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97 Summer Variety Auction #97 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
005Betel Nut Lidded Container242Virgin of Guadelupe Pendant363Carnelian Uzat Eye Amulet in Modern Ring
017Two Batak Ceremonial Daggers with Scabbards252Djenne Figural Schist Marker367Five Coptic Bone Idols
052Huastec Pottery Female Figure266African Glass Trade Bead Collar368Coptic Bone Idols and Fragments (15)
061Aztec Tripod Plate282Hopewellian Chert Axe369Coptic Bone Container, Handles and Bangles (5)
062Aztec Decorated Censer283Slate Disc and Two Stone Weights371Islamic Gold Earrings
063Maya Pottery Bowl 287Four American Stone Tools381Seven Indian Silver and Bone Pendants
101Costa Rican Stone Trophy Head288Four Native American Stone Tools392Neolithic Flint Small Points (15)
102Four Small Costa Rican Stone Pendants295Framed Panamanian Mola393Small Neolithic Stone Points and Celts (21)
114Costa Rican Copal Resin Carved Zoomorph296Panamanian Mola Shirt394Neolithic Small Flint Arrow Points (27)
121Panamanian Olla with Zoomorphs 297Three Panamanian Molas395Neolithic Medium Sized Points (20)
143Two Ecuadorian Mothers with Children301Horn Fertility Amulet396Neolithic Medium Flint Points and Scrapers (22)
155Vicus Zoomorphic Vessel305Fine Bamboo Medicine Container397Four Small Neolithic Stone Celts
167Small Moche Copper Maskette306Five Baskets399Four Neolithic Flint Celts
175Pre-Columbian Mace Head Lot (6)318Dayak Ancestor Figure400Three Neolithic Flint Celts
176Moche Copper Weapons Lot (5)319Timor Ancestor Figure403Neolithic Basalt Axe Head
177Pre-Columbian Stone Tool Lot (16) 323Maranao Mortar Bowl412Two Large Saucer Type Oil Lamps
178Moche Chimu Copper Danglers (31)324Four Bowls with Zoomorph Handles413Assyrian Bronze Figure
179Moche/Chimu War Club & Throwing Stick (2)327Dayak Tribe Necklaces (2)419Central Asia Corrugated Pottery Vessel
180Moche/Chimu Sticks with Carved Figural Finial Heads (3)331Two Warriors Armlets423Western Greek Protome Maskette
181Moche/Chimu Wood Weapons & Tools (11)336Dayak Walking Stick441Dzi Bead Necklace Lot (3)
210Chimu Fruit Vessel 337Shaman’s Staff442Vintage Costume Necklace Lot (15)
219Cajamarca Decorated Bowl 338Dense Bone Pounder445Inlaid Horn & Shell Spoon
221Chancay Pottery Figure357Trade Bead Necklace Lot (4)448Posthumous Cast Head
224Shell Stone & Pottery Beaded Necklaces361Egyptian Revival Gold Brooches with Ancient Scarabs