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Fine Pre-Columbian, Tribal & Classical Antiquities #78 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
008Olmec Blackware Bird Vessel 186Greek Bronze Spectacle Brooches (3)383Yoruba Wooden Kola Nut Bowl
009Olmec/Michoacan Blackware Bowl 189Large Cypriot Pottery Amphora392Ibibio “Ekpo” Death Mask
010Xochipala Stone Bowl197Greek Standing Female Figure412Makonde Female “Ndimu” Body Mask
011Olmec Stone Discs (3)203Roman Marble Herm Bust of Dionysus434Nayarit & Colima Figures (3)
016Mezcala Grouping with Drawing (5)218Breccia Small Bowl444Costa Rican Axe God Celts (2)
020Colima Double Duck Vessel220Fine Stone Scarab of Ra’Smenkh-ka446Monkey Vessel and Three Tripod Bowls (4)
021Colima Redware Curled Dog 221Diorite Bes Amulet448Classic Macaracas Fruitera
025Colima Redware Olla 224Lapis Lazuli Amulet of Bes457Inca Wooden Bowl & Kero (2)
027Colima Vessel With Heads226Faience Bastet with Inscription465Wooden Lime Dipper, Bird & Stone Canopa (3)
028Colima Seated Female Figure230Egyptian Stone Fly Amulet466Chimu Shell and Stone Necklaces (3)
029Colima Standing Male Figure231Gilt Faience Apis Bull Amulet468Chimu Blackware Erotic Dog Vessel
034Colima Hunchback Dwarf243Large Ceramic Vessel473Bolivian Textile Cover
035Colima Redware Standing Male Figure 267Sepik River Yipwon Figure479Silver Hair Rings, Pin and Bead (7)
042Jalisco Seated Female Figure269Washkuk Yam Mask490Greek Pottery Protome Bust
043Jalisco Seated Female Figure 271Small New Guinea Shell Trumpet498Bronze Finger Rings (16)
047Colima Figure Carrying Large Vessel 289Schouten Island Drum513Pair of Foo Lions and Small Figures (4)
050Male and Female Nayarit Figures291Sepik River Basket Hook522New Guinea Gable Mask
060Teotihuacan Seated Deity Braiser 293Sepik River Lime Container with Spatula523New Guinea Bird-form Daggers (2)
062Veracruz Whistling Sonriente310Slate Bird Stone & Alt-Atl Bird Counter-Balance (2)528Navajo Maiden Kachina
064Veracruz Pottery Heads (2)313Plains Indian Pair of Beaded Moccasins534Eskimo Model Kayak
079Pre-Maya Stone Seated Dignitary314Fancy Plains Indian Pair of Beaded Moccasins 536Eskimo Wooden Masks (2)
083Maya Deity Vessel 316Navajo Home Spun Wool Transitional Blanket 545Wooden Stirrups (3)
114Veraguas Large Gold Eagle Pendant323Iroquois Face Mask 548Indian Figure, Kris Handle and 1/2 Mask (3)
121Chavin Carved & Decorated Shell324Eskimo Stone Seated Figure 550Senufo Female Figure
131Moche Bearded Figure Vessel325Eskimo Fossilized Whale Bone Carving554Akan Funerary Head
141Chancay Fiber Doll with Wooden Face329Dan Poro Mask with Beard556Bell and Three Brass Flasks
142Pair of Chancay Wooden Figures332Large Bassa Mask561Brass Lidded Container
146Nazca/Chancay Sewing Basket with Tools339Small Dan Mask562Dan Face Mask
149Sihuas Decorated Mantle342We-Gere/Wobe Zoomorphic Mask570Owo Bronze Bell
163Neolithic Banded Alabaster Miniature Vessel 344Abron Figure572Pottery Jar
165Glass Bead with Cuneiform Writing345Baule Gong Beater574Yoruba Crowned Helmet
168Ancient Stone Seals (3)347Dan We Mask & Costume Ensemble583Kirdi Ceremonial Adzes (3)
175Sumerian Carved Heads (3)355Fanti Drum588Group of Three Neckrests
180Sumerian Animal Pendants (4)360Bamana Hyena Mask
184Large Agate Beaded Necklaces (2)375Yoruba Gelede Mask