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Fine Pre-Columbian, Tribal Art & Classical Antiquities #81 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
012Two Luristan Bronze Chokers & Three Bracelets (5)263Moche Fierce Owl Copper Mask405Lekythos, Lamp & Iron Age Jar (3)
016Three-Wick Pottery Oil Lamp266Nazca Decorated Bowl415Chupicuaro Three Small Decorated Bowls & Mini Vessel (4)
019Phoenician Alabaster Bird Head Mortars (2)267Nazca Bird & Flared Bowls (2)416Michoacan Small Decorated Bowls (5)
022Nabatean Decorated Pottery Dish271Ica-Huari Janus Headed Vessel417Chupicuaro Three Small Decorated Tripod Bowls
025Bactrian Banded Alabaster Bowl274Moche Blackware Warrior Vessel 420Chupicuaro & Michoacan Small Decorated Ollas (4)
028Slabbed Thasos Silver Stater277Chancay Decorated China421Chupicuaro Four Small Vessels (4)
029Ancient Greek Silver Coin Lot (50)280Pair of Inca Pottery Shell Vessels (2)423Pre-Classic Vessels & Bowls (6)
030Greek Silver Cloak Pin283Chancay Gauze Panel with Birds424Chupicuaro Decorated Small Bowls (3)
031Thracian Silver Stater from Thasos286Spanish Bone Crucified Jesus 425Chupicuaro Small Pinch Bowls (3)
040Apulian Oinochoe with Lady of Fashion Profile294Bone Dagger426Pre-Classic Mammary Tripod Bowls (3)
046Roman Bronze Theater Mask Applique Spout 309Two Washkuk Pottery Ancestor Heads427Group of Seven Pre-Classic Bowls
047Roman Bronze Cameo & Bail Attachment (2)310Very Large Boiken Wooden Food Platter428Pre-Classic Miniature Figures (9)
051Byzantine Marble Mortar with Bronze Pestle311Dayak Wood Bowl430Two Chupicuaro Bedded Figures & Dog Whistle (3)
053Seven Decorated Roman Lead Sling Pellets & Lead Weight (8)312Himalayan Mask439Colima Standing Figures (4)
058Gold Finger Ring with Profile Head Intaglio 314Tongan Tapa Beater440Pihuamo Standing Male Figures (4)
079Roman-Egyptian Harpocrates Terracotta Statue318Eskimo Soapstone Carving of a Sea Lion442Colima Standing & Seated Figures (5)
080Roman-Egypt Harpocrates Holding Cornucopia326Baule or Yaure Mask443Colima Seated & Standing Figures (4)
082Egyptian Green Faience Ushabti327Dan Mask444Colima Standing Figures (4)
083Ushabti of Ramses-nakht328Dan Mask with Slit Eyes445West Coast Standing & Seated Figures (5)
084Egyptian Faience Ushabti330Senufo Female Figure446Colima Standing & Seated Figures (5)
091Egyptian Red Jasper Scarab337Mende Mask with Raffia Collar448Michoacan Tripod & Footed Decorated Bowls (4)
094Early Chinese Stone Bracelets (2)338Bamileke Stool with Figural Supports450Colima Redware Squat Olla & Noded Jar (2)
100Nepalese Coral & Glass Decorated Copper Ewer346Large Mossi Wooden Whistle454Nayarit Female Figure
115Olmec Heirloom Fragment, Axe Pendant & Ear Spool (3)347Mossi Large Wooden Flute or Whistle457Nayarit Mother & Child
116Colima Stone Figure & Greenstone Pendant (2)349Large Mossi Wooden Whistle460Nayarit Musician Figure
119Chupicuaro Bichrome Pottery Bowls (3)351Two Zoomorphic Heddle Pulleys461Two Colima Solid Pottery Figures
120Chupicuaro Tripod Bowl & Unusual Spouted Vessel (2)352Two Weaving Pulleys470Chavin Ceramic Bowls with Incised Decoration (2)
122Chupicuaro Small Face Bowls & Snake Ring Bottle (3) 353Slingshots (2)474Blackware Pottery Vessels (3)
128Chupicuaro Small Decorated Bowls & Olla (3) 356Fon Sceptre477Chancay Blackware Renya Vessel
156Chupicuaro Pretty Ladies (4)357Fon Figure479Large Ica-Huari Pottery Bowl
159Archaic Colima Warriors (2)358Ibo/Idoma Wood Mask489Admiralty Islands Wooden Bowl
171Nayarit Standing Female Figure360Eket Figure with Articulated Arms493Tall West Sepik “Kundu” Drum
172Red Chinesco Kneeling Figure with Bowl363Idoma Black & White Dance Crest 498Ancestor Figure
177Colima Redware Squash Olla369Chokwe Mask504Wooden Game Board
179Colima Tripod Parrot Legged Olla 372Yaka Janus Power Figure506Marka “Kore” Mask
181Colima Redware Staved Olla 374Luba Female Figure511Dan Mask
201Ixtlan del Rio Standing Female Figure383Tanzania Figure514Nigerian Blade with Head Finial
206Chinesco Small Squatting Figure 386Limestone Mace Head or Counter Balance515Yoruba Wooden Kola Nut Bowl
211Colima Mask with Sharp Long Nose 387Three Bronze Age Marble Pommels & Two Neolithic Stone Celts (5)517Shango Power Staff
212Michoacan Tripod Bowls (2)388Sassanian Silver Footed Bowl519Bakuba Wood Harp
214Michoacan Teapot Vessel389Parthian Glazed Bird520Small Congo Basket
220Maya Basalt Hacha391Boeotian Pottery Idol522Late Fang Figure
235Veracruz Tripod Plate with Water Lily Motif394Roman Lead Figure of a Nude Athlete523Bow & Arrows
239Costa Rican Baluster Shaped Pottery Urn395Bronze Osiris Figure & Two Ushabtis (3)525Misc. Group (4)
247Costa Rican Stylized Jaguar Mace Head401Roman-Egyptian Molded Figure529Apothecary Scale
254Chavin/Cupisnique Stirrup Vessel 404Nine Scythian Bronze Points & 3 Roman Bronze Coins (12)530Becker Bros. Balance Scale and 3 Sets of Weights