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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical, Egyptian and Asian Antiquities #91 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
003Olmec Seated Figure268Salinar Head Kero587Egyptian Faience Erotic Ptah Amulets (2)
004Olmec Decorated Deep Dish/Plate270Vicus Figural Vessel588Egyptian Stone Pectoral with Scarab & Inlays
005Olmec Decorated Pottery Bowl 271Chavin Incised Chocolate Ware Vessel593Egyptian Amulets (3)
006Preclassic Grayware Female Figure274Chavin Bone Spatula595Egyptian Paste Glass Finger Ring
007Olmec Green-Black Serpentine Bust275Chancay (Huari) Wood Mask599Egyptian Faience Uzat Eye Amulets (2)
010Olmecoid Seated Figure277Vicus Erotic Vessel601Egyptian Uzat Eyes (8)
013Tlatilco Female Figures (3)278Paracus Incised Nose Flute602Egyptian Triad, Zad, Hand and Fist Amulets (4)
014Tlatilco Standing Figure & Preclassic Figural Vessel (2)282Nazca Double Spouted Vessel603Egyptian Bronze Harpocrates
021Mezcala Seated Figure285Salinar-Moche Stirrup Vessel605Islamic Bronze Incense Burner
023Mezcala Hardstone Figure286Moche I Seated Figure607Egyptian Faience Canopic Complete Set (4)
024Mezcala Large Stone Figure 290Huari Man Pouring Chicha Beer610Ottoman Bas Relief Panel
025Michoacan Small Carved Maskette291Moche V Fine Line Painted Vessel612Roman Amber Glass Flask with Rigaree
026Large Light Green Jade Earspools (2)294Nazca Bone and Textile Scale & Needle Case (2)613Roman Marbled Amber & White Glass Bottle
031Michoacan Early Figural Vessel296Moche IV Large Standing Figure618Roman Janus Head Glass Bottle
033Chupicuaro Tripod Bowl297Moche IV Portrait Vessel619Roman Glass Dish
034Chupicuaro Bowl with Human Heads 300Huari Feline Head Vessel620Hellenistic Glass Bowl
035Chupicuaro Polychrome Decorated Bowl302Huari Gold Repousee “Feather” 623Sassanian Cut Glass Bottle
038Michoacan Large Flat Female303Moche/Vicus Gilt Copper Tumi624Roman Glass Bottles (5)
056Colima Warrior and Captive304Moche Gold Button & Turquoise Necklace625Byzantine Tall Glass
057Colima Standing Female Figure 305Moche Gold & Turquoise Necklace628Roumanian Glazed Ceramic Tile Icon
059Colima Seated Hunchback Figure with Rattle308Chimu Gold Crown “Feather”629Large Burmese Guardian Figure
060Jalisco Large Seated Male Figure309Chimu Silver Head Kero630Yina Figure
061Colima Standing Musician310Chimu Silver Crescent Pectoral Ornament631Sago Spatula/Paddle
062San Sebastian Seated Female Figure313Moche/Sican-Lambayeque Mask635Chambri Gable Mask
063Nayarit Standing Figure Wielding Knife314Moche I Copper Crown with Inlaid Turquoise Eyes643Bete Mask
064Colima Large Seated Figure with Crossed Arms318Huari Falcon God Vessel645Toma/Loma Horned Mask
066Nayarit Figures (2)319Huari Double Spouted Vessel with Warrior647Dan Mask
067Nayarit Small Armadillo with Curled Tail321Moche IV “El Morro” Type Vessel649Senufo Female Figure
068Colima Large Redware Dog323Nazca Double Chambered Figural Vessel650Guro Figure
070Jalisco Recumbent Dog324Chimu-Inca Blackware Lizard Vessel651Senufo Small Figure
071Colima Small Dog326Withdrawn Lot654Baule Monkey
072Colima Large Redware Dog327Huari Decorated Cup658Senufo Helmet
073Colima Redware Seated Dog329Proto-Nazca Figural Trumpet659Toma Zoomorphic Mask
074Colima Curled Dog with Black Eye Patches332Chancay Cuchimilco Female Figure660Large Seated Baga Female Figure
075Chinesco Curled Dog & Colima Dog Whistles (3)333Chancay Large Cuchimilco Figure661Large Lobi Figure
076Chinesco Standing Redware Dog334Chancay Cuchimilco Female Figure662Large Mossi Doll
077Colima Redware Small Curled Dog344Chimu/Inca Gilt Silver Tupus (5)663Dogon Male Figure
078Colima Redware Curled Dog348Tiahuanaco Blackware Head Vessel664Fante Shrine Couple with Baby (5)
079Colima Redware Seated Ball Thrower349Tiahuanaco Cat Head Vessel665Gilded Copper Pendants (2)
081Colima Seated Shaman with Jester Collar350Sican-Moche Parrot Vessel667Pair of Chiwara Antelope
082Colima Seated Female wearing Skirt351Chancay Large Decorated Vessel669Dogon Satimbe
084San Sebastian Nayarit Seated Figure352Chimu Blackware Figural Vessel670Lobi Bateba Figure
086Ameca Large Female with Food Bowl353Chimu-Inca Blackware Erotic Vessel672Dogon Bronze Funerary Figure
087Colima Acrobat with Bowl 355Chancay Large Canteen-Shaped Vessel676Yoruba Beaded Crown “Adenla”
089Nayarit Female Figure & Double Headed Figural Jar (2)357Chimu Gold Necklace677“Ile Ori” or Yoruba House of the Head Shrine
094Large Jalisco Ball Player358Chimu-Inca Large Dignitary Vessel678Benin Ceremonial Sword “Eben”
096Colima Water Carrier359Inca/Chimu Silver Cal Spoon & Moche Spoon Finial (2)686Bura Phallus
097Colima Seated Hunchback Shaman360Inca or Tiahuanaco Double Pacha Vessel687Large Standing Ibo “Alusi” Figure
098Colima Seated Hunchback Figure361Colonial Silver Tupus (2)688Yoruba Large Torque
099Colima Redware Bowl with Peppers362Timoteo Standing Female Figure 690Mangam Bush Cow Mask
103Colima-Pihuamo Standing Figure368Chancay Repeating Pattern Textile Panel 691Chokwe Songo Staff
104Ixtlan del Rio Musician370Chancay Gauze with Embroidered Birds692Small Ibo Female Figure
105Jalisco Seated Male Hunchback379Two Pairs of Iroquois Childs Moccasins 693Gelede Helmet Mask
106Jalisco Squatting Double Hunchback380Native American Embroidered Pouches (2)694Chokwe “Mwana Pwo” Mask with Headdress
107Jalisco Kneeling Old Woman381Iroquois Beaded Pouches (3)695Lega Maskette
108Ameca Female with Toothy Smile383Humpback Bannerstone 696Yaka Suku Power Figure
110Jalisco Female Pensadora395Khmer Small Bronze Vishnu698Kuba Vessel
111Jalisco Hunchback Female with Outstretched Arm397Seated Bronze Sukothai Buddha699Tanzania Couple
112Jalisco Redware Reclining Female399Burmese Bronze Buddha700Fang/Vili Oliphant
113Jalisco Seated Male with Arms Crossed over Knees402Korean Porcelain Vessel702Gilt Copper Roundels & Copper Tupu (3)
114Jalisco Seated Hunchback Male Figure412Orthoceras Squid Fossil Slab703Chupicuaro Decorated Olla
115Nayarit Seated Female with Bowl419Large Danish Celt704Michoacan Pretty Lady with Painted Jewelry
116Nayarit Seated Male Singer 424Danish Neolithic Adze Blades (2)705Huastec & Michoacan Pretty Ladies (2)
117Jalisco Standing Sheep Face Warrior430Mesopotamian Plank Type Astarte706Olmec Decorated Bowl
118Nayarit Seated Figure433Sumerian Bull-Headed Cup707Chupicuaro & Michoacan Miniature Pretty Ladies (6)
130Ixtlan del Rio Standing Female with Bowl434Luristan Master of the Animals Finial Standard708Tlatilco Heads (2)
131Chinesco (type C-E) Large Kneeling Woman with Slit Cheeks440Lusistan Bronze Stamp Seals (4)709Huastec Pottery Figures (3)
132Colima Redware Seated Figure442Astarte Figures (2)712Colima Miniature Head Vessel
137Jalisco Pensador Figure448Mesopotamian Large Granite Platter714Chinesco Figure with Bowl & Nayarit Seated Figure (2)
138Colima Rotund Standing Figure 449Bactrian Agate Ovular Bowl716Jalisco Two-Headed Dog
141Zapotec Murcielago Urn450Sumerian Alabaster Pyxis with Cover717Jalisco Seated & Nayarit Standing Figures (2)
143Huastec Zoomorphic Vessel451Bactrian Alabaster Bat Wing Vessel718Jalisco & Chinesco Figures (3)
144Veracruz Mother with Child Vessel456Tepe Giyan Pottery Jar719Nayarit Seated Figure
148Maya Orangeware Face Vessel 465Parthian Clay Bullae (3)720Ixtlan del Rio Seated Figure with Bowl
150Zapotec Small Figural Urn466Large Bullae with Multiple Impressions (3)721Colima Incensario Hut Lid
151Aztec Decorated Bowls (3)471Kilia Marble Head722Jalisco Seated Figure Holding Hand on Shoulder
152Aztec Decorated Pottery Brazier472Kilia Marble Head724Colima Blackware Baby
153Veracruz Standing Figure 473Mycenaean Stirrup Vessel725Chupicuaro Bowls, Costa Rican Whistles, Shell Earrings & Face Vessel (7)
154Veracruz Seated Figure474Cypriot Export Ware Flask726Nopiloa Molded Figures (2)
158Maya Exceptional Jade Face Pendant 478Hellenistic Votive Vessel on Column727Zapotec Dog & Jalisco Female Figure (2)
159Maya Jade Shamans Head Pendant480Hellenistic Marble Amphoriskos728Jalisco Hunchback with Drinking Straw
160Maya Light Green Jade Shaman Pendant490Etruscan Askos & Cycladic Pottery Vessel (2)729Nayarit Double Tiered Vessel & Panamanian Shoe Vessel (2)
162Maya Stone Hacha491Etruscan Bronze Mirror730Mixtec Tripod Olla
165Teotihuacan-Maya Tripod Tlaloc Bowl494Apulian Red Figure Pelike731El Chanal Miniature Warrior
167Maya Ulua Valley Polychrome Decorated Vase497South Italian Gnathia Ware Oinochoe732Aztec Painted Bowl
169Maya Copador Bowl500Gnathian Oinochoe733Maya Owl Jar
179Costa Rican Pre-Classic Female with Wide Hips 501South Italian Gnathia Ware Epichysis736Costa Rican Tripod Vessel
180Costa Rican Mano & Metate (2)502Lidded Pyxis & Guttos (2)737Diquis Stone Mortar
181Maya Decorated Blackware Bowl505Roman Marble Herm Head of Zeus738Costa Rican Votive Penis Lot (4)
183Costa Rican & Teotihuacan Tripod Vessels (2)507Byzantine Decorated Six-Hole Pottery Lamp739Costa Rican Miniature Redware Incised Vessels (3)
184Costa Rican Stone Standing Male Figure509Roman Bronze Chariot Rein-Guide740Costa Rican Oblong Pottery Bowl
185Taino Crouching Jaguar 510Roman Bronze Weight of a Boy741Costa Rican Tripod Vessel
187Costa Rican Double Sukia Figure511Roman Limestone Sphinx742Costa Rican Stone Celts, Pendants and Beads (5)
188Costa Rican Double Vulture Head Bowl515Roman Marble Venus Statue743Costa Rican Globular Bowl
191Costa Rican Large Votive Penis (2)517Roman Bronze Oinochoe744Costa Rican Small Vessels (5)
193Costa Rican Votive Penis Rattles (5) 518Roman Bronze Votive Feet (2)745Chorotega Polychrome Decorated Figure
194Diquis Redware Trophy Heads (2)519Byzantine Gold Crosses (5)751Tairona Stone Manzanillas (3)
195Costa Rican Double Face Vessel 522Parthanian Gold & Glass Earrings 752Calima Seated Figure
196Costa Rican Avian Urn523Byzantine Gold Earrings & Amphora Pendants (4)753Calima Figural Vessel
199Costa Rican Stone Sukia Figure524Byzantine Gold Bracelet755Jamacoaque Painted Figure & Manta Seated Figure (2)
202Axe God Pendants (2)525Turkish Gold & Lapis Earring 756Salinar Figural Vessel
204Costa Rican Storage Vessel with Eagle526Roman Oval Intaglio in Gold Ring757Nazca Head Vessel
207Diquis Tumbaga Eagle Pendant527Byzantine Gold & Garnet Earrings760Moche Seated Male Vessel
213Costa Rican or Nicaraguan Squatting Figural Urn528Sassanian Gold Earrings762Inca Hardstone Canopas (2)
214Costa Rican Large Baluster Shaped Urn529Roman Gold Earrings764Inca Copper Kero
216Costa Rican Baluster Shaped Urn with Relief Heads536Roman Agate Intaglios (2)766Chimu Blackware Bird Vessel
217Nicaraguan Figural Urn537Egyptian & European Glass Bead Necklace767Chimu Blackware Gadrooned Vessel
218Costa Rican Large Jaguar Urn538Egyptian Mummy Bead Necklace769Chimu Blackware Vessel with Prone Monkey
220Tairona Gold Frogs & Stone Necklace541Byzantine Geometric Mosaic Panel770Shipibo Decorated Bowl
221Sinu Pair of Gold Crescent Ear Ornaments 542Roman Geometric Mosaic Panel771Timoteo Venezuelan Figure
222Sinu Crescent Ear Ornaments (3)543Persian Gold Necklace772Venezuelan Seated Bench Figure
223Tairona Broad Wing Gold Nose Ring546Naqada II Pottery Amphora773Tiahuanaco Decorated Kero
228Tairona Tumbaga Lip Caps (5)547Egyptian Small Redware Acorn Shape Jar774Marajoara Ceramic Pedestal/Seats of Power (3)
237Moche Pair of Gilt Copper Ornaments with Human Heads & Danglers548Naqada I Slate Cosmetic Palette778Indus Valley Fertility Goddess Heads (2)
240Chimu Silver Cuff552Egyptian Steatite Cosmetic Palette781Egyptian Terracotta Aphrodite
242Chimu Silver Pectorals (3) 553Egyptian Alabaster Bowl782New Kingdom Papyrus Sandals
243Chimu Silver Pectorals (2) 555Withdrawn Lot784Large Ceramic Vessel
244Chimu Silver Pectorals (2)557Old Kingdom Wooden Figure of a Bread Maker786Buddha Heads & Chinese Hand (3)
245Chimu Gold “Feather” & Gold Sequin (2)560Egyptian Small Painted Mummy Masks (2)791Small Kachina Dolls (6)
255Valdivia Large Stone Axe561Egyptian Painted Mummy Masks (2)792Fanti Female Figure
260Recuay Figural Vessel with Snake Heads564Egyptian Wood Mummy Masks (2)793Colonial Figure Polychrome
264Chavin/Maranon Figural Vessel568Egyptian Wooden Hand794Bamileke Horn
265Chavin-Chongoyape Portrait Stirrup Vessel569Egyptian Wood Head795Gelede Mask
266Viru Bat Vessel578Egyptian Faience Ushabti796Ibibio Mask
267Chavin Monkey Vessel582Ushabti Fragment & Harpocrates Amulet (2)798Hemba Kabeja with Janus Figures