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Summertime Auction 2020 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
003Olmec Miniature Seated Figure 323Early Inca Figural Vessel541Small Hard Stone Adze Blades (4)
023Tlatilco Maskette & Four Heads (5)334Marajoara Ceramic Pedestal/Seats of Power (3)542Danish Flint Adze Blades (3)
025Tlatilco Standing Figure & Preclassic Figural Vessel (2)337Marajoara Small Vessels (3)543Stone Adze, Flint Knife, Axe & Flint Nodule (4)
032Michoacan Pottery Ollas (2)338Marajoara Pottery Headrest & Platform (2)544Neolithic Small Stone Tools (10)
036Chupicuaro Noded Vessel & Michoacan Tripod Bowl (2)339Modern Pre-Columbian Style Beaded Necklace547Neolithic Stone Tools & Flints (9)
037Chupicuaro Large Bowl340Bolivian Decorated Redware Keros (3)548Yarmukian Stone Flints (2)
047Chupicuaro Bowls (2)345Chancay Brown & Beige Geometric Painted Textile 549Neolithic Small Flake Knives (3)
052Chupicuaro Pretty Ladies (3)348Chancay Shirt Embroidered with Large Figures550Neolithic Small Stone Flints & Implements (7)
054Miniature Pre-Classic Figures (4)349Chancay Embroidered Panel with Large Figure551Neolithic Stone Arrow Points (12)
068Unusual Heads & Busts (4)354Micmac or Miliseet Indian Needle Case552Amphora Shaped Alabaster Jarlet
075Colima Large Squash Vessel364Abelam Woven Ornament555Ancient Near Eastern Necklace
078Colima Palanquin with Bearers365Abelam Mask & Boars Tusk Collar (2)564Bronze Spear Blades & Knife (3)
084Colima Spondylus Shell Zoomorphic Pectoral367Sepik River Heads (4)565Three Cast Camel Heads (3)
090Colima Bedded Figures (2)371Boiken Bowl with Stylized Bird566Relief Decorated Massive Bronze Ring
100Colima Redware Olla with Scalloped Edge374New Guinea Wooden Platter568Large Bronze Pin with Horned Goat Head
130Jalisco Redware Reclining Female380Pitjantjatjara or Aranda Beanwood Paring Shield572Late Bronze Age Bowl & Terracotta Jug (2)
133Jalisco Mothers with Children (2) 383Aboriginal Spearthrower573Bronze & Glass Head Pendants of Pazzuzu (2)
136Nayarit, Chinesco & Colima Figures (3)388Graduated Bowls & Tontonicapan Folk Pottery Incensario (5)578Holyland Bilbil Export Ware
141Chinesco (type C-E) Large Kneeling Woman with Slit Cheeks396Lombok Erotic Carving582Bactrian Camel Head
144Pre-Columbian Stone Tools (5)398Baskets & Gourds (8)583Bactrian Stone Bowl
148Veracruz Large Incensario413Lobi or Bwa Chaise587Sassanian Stone Seals (4)
163West Mexican Pottery Vessels (3)417Large Lobi Style Pottery Figure624Sassanian Bronze & Stone Double Sided Seals (2)
178Aztec/Mixtec Miniature Vessel & Pedestal Dishes (3)419Mende Female Figure630Hellenistic Votive Vessel on Column
187Pre-Classic Maya Rodent Vessel & Small Frog Dish (2)425Senufo Staff639Cyro-Greek Bronze Bench Figure
189Maya Seated Figure with Rear Spout 427Pair of Senufo “Tefalipitya” Stalves (2)644Etruscan Bronze Female Figure of Turan
209Maya Grayware Bowl with Incised Bird Design440Djenne Head658Roman Double Chamber Balsamarium
210Mixtec Green Stone Pendants (2)446“Kam” Leader Mask664Byzantine Lead Weight
217Maya Painted Bowl & Grayware Incised Vessel (3)448Bangwa Queen Mother Figure665Byzantine Rings & Partial Ring (3)
225Costa Rican Jade Celt with Openwork Design455Eket Altar Figure681Middle Kingdom Alabaster Kohl Vessel
229Costa Rican Jade Decorated Pectoral Celt 469Figural Fon Recade684Egyptian Alabastron
230Costa Rican Jade Tubular Bead470Nok Carnelian Necklace700Coptic Wood Lintel Panel
231Costa Rican Miniature Redware Incised Vessels (3) 477African Steel Hoe/Axe706Nishapur Baluster Shape Vase
235Costa Rican Bowl & Vessel Leg (2)485Pende “Mbuya” Mask713Parthanian Sprinkler Flask & Drinking Cup (2)
236Highland Maya Pedestal Face Bowl 497Musical Instrument715Roman Bulbous Bodied Bottle on Flat Foot
238Costa Rican Baluster Shape Urn504Painted Stucco Seated Buddha718Roman Tall Glass Unguentarium
240Costa Rican Storage Vessel with Eagle508Chinese Porcelain Cat Pillow723Roman Glass Sprinkler Bottle
247Cocle Polychrome Decorated Amphora509Chinese Fancy Brass Pipe725Fibula Pins, Anglo-Saxon Bronze Buckle & English Iron Key (5)
252Sinu Pair of Gold Earrings513Chinese Porcelain Figures (4)730Large Quartz Crystal
254Muisca Gold Figures (2)517Large Glazed Ceramic Temple731English Chamber Pot Set (2)
257Chimu Gold Necklace with Depilatory Tweezers520Wooden Figural Corbel735Silver Cross Necklaces & Brooch (2)
270Narino Face Appliques (2)521Seated Bronze Ganesh, Small Elephants & Dog (4)747Small Timor Horn & Wood Spoons (2)
283Paracas Incised Bowls (2)524Indian Figural Wall Support748Figural Slingshots (2)
289Moche Feline Face Vessel526Ornate Gau Box750Brass/Bronze Necklace with Charms
290Nazca Warrior Head Vessel530Japanese Bronze Figure751Acheulean Hand Axes and Neolithic Adze (3)
303Nazca Flared Kero & Sican Blackware Vessel (2)531Japanese Triptych Prints (2)752Mousterian / Middle Paleolithic Small Stone Tools (6)
310Tiahuanaco Cat Head Vessel535Middle Paleolithic Stone Tools (2)754Egyptian Alabaster Cylindrical Vase
312Chimu-Inca Feline Vessel & Inca Bowl (2)536English Paleolithic & Mesolithic Tools (43)756Luristan Bronze Figure, Etruscan Pin & Bracelet (3)
317Chimu Necklaces, Scale, Wooden Stopper & Stone Animal (6)537Withdrawn Lot
319Moche/Chimu Copper Cal Spoons with Human Finials (3)540Danish Neolithic Hard Stone Axe Heads (3)