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Pre-Columbian, Tribal Art, Classical and Classical Antiquities, 95 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
001Olmec Miniature Seated Figure 261Narino Figural Amphora445Large Mossi Doll
007Xochipala Blackware Bowl262Chimila Lidded Burial Urn 449Pair of Chiwara Antelope
008Olmecoid Figure, Tlatilco Pretty Lady & Miniature Altar (3)266Ecuadorian Pedistal Bowls (4)451Brass/Bronze Necklace with Charms
013Mezcala Speckled Serpentine Human Face Mask267Tularosa Plainware Corrugated Bowl & 11 Ecuadorian Vessels (12)452Mossi Flutes (3)
018Chupicuaro Squatting Figures & Miniature Grouping (3)268Chavin Grayware Stirrup Vessel455Architectural Dogon Figure
020Tlatilco Pretty Ladies (3)270Chavin Redware Vessel461Ashanti Brass Maskettes (3)
030Tlatilco Pottery Bottles (3)271Chavin Gray Ware Bottle 465Mambila Marriage Fetish Figure
032Chupicuaro Pinched & Boat Shape Bowls (2)275Two Paracas Incised Bowls466Terracotta Bell-Shape Chalice
034Chupicuaro Four Small Vessels (4)277Salinar Orangeware Jug with Two Figures468Bamileke Horn
035Pre-Classic Mammary Tripod Bowls (3)284Moche III-V Seated Warrior Vessel472Female Ibeji Figures (3)
040Chupicuaro Decorated Bowl 289Moche Gold & Turquoise Necklace477Female Ibeji Twins with Crested Updo (2)
045Chupicuaro Decorated Bowl 290Nazca Polychrome Manioc Root Bowl480Bura Votive Phallus
051Chupicuaro Bowl with Diamond Shaped Decoration291Nazca Decorated Bean Bowl483Fang Style Bust
054Michoacan Small Decorated Bowls (5)292Nazca Globular Vessel488Lega Button Hat
063Colima Redware Squat Olla & Noded Jar (2)294Nazca Flared Kero & Sican Blackware Vessel (2)489Luba/Hemba Prestige Axe
064Colima Tripod Parrot Legged Olla 297Huari Decorated Cup498Kuba “Mukyeem” Mask
066Michoacan Decorated Chalice298Huari Polychrome Decorated Bottle501Maasai “Rungu” Staff
067Colima Redware Ollas (2)301Tiahuanaco Cat Head Vessel502Zulu Knobkerry
072Jalisco Decorated Bowl302Tiahuanaco Stone Llama Scepter504Hair Pick with Bird & Fish
074Nayarit Double Tiered Vessel & Panamanian Shoe Vessel (2)303Inca or Tiahuanaco Double Pacha Vessel507Acheulean Hand Axes and Neolithic Adze (3)
075Jalisco Foot Vessel306Chimu Blackware Figural Vessel512Egyptian Neolithic Arrow Point
077West Mexico Ceramic Termite Hill307Chimu Blackware Vessel with Prone Monkey515Danish Neolithic Adze Blades (2)
078Colima & Nayarit Vessels (5)308Chimu Blackware Figural Vessel518English Paleolithic & Mesolithic Tools (43)
079Colima Decorated Covered Bowl309Chimu-Inca Feline Vessel & Inca Bowl (2)527Luristan Bronze Figure, Etruscan Pin & Bracelet (3)
080Colima Redware Reclinario310Chimu Silver Crescent Pectoral Ornament529Etruscan Funnel/Strainer & Amlash Bronze Arrowhead (2)
081Pre-Classic Animal Head & Nayarit Anthropomorphic Olla with Puppy (2)312Miscellaneous Copper Tupus, Ornaments & Bowl (15)531Luristan Small Bronze Bowl & Bell (2)
082Colima Miniature Head Vessel313Gilt Copper Roundels & Copper Tupu (3)535Ancient Bronze Lot (5)
091Colima Palanquin with Bearers314Chimu Silver Pectorals (3) 537Fibula Pins, Anglo-Saxon Bronze Buckle & English Iron Key (5)
106Zapotec Dog & Jalisco Female Figure (2)316Inca Copper Kero539Hurivan Type Bronze Spear Blade
111Colima Shaman & Warriors (4)322Chancay Cuchimilco Female Figure546Sumerian Stone Figures & Animals (6)
123Small Colima Tlaloc Incensario324Chancay Standing Female Figure 548Mesopotamian Diorite Square Vessel
124Colima Very Large Warrior with Club 325Five Chancay Items551Early Bronze Age Decorated Bowl
127Pihuamo Seated Female Figural Vessel328Chancay Wooden Earspool & Toucan Stopper (2)552Indus Valley Fertility Goddess Heads (2)
129Colima Shaman Figure Squating on Haunches329Chancay Textile Tumpline & Wooden Staff (2)553Ancient Pottery Vessels (3)
131Colima Seated Figure with Bowl330Inca Wooden Lid, Miniature Canopa & Bone Flute (3)555Holyland Export-Ware Tel El Yahudiya Vessel
135Colima Seated Hunchback Figure with Rattle331Inca Hardstone Canopas (2)556Cananite Lidded Jar
137Standing Colima Figure with Club332Huari Textile Panel557Decorated Drinking Vessel, Oil Lamp, Pipe Bowl & Crucible (4)
139Zacatecas Seated Female Figure333Chancay Gauze with Embroidered Birds561Cypriot Export Ware Flask
145Jalisco Large Seated Male336Marajoara Decorated Lobed Olla563Kilia Marble Head
149Ixtlan del Rio Female Figure Holding Bowl338Large Marajoara Bowl Type Lid567Amphora Shaped Alabaster Jarlet
151Nayarit Seated Male & Female Figures339Marajoara Lidded Jars (2)570Hellenistic Votive Vessel on Column
152Nayarit Pottery Figure of a Pregnant Woman340Marajoara Decorated Pot and Small Incised Bowl (2)571Hellenistic Marble Amphoriskos
153Nayarit Standing Male Musician341Marajoara Ceramic Pedestal/Seats of Power (3)572Etruscan Askos & Cycladic Pottery Vessel (2)
155Mahogany Obsidian Awl342Marajoara Tangas (3)573Greek Pottery Baby Feeder
161Pre-Columbian Stone Tools (5)343Marajoara Redware Tangas (3)576Daunian Ware Funnel Krater
162Strands of Shell & Stone Beads (2)345Timoteo Venezuelan Figure 578Greco-Roman Molded Head, Amphora & Goddess Head (3)
165Veracruz Alabaster Bowl346Venezuelan Seated Bench Figure579Roman Bronze Fibula Pins (3)
167Monte Alban Pottery Jug347Timoteo Standing Female Figure 581Roman-Celtic Bronze Folding Knife Handle
168Zapotec Carved Cylinder Vase 348La Aguada Ceramic Bowl 582Roman Bronze Votive Feet (2)
169Zapotec Decorated Cylinder Vase349Three Small Argentinean Mugs584Roman Glass Head
170Mixtec Censer & Monte Alban Spouted Vessel (2)350Two Decorated Ceramic Bowls585Roman Bronze Oinochoe Handle
173Huastec Teapot Vessel with Human Face352Argentine Stone Zoomorphic Bowl587Roman Pottery Baby Feeders (4)
175Huastec Zoomorphic Urn353Pre-Columbian Pottery Lot (6)592Parthian Small Clay Bullae (5)
176Mixtec Tripod Olla358Colonial Silver Tupus (2)593Parthian Medium Clay Bullae (5)
179El Chanal Incensario with Warrior362Native American Vessels (3)594Parthian Small Clay Bullae (2)
181Huastec Spouted Vessel363Pueblo Earthenware Vessels (6)595Parthian Clay Bullae with Animal Impressions (5)
182Tarascan “Teapot” Vessel364Pueblo Decorated Vessels (7)600Sassanian Stone Seals (4)
183Aztec/Mixtec Miniature Vessel & Pedestal Dishes (3)366Native American Embroidered Pouches (2)601Byzantine Rings & Partial Ring (3)
186Aztec Decorated Pottery Brazier368Native American Lidded Baskets (4)603Roman Glass Bottles (3)
187Aztec Painted Bowl369Native American Baskets (4)604Roman Glass Sprinkler Bottle
188Aztec Decorated Bowls (3)372Mexican Folk Art Olla & Cantaros (3)610Roman Janus Head Glass Bottle
190Maya Pottery Bowl 374Han Dynasty Copper Dagger612Roman Double Chamber Balsamarium
191Maya Orangeware-Plumbate Pottery Cylinder383Han Dynasty Pottery Hut614Roman Bowl, Bottle & Spindle Vial (3)
195Maya Incised Cylinder & Mexican Ollas (3)385Khmer Small Bronze Lakshmi620Egyptian New Kingdom Sandals
197Maya Monkey Vessel & Figural Pot (2)386Indian Carved Stone Votive Oil Lamp621New Kingdom Papyrus Sandals
198Pre-Classic Maya Rodent Vessel & Small Frog Dish (2)394Chinese Glazed Ceramic Foo Dog & Shoes (3)622Egyptian Miniature Stone Lidded Jars (2)
199Maya Carved Blackware Bowl395Miscellaneous Asian Lot (9)625Egyptian Alabaster Vase
201Maya Plumbate Rattle Vessel396Two Japanese Triptych Prints626Egyptian Framed Faience Mummy Bead Necklace
202Maya Tripod Plate & Lidded Urn (2)401Chinese Small Silver Lidded Tea Cups (2)627Egyptian Stone Tapered Jar
206Maya Molded Singing Figure404Native American, Pre-Columbian Bowls & Ancient Vessels (5)628Glass Heart Bottle, Alabastron Amulet & Scarab (3)
209Maya Hunchback Kneeling Male Figure405Karaja Pottery Dolls (2)629Egyptian Bowls, Fragments & Amulets (10)
213Maya Small Figures (3)407Bali Figural Kris Handle630Lapis Ba Bird Amulet & Two Uzat Eyes (3)
214Maya Figures & Head (3)408Wooden Tattoo Forms (2)631Egyptian Small Vessels (3)
217Pre-Maya Stone Figure & Head (2)409Small Timor Horn & Wood Spoons (2)637Egyptian Ptah Sokar Ensemble
219Pre-Columbian Shell Ring, Bone & Stone Necklace Parts (5)411Lombok Erotic Carving639Egyptian Paste Glass Finger Ring
221Mixtec Green Stone Pendants (2)412Large Burmese Guardian Figure641Egyptian Faience Uzat Eye Amulets (2)
222Maya Jade Implement414Indonesian Pig Terracotta642Egyptian Uzat Eyes (8)
223Costa Rican Jade Tubular Bead415Indonesian Spoon & Bowl (2)643Egyptian Amulet & Pottery Lot (13)
228Diquis Redware Trophy Heads (2)416Batak Figural Tobacco Box644Ushabti Fragment & Harpocrates Amulet (2)
231Costa Rican Bowl & Vessel Leg (2)417Dayak Mask646Egyptian Seated Bronze Maat Figure
232Diquis Stone Mortar418Dayak Hudoq Mask647Egyptian Painted Wooden Ushabtis (3)
233Costa Rican Baluster Shape Vessel with Jaguar Head420Boiken Culture Carved Wooden Bowl with Tortoise Design648Egyptian Faience Ushabtis (5)
237Costa Rican Baluster Shape Urn421Boiken Bowl with Stylized Bird654Egyptian Terracotta Aphrodite
238Costa Rican Miniature Redware Incised Vessels (3) 422Boiken Culture Carved Wooden Food Bowl658Egyptian Seated Icthyphallic Figure
239Costa Rican Oblong Pottery Bowl423Sepik River Heads (4)659Roman-Egyptian Bes Votive Plaque
243Cocle Decorated Bowl & Fruitera (2)425Kundu Wooden Drum661Roman-Egypt Gold Choker Chain
244Tonosi Decorated Olla 427Gope Spirit Board662Roman-Egypt Alabaster Vessel
245Cocle Decorated Olla & Fruitera (2)430Trobriand Soul Boat664Coptic Bone, Cloth & Two Bronzes (4)
246Cocle Pedestal Bowl, Vessel & Turtle (3)432Figural Slingshots (2)665Coptic Large Textile Fragments (3)
248Costa Rican Tumbaga Lizard & Copper Zoomorph (2)434Large Seated Lagoons Female Figure667Holywater Flasks (2)
250Tairona Carnelian Wand Mortar435Senufo Small Female Figure669Persian Lamps & Vases (4)
253Narino Whistles & Miniature Vessels (8)441Dan Incised Wooden Bowls674Decorated Bronze Vessel & Mortar (2)
255Tairona Pottery Shell Ocarina443Lobi Figural Slingshot & Heddle Pulley (2)676English Chamber Pot Set (2)
260Narino Three Chambered Container444Mossi Doll