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Fine Pre-Columbian, Tribal Art & Classical Antiquities #80 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
005Olmecoid Standing Pottery Figure203Parita Pottery Amphora553Mangbetu or Makonde Fertility Ceremony Bowl
009Olmec Blue Jade Celt205Parita Polychrome Bottle555Yoruba Maternity Figure
017Olmec Miniature Crawling Baby206Miniature Cocle Vessels (5)559Yoruba Kneeling Maternity Figure
018Tlatilco Type K Terracotta Mask209Parita Deep Bowl with Saurean Motif560Ogoni Mask with Hat
020Olmec Jadeite Spoon Pendant 211Parita Polychrome Decorated Fruitera562Ogoni Mask with Fine Coiffure
021Tlatilco Miniature “Pretty Ladies” (5)212Parita Small Decorated Fruiteras (3)588Chupicuaro Pinched & Boat Shape Bowls (2)
023Chontal High Relief Stone Face Mask 213Macaracas Teapot Vessels with Saurian Motifs (2)589Chupicuaro Polychrome Bowls & Olla (3)
026Olmec Large Stone Celt216Tonosi Black on Red Pottery Bowl591Chupicuaro Rayed Bowl
028Mezcala Standing Stone Figure 218Tonosi Decorated Olla 593Matched Pair of Chupicuaro Figures
029Olmec Rio Pesquero Engraved Stone Celt226Sinu Large Gold Ear Ornament 594Michoacan “Pretty Lady” Figures (2)
031Large Pottery Tlatilco Figure227Sinu Large Gold Ear Ornament595Chupicuaro Seated Pendant Figures (4)
033Tlatilco Large Standing Male Figure 236Sinu Tumbaga Bird Finial596Chupicuaro Small Pottery Vessels (3)
037Colima Monumental Ocelot Urn241Quimbaya Gold Lime Dipper 598Pre-Classic Miniature Amuletic Figures (5)
038Colima Large Frog Vessel 242Chimu/Inca Silver Pins (4)599Chupicuaro Brown Ware Vessels (3)
043Seated Colima Dog with Red & White Face248Chavin Grayware Vessel with Incised Design600Chupicuaro Polychrome Tripod Bowls (4)
045Large Colima Dog with Urn 255Moche III-V Fineline Vessel601Chupicuaro Pottery Bowls & Mini Fruitera (3)
048Colima Dog with Turned Head259Moche Blackware Head Cup Rattle603Chupicuaro Miniature Polychrome Bird Vessels (2)
049Colima Redware Dog261Chancay Red Faced Mask604Two Chupicuaro Ollas & Pinch Bowl (3)
050Colima Seated Dog264Tiahuanaco Seated Figure Vessel605Small Chupicuaro Vessels (4)
052Colima Double Ducks Vessel268Sican Blackware Pottery Vessel606Miniature Colima Duck Vessel
057Colima Shell Vessel273Camaroni Camelid Turban607Bell Pestle Hammer
060Colima Redware Pumpkin Vessel275Tiahuanaco Stone Llama Scepter611Colima Undecorated Redware Cylinder
061Colima Pottery Shamans Stool277Huari Hollow Pottery Figure612Jalisco Polychrome Bowls (2)
063Colima Large Drinker Figure283Small Marble Bactrian Head 615Domed Hut Models (2)
065Seated Colima Redware Hunchback Figure285Relief Decorated Massive Bronze Ring619Colima Obsidian Discs, Pottery and Stone Beaded Necklaces (3)
066Colima Seated Hunchback Pottery Figural Vessel293Bactrian Decorated Chlorite Small Bowl & Dish (2)620Colima Obsidian Disc Pottery & Stone Bead Necklaces (3)
067Colima Standing Redware Figure305Attic Kylix 623Strands of Shell & Stone Beads (2)
069Colima Hunchback Male Figure306Greek Bronze Bowls (3)624Colima Stone Axes (2)
070Colima Seated Female Figure310Roman Bronze Actors Mask625Colima Shell Pendants (3)
074Colima Small Hunchbacked Dwarf Figure313Roman Bronze Roundel629Colima Pretty Lady Triplets (3)
075Colima Standing Hunchback with Triple Pendant Necklace314Roman Bronze Ring Fragment with Menorah630Colima Triplets & Twins (5)
078Colima Very Large Warrior with Club 316Villanovan Impasto Bowl 631Archaeological Shells (3)
079Large Standing Warrior Holding Club330Roman Gold & Garnet Earrings 632Colima Small Dog
080Large Colima Shaman-Warrior 348Sassanian Stamp Seal Gold Set Pendant 633Colima Horned Toad Pottery Vessel
082Pihuamo Seated Female Figure359New Kingdom Faience Ushabti for the Royal Princess Iset-nofret 634Huastec Anthropomorphic Vessels (2)
083Colima Phallic Figure361New Kingdom White Faience Ushabti for Hori 636Huastec Teapot Vessel with Human Face
084Pihuamo Seated Female Vessel362New Kingdom Faience Ushabti for Ramessu640Maya Creamware Olla
085Colima Pottery Head Vessel363Egyptian Faience Ushabti for the Chief Treasurer Pa-Nefer-Sedjem 641Classic Maya Plate & Copador Bowl (2)
086Colima Pottery Head Vessel367Egyptian Faience Head with Chest643Costa Rican Pottery Musical Items (4)
087Seated Colima Male Figure368Egyptian Bronze Harpokrates644Cocle Black on White Bowl
092Colima Pottery Shell Vessel370Egyptian Bronze Osiris 645Cocle Miniature Vessels (5)
093Colima Pottery Small Shell Vessel373Egyptian Triad & Two Shu Amulets (3)647Tonosi Teapot and Parita Fruitera (2)
095Colima Redware Lentoid Bowl383Egyptian Scarab on Gold Finger Ring648Tonosi Polychrome Olla
097Colima Tlaloc Incensario388Egyptian Alabastron650Tonosi and Parita Small Fruiteras (2)
105Nayarit Seated Figure Holding a Ball392South Arabian Bronze Camel651Panamanian Hardstone Axe Heads (3)
107Nayarit Seated Male Figure 393Byzantine Gilded Fibula Pins (2)652Arrow Points, Hoe & Mace Head (7)
113Casas Grandes Decorated Bowl394Roman Olive-Yellow Glass Bowl653Chiriqui Pottery Lot (9)
119Large Michoacan Tripod Bowl397Early Roman Millefiore Glass Face Beads (3)654Early Tonosi Lidded Cocoa Pod Pot & Cup (3)
122Michoacan Tripod Vessel 398Phoenician Opaque Glass Facial Beads (3)656Tumaco Fish Grater and a Half Grater (2)
126Veracruz Basalt Hacha399Phoenician Opaque Glass Head Beads (2)657Chavin Redware Pottery Bottle
129Zapotec Pottery Bottle412Ganesha Stone Sculpture 661Cajamarca Decorated Bowls (3)
131Pre-Classic Maya Stone Face Pendant413Indian Sandstone Carving of Durga Mahisasuramardini664Inca Fruit-form Pacha
133Maya Jade Disc Necklace418Mahishasuramardini Bronze & Shiva in Temple (2)667Miniature Ancient Near Eastern Jars (5)
137Maya Water Lily Monster Vase421Early Miniature Indian Deities (7)670Greek Figure & Head (2)
138Maya Boundary Marker422Nayika Holding Vessel Figure & Varaha Plaque (2)676Finger Rings & Ring Fragments (54)
142Maya Polychrome Decorated Vase 423Indian Mounted Equestrian Figures (3)677Stone Man with Exaggerated Phallus
144Maya Chama Type Deep Bowl425Narasimha/ Ivestha/Opiyelguobiran Bronze Deities (3)678Group of Egyptian Steatite Scarabs (2)
146Maya Deep Bowl with Swimming Ducks Motif428Indian Large Brass Temple Toy679Alabaster Dish & Two Vessels (3)
147Maya Decorated Deep Bowl429Indian Bronze Figure of Ragini 681Holywater Flasks (2)
150Maya Orangeware-Plumbate Pottery Cylinder432Ban Chieng Pottery Jars (3)683Chien-Lung Porcelain Vase
151Large Maya Tripod Vase435Mughal Painting of a Mounted Prince 686Three Indian Bronze Jars
153Maya Cormorant Bowl437Tibetan Painting of Vaisravana687Indian Brass Peacock Domed Vessels (2)
154Maya Cosmogram Deep Bowl438Mughal Paintings (2)689Indian Cast Brass/Bronze Parrots (2)
160Maya Polychrome Small Deep Dish Plate439Mughal Erotic Paintings (2)690Indian Large Brass Garuda Kneeling Figure
162Maya Cylinder Vase443Iroquois Beaded Bag691Indian Cast Brass Equestrian Deity & Fertility Armlet (2)
163Molded Maya Figure444Plains Beaded & Quilled Moccasins692Lord Krishna Carved Wood Figure
164Maya Molded Figure445Crow Indian Beaded Leather with Fringe Bag 693Indian Turtle Oil Lamp & Nayika Figural Kohl Container (2)
165Maya Plumbate Jaguar Vessel446Plains Beaded Pouch with Dyed Hair Tassels695Indian Brass Mounted Elephant with Riders (2)
166Maya Molded Singing Figure450Plateau Beaded Hide 696Indian Bronze Deity with Lamp/Horse & Bird (3)
175Costa Rican Baluster Shape Vessel with Jaguar Head461Miniature Maidu Lidded Basket698Indian Bronze Figural Fish Ore Purses (8)
176Costa Rican Small Armadillo Tripod Urn464Fiji Throwing Club699Group of Indian Bronzes (5)
177Macaracas Pottery Sting Ray Bottle479Lower Sepik River Neckrest700Tibetan Silver Skull Bowl, Base & Lid (3)
178Costa Rican Axe God Necklace482Maori Jade Composite Figural Pendant701Tibetan Iron & Brass Decorated Stirrup
181Costa Rican Stone Standing Male487Dog Tooth Necklace703Tibetan Fancy Copper & Bronze Candlestick
184Cocle Jaguar Vessel488Sepik Stone Mask706Tibetan Iron Spear Head
185Costa Rican Globular Vessel 499Bali Fine Bone and Iron Betel Nut Chisel 707Tibetan Potala Palace Iron Door Key
189Tonosi Large Globular Olla507Amulet Sling712Native American Baskets (4)
190Conti Globular Polychrome Olla508Dan Mask with Hair715Native American Lidded Baskets (4)
191Parita Medium Size Cocle Olla512Buffalo Mask717Naga Necklaces (4)
194Tonosi Medium Squat Olla521Tall Baule Male Figure721Ashanti Stool
195Macaracas Zoomorphic Polychrome Olla528Ntomo Mask 722Abstract Horn
197Tonosi Anthropomorphic Amphora529Dogon Kanaga Mask724Ivory Coast Scoops (3)
198Tonosi Anthropomorphic Olla532Large Fine Bobo Mask735Three Axes
199Macaracas Polychrome Decorated Head Vessel538N’tomo Mask with Cowry Shells738Musical Instruments (3)
201Parita Polychrome Amphora542Dogon Millet Grinder
202Parita Polychrome Amphora548Anyi-Sanwi “Mma” Black Clay Head