Polychrome Decorated Bowl 438Seljuk Bronze Panther with Cub
086Moche Warrior Vessel268Chimu Silver Bracelet & Appliqués443Islamic Glass Jar
088Jamacoaque Seated Figural Urn269Colombian Shoe Vessel449Two Islamic Glass Bottles
089Paracas Pottery Vessel with Bird Head270Sinu Flared Globular Bowl450Roman Ribbed Glass Vial
093Moche Fine-Line Warrior Vessel 271Sinu Chalice Bowl452Three Celtic Bronze Pins
094Sican Bronze Openwork Plaque273Tumaco Lord on Throne 453Two Thracian Iron Scythes
096Nazca Vessel with Chicks277Chorrera Scallop-Edged Dish457Ewe Dolls (3)
101Nazca Beakers (2)278Chorrera Bowl with Armadillo Motif459Senufo Secret Society Guardian Post
109Large Huacho Llama Head Vessel281Chorrera Redware Pottery Bottle463Baule Heddle Pulleys (2)
110Inca Head Pacha282Paracas Blackware Bowl with Incised Geometric Decoration464Three African Figural Gold Weights and a Silver Pendant (4)
114Marajoara Round-Bodied Urn283Vicus Vessel465Large Lobi Female Figure
115Marajoara Painted Bowl284Moche Gray Ware Ai-Apec and Vicus Vessels (2)470Bambara Carving
116Inca Gray Ware Hunter Bottle286Chavin Feather Textured Vessel479Shango Janeiform Scepter
123Miniature Bactrian Stone Vessels (11)289Two Paracas Incised Bowls482Iron Currency
126Greek Bronze Bull 291Chavin “Blister Silver” Ingot 483Yoruba Bronze and Iron Dance Wand
130Bronze Bull292Vicus Figural Vessel488Pende Crescentic Axe
131Phoenician and Luristan Bells (2)294Nazca Large Decorated Bowl489Pende Axe with Decorated Handle
132Roman and Later Surgical Tools (10)296Moche Copper Necklace Parts (7)497Zaramo Tall Post Beam
134Roman Bronze Horned Stag Finial 308Five Chancay Items499Female Body Mask
136Parthian Bronze Figural Lid312Sican and Ica Vessels (2)500Makonde Body Mask
137Parthian Bronze Figure of an Archer319Two Argentinean Bowls502Masai Knob Club and Whisk (2)
138Syro-Phoenician Bronze Standing Figure326Smaller Chancay Textile Doll525New Guinea Lot (5)
139Anatolian Bronze Bearded Figure327Two Small Nazca Checkered Panels529Four American Stone Tools
140Etruscan Bronze Female Figure of Turan328Nazca Tie-Dye Textile530Four Native American Stone Tools
141Greco-Hellenistic Bronze Figure329Chancay Painted Textile Fragment535Eskimo Seals & Fish (3)
145Holyland Handled Bilbil Jug 330Chancay Textile with Embroidered Birds539Three New World Flint Knives
150Roman Marble Head337Pre-Columbian Hat, Coca Leaf Bag & Headdresses (4)556Travel Beading or Weaving Tool
151Gold Appliques with Lions and Dangles (3)338Chancay Textile Fragments, Straps & Caps (9)557Boundary Post with Integral Bulul
157Three Silver Torques, 8 Bracelets and an Electrum Pendant (17)339Bolivian Fragmentary Textile Coca Leaf Bags (4)559Timor Style Granary Door
159Roman Gold Ring with Intaglio340Bolivian Textile Coca Leaf Bags (3)562Tooth Belt
160Egyptian Ushabti341Bolivian Knitted Hats (4)564Turkish Embroidered Portfolio
165Coptic Wood Lintel Panel349Two Stone Swans575Ancient Chinese Stone Bracelets (2)
167Graceful Islamic Bottle351Two Ancient Stone Vessels576Han Dynasty Stone Vessel
168Cobalt Blue Core-Formed Amphoriskos352Four Various Ancient Stone Animals577Chinese Porcelain Decorated Vases (2)
169Pattern Molded Sprinkler Flasks (3)354Luristan Bronze Bell Necklace578Reproduction Chinese Exportware Koi Pot
171Baule Fly Whisk Handle355Near Eastern Bronze Ram586Indian Bronze Nandi
172Guro Standing Female Figure356Silver Standing Headless Figure 588Large Rajasthan Embroidered Textile Panels (2)
177Bamileke Stool357Bronze Bull Head589Indian Textile Lot (3)
178Large Cameroon Mask with Leopard358Luristan Bronze Bull Finial 590Two West Indian Embroidered Head Cloths (2)
180Bamana Hyena Mask360Luristan Bronze Zoomorphic Pendants (3)595Tibetan Drum and Gilt Amulet (2)
181Dogon Couple362Silver Figural Finial601Two Japanese Eating Kits (2)
183Reliquary Figure363Luristan Standard and Figural Ornament (2)604Erotic Bronze Majapahit of Rama and Shinta
185Fon Sceptre365Four Luristan Bronze Goat Pendants605Indian Hand-Blocked Textile Panel
188Dakakari Funerary Couple368Two Bronze Spear Blades and a Knife (3)612English Chamber Pot Set (2)
190Mumuye Female Figure370Bone Bird Amulet and Two Bronzes (3)613Group of Early Iron Locks & Lockplates (10)
191Northern Nigerian Standing Figure371Luristan Horse Bit Parts (6)618Boteroesque Bisque Figure
192Standing Mumuye Male Figure373Roman Bull Head & Achemenid Bull Head Pendant
196Kifwebe Wood Mask374A Silver and Two Bronze Camel Heads (3)