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Fine Tribal, Pre-Columbian Art and Classical Antiquities UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
003Withdrawn Lot278Bactrian Votive Schist Box473Santa Clara Signed Blackware Olla
004Olmec Large Roller Seals (2)279Bactrian Chlorite Lidded Vessel 474Large Apache Gathering Basket
017Chupicuaro Large Tripod Bowl281Middle Eastern Coiled Bronze Torque478Ligbi Mask
026Olmecoid Standing Stone Figure with Downturned Mouth282Luristan Bronze Socket-Shaft Axe Head480Baule Wood Monkey Helmet Mask
041Michoacan Orangeware Howling Dog288Sumerian Grayware Jar481Gilt Brass African Mask with Triangular Cutouts
066Colima Redware Olla with Fruit289Large Pottery Bowl485Senufo Rhythm Pounder
075Colima Redware Seated Shaman291Sumerian Alabaster Lugged Dish 488Dan Mask with Red Fabric
079Colima Seated Figure with Bowl on Back294Siaulk Large Pottery Vessel 490Seated Baule Figure
080Colima Redware Seated Female Figure 296Gnathian Ware Decorated Pottery Skyphos492Baule Goli Mask “Kple Kple Yaswa”
089Nayarit Female Holding Bowl299Apulian Red-Figure Lady of Fashion Pelike497Dan/Bassa Janus Staff Finial
095Jalisco Crouching Man with Bowl on Head300Apulian Red-Figure Oinochoe 501Dogon Carved Wood Female Figure
102Jalisco Sitting Woman in Skirt304Daunian Ware Olpe507Lwena Staff with Maternity Figure
104San Sebastian Large Standing Figures (2)309Western Greek Protome Maskette513Offering Bowl
105Teotihuacan Carved Alabaster Double Lidded Urns311Etrusco-Corinthian Alabastron with Racing Hounds514Ethiopian Headrest
107Veracruz Basalt Hacha313Pair of Roman Bronze Lion Head Finials516Urhobo Large Seated Figure
113Veracruz Standing Priest Holding Horn316Gnathian Ware Pottery Thistle Vessel520Large Ogoni / Ibibio Mask
117Aztec/Mixtec Large Pottery Head322Daunian Decorated Pottery Jar526Nupe Fertility Bowl
126Maya Decorated Cylinder Vase334Roman Pyriform Redware Juglet533Suku Mask with Boar
131Maya Codex Cylinder Vase345Late Roman Bottles with Applied Discs (2)536Tlatilco Redware Vessel
134Maya Cylinder Vase with Band of Glyphs367Roman Repousee Gold Bird Pendant549Colima Standing Female Figures (3)
135Maya Fine Polychrome Decorated Deity Head 368Gold Earrings with Lapis Embedments & Dangles550Colima Large Flat Female Figure
137Maya Decorated Profile Maize God Head Tripod Plate380Roman Gold Wire & Glass Bead Earrings555Colima Miniature Figures (3)
141Maya Polychrome Decorated Plate with Moan Bird382Roman Silver Star-Form Boss Brooches (2)556West Coast Figures (4)
144Maya Polychrome Lidded Vessel 383Silver Star-Form Brooch with Gold Boss Centerpiece564Small Nayarit Figure & Chupicuaro Olla (2)
152Maya Double Chamber Deity Vessel387Egyptian Alabaster Slender Vessel568Maya Stylized Owl Form Bowl
153Maya Goddess Figure390Egyptian Middle Kingdom Black Basalt Vessel570Chupicuaro Polychrome Pedestal & Lobed Bowls (2)
157Maya Exceptional Figural Deity Rattle 391Egyptian Old Kingdom Alabaster Squat Vessel574Chavin Pottery Vessel
159Maya Tripod Urn with Moan Bird397Faience Amulet of Anubis575Chavin Bulbous Bottle
162Veracruz Incised Decorated Bowl399Two-Headed Faience Amulet of Sobek576Chavin Pod Form Vessel
165Costa Rica Tripod Jaguar Vessel401Egyptian Faience Figure with Huge Phallus578Moche Decorated Bottle
167Nicoya & Salinar/Moche Seated Figures (2)402Group of Four Egyptian Amulets580Inca Double Globular Vessel
168Cocle Stingray Vessel404Egyptian Bronze Striding Bastet Figure584Moche & Chimu Vessels (3)
175Nicoya Baluster Shape Urn405Egyptian Bronze Head of Bastet586Sican Lambayeque Blackware Vessel with Figure
176Nicoya Polychrome Decorated Vase409Egyptian Stone Swan Palette589Luristan Bronze Animals (3)
177Costa Rican Baluster Shape Vessel419Withdrawn Lot593Roman Bronze Fibula Pins & Earrings (5)
181Costa Rican Gold Eagle Pendant426Thai Seated Bronze Buddha596Roman Draped Bust Fragment
195Recuay Warrior Vessel429Indian Stone Arch Figure597Roman Black Glass Bangle Bracelets (5)
196Vicus Lobed Figural Vessel Vessel 431Ban Chieng Grayware Baluster Shape Vessel598Roman Bronze Steel Yard Weight & Hellenistic Pottery Figure (2)
198Chavin Gray Pottery Vessel434Ban Chieng Baluster Shaped Pottery Vessel602Roman Flared Bowl with Molded Design
204Early Moche Sleeping Man Vessel 442Sepik River Wooden Gable Mask612Figural Slingshots (2)
209Moche Reclining Jaguar Vessel444Anthropomorphic Mask614Withdrawn lot
226Withdrawn Lot447Massim Figure with Bowl615Withdrawn Lot
227Chimu-Inca Blackware Vessel with Monkey Handle449Kundu Drum620Pair of Kongo Brass Bracelets
262Sumerian Alabaster Recumbent Ram451Massim Ceremonial Blade622Bone Mask
263Akkadian Lapis Lazuli Cylinder Seal455Angu Club623Bronze Bracelets (4)
264Old Babylonian Cylinder Seal 463Java Bronze Priests Bell
273Achaemenid Bronze Lotus Bowl 472Hopi Pottery Bowl