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#101 Summer Variety UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
003Nayarit Mother & Child Figure199Haida or Nootka Shell Rattle345Indian Bronze Plaque
005Nopiloa Figural Flute202Fiji Staff356Thai Gilt Buddha
008Jadeite Beaded Necklace208Two Asmat Headhunter Daggers359Five Thai Bronze Musicians
009Two Mezcala Jadeite Beaded Necklaces211New Guinea Long Spear360Ban Chieng Bronze Socket Axe
025Ixtlan del Rio Seated Drinker216Rare Tauít Batu Carved Wood Figure361S.E. Asian Celadon Glazed Plate
038Nopiloa Molded Figural Rattle218Ifugao Agricultural Tool/Staff371Inscribed Old Babylonian Cylinder Seal
042Stone Balls & Implements (19)222Dayak Food Bowl375Large Sassanian Stamp Seal
046Maya Blackware Cylinder Vase 233Two Indonesian Sword or Kris Handles (2)382Luristan Bronze Seals & Finials (3)
050Maya Small Plumbate Pedestal Vase 234Indonesian Wooden Sculpture385Miniature Boot Rhyton
056Axe God Pendants (4)236Burmese Folk Art Marionette387Two Beaded Necklaces
057Tradebead & Jade Necklace 240Four Naga Necklaces388Three Bab Edh-Dhra Pottery Bowls
058Three Costa Rican Celts245Baule Hip Mask389Seven Herodian Pottery Bowls (7)
062Large Costa Rican Olla248Dan Round-Eye Mask390Sarmatian Pottery Vessel
066Two Costa Rican Stone Pendants249Small Baule Figural Couple391Two Gypsum-Alabaster Cosmetic Jars
073Sinu Ceramic & Stone Necklace252Mende Mask393Central Asian Bronze Openwork Buckle
074Tairona Beaded Necklace256Two Ashanti Brass Bracelets398Parazonium Bronze Dagger
080Large Chorrera Bowl with Animal Motif262Small Mossi Female Figure406Four Ancient Pottery Vessels (4)
085Recuay Anthropomorphic Bottle 268Bura Type Pottery Vessel407Four Ancient Bronze Buckles
093Moche Ceramic Corn Popper Vessel 269Miniature Ivory Eshu Head408Roman Bone Spoon
101Pair of Chimu Silver Tupus275Northern Nigerian Standing Figure409Roman-Byzantine Bronze and Iron Lot (6)
107Chimu/Inca Stirrup Spout Vessel276Ogboni Bronze Male Figure411Ancient Oil Lamps & Pottery Items (4)
111Two Inca Blackware Pottery Bottles277Yoruba Fly Whisk412Ancient Spoons Arrow Heads & Glass Bracelet (6)
124Ceramic Shoe Vessels (2)280Ibibio Crest413Byzantine Bronze Hanging Lamp
128Two Decorated Ceramic Bowls281Ibeji and Two Senufo Figures (3)415Six Small Egyptian Items
130La Aguada Bowl with incised Figures 282Two Ibeji Figures417Egyptian Cartonnage Fragment
131Two La Aguada Grayware Bowls283Nigerian Colonial Figure426Coptic Textile Fragments
132Argentinean Keros and Bowl (3)285Chokwe or Cameroon Male Figure with Support 427Coptic Fragments in Five Frames
133Two Argentinean Bowls286Two Oblong Kuba Boxes428Coptic Framed Textile Roundel
134Three Small Argentinean Mugs287Two Wooden Kuba Boxes434Two Islamic Bronze Finials
137Inca Pottery Aryballos288Kuba African Textile441Roman Glass Double Balsamarium
139Large Ceramic Bowl290Lega Wood Mask443Bronze Animals and a Torque (3)
142Marajo Pottery Funnel301Pair of Decorative Senufo Figures445Four Iron Procession Crosses
148Large Marajoara Bowl Type Lid306Nigerian Bronze Figure446Four Byzantine Bronze Crosses & Crucified Christ Figure (5)
181Jade Beaded Necklace326Three Warring States Miniature Bowls449Ethiopian Crosses (11)
184Huichol Indian Beaded Folk Art Items (4)332Yuan Dynasty Glazed Jar455Islamic Tray, Bowl & Urn (3)
187Four American Stone Tools335Decorated Brass Belt Buckle with Turquoise459Vintage Globe
188Four Native American Stone Tools338Tang Style Snarling Dog477Three Lead Bale Seals
196Nootaraloo Sculpture342Small Bronze Indian Sculpture
198Elk Tooth Anklet, Necklace and Beaded Badge (3)343Indian Bronze Nandi