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99 Spring Variety Auction UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
005Colima Seated Female Vessel136Nopiloa Figural Flute252Squatting Figure Magic Amulet
008Ixlan Del Rio Seated Male & Female Couple140Maya Jade Bird Head254Five Baskets
010New Guinea Ancestor Figure and Food Pallette (2)141Jadeite Carved Head Pendants (3)256Timor Ancestor Figure
016Han Dynasty Pottery Bust142Ancient Maya Fragment & Aztec Style Pipe (2)262Three 19th Century Figural Amulets
021Two Handled Mugs148Three Costa Rican Vessels 269Dayak Kneeling Figural Amulet
023Three Ancient Small Pots153Four Chimu Silver Pins and a Ring (5)271Dayak Medicine Container Lid
034Canaanite Bronze Figure160Narino Pottery Fruitera273Dayak Amulet and Toraja Head
035Three Saucer Type Oil Lamps165Bahia Figural Ocarina276Lombok Coconut Cup
039Two Iron Age Bowls and a Plate (3)177Inca Blackware Bottle278African Trade Beads
041Assyrian Swan Weight181Chimu/Inca Blackware Erotic Stirrup Vessel279Chokwe Scepter
043Four Syro-Hittite Animals and Figures188Two Tiahuanaco Keros282Ashanti Wooden Stool
044Pre-Elamite Copper Axe199Marajoara Decorated Bowls (3)284Two Decorative Heddle Pulleys
045Egyptian Pottery Figure201Marajoara Decorated Dish & Bowls (3)285Cameroon Leather Shield
049Hellenistic Molded Figure227Panamanian Cat Mola288Decorative Kanaga Mask
052Gnathian Pottery Vessel228Sepik River Spear Thrower289Cameroon Stool
059Five Byzantine Bronze Crosses229Oceanic Wooden Paddle293Yoruba Pottery Food Bowl
060Bactrian Lapis Necklace230New Guinea Post Adornment294Yoruba Pottery Food Bowl
061Egypto-Sudan Carnelian Necklace 231New Guinea Figural Scepter295Pende Staff with Figures
069Hyksos Limestone Multi-Face Fragment232Boiken Food Bowl300Kuba Wooden Lidded Box
076Coptic Ivory or Bone Comb233New Guinea Canoe Prow302Two Kenyan Stools
077Egyptian Wooden Artifacts (2)235New Guinea Votive Wand and Miniature Bowl (2)303Tanzanian Stool
084Bell Form Bottle236Asmat Wood Carved Ancestor Post309Han Kneeling Figure
085Glass Amphoriskos238New Guinea Pottery Vessel Stand313Indian Brass Shiva
086Roman Glass Amphoriskos239Sepik River Pottery Vessel Stand319Tibetan Ladle
089Three Islamic Glass Bottles241Papuan Wood Staff320Tibetan and Islamic Seals (2)
090Islamic Glass Vessel245New Guinea Food Platter322Chinese Cloisonne Tray
091Antiquities Lot (5)246New Guinea Figural Platter323Chinese Red Lacquer Box and Lid
093Crusader Period Bronze Applique249Ifugao Agricultural Tool/Staff328Two Contemporary Bronze Figures
098Small Chupicuaro Pretty Lady250Ifugao Mixing Paddle330Ethiopian Crosses (11)
106Four Colima Blackware Miniatures251Portable Brass Betel Nut Crusher332Bronze Jesus