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Fine Pre-Columbian and Tribal Art, Classical, Egyptian and Asian Antiquities #96 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
015Mezcala Hunchback Figural Pendant291Fiji “Gata” Club558Roman Bronze Figural Latch Depicting Attis
019Olmec / Las Bocas Incised Bowl292Fiji “Gugu” Childs Club571Fine Roman Marble Head of a Youth
026Michoacan Male Figure with Side Lock293Fiji Club581Roman Marble Bearded Male Head
032Michoacan Pretty Lady with Diamond Eyes294Batak Bullet Holder587Roman Marble Goddess Figure
037Colima Large Seated Shaman298Dan Mask with Moustache600Roman Bone Standing Male Figure
038Colima Redware Seated Shaman301Bamana Figural Seat601Roman Bone Figure of Hercules
044Colima Blackware Mask303Malinke Seated Female Figure604Roman Lead Sarcophagus Panel
046Ixtlan del Rio Small Matched Pair (2)304Dan Round-Eye Mask606Byzantine Lead Weight
050Ixtlan del Rio Standing Female306Djenne Head607Roman Bronze Handled Pot
052Chinesco Standing Figure307Mossi Bird Head Crest610Byzantine Bronze Icon Pendant with St. George
053Jalisco Hunchback Seated Figure309Mossi Wood Flutes (2)611Decorated Byzantine Iron Arm Bracelet
058Zacatecas Seated Female325Baule Small Female Figure613Byzantine Bronze Bird Candelabra
059Zacatecas Seated Female326Baule Female “Blolo Bla” Figure 626Byzantine Gold & Glass Inset Cross
061Seated Veracruz Lady327Ngere We Wobe Large Painted Mask628Greco-Roman Gold Putti Earrings (3)
063Mixtec Stucco Decorated Bowls (2)334Senufo Female Figure634Scythian Gold Parrot Pendant
069Veracruz Mother with Child Whistle340Ashanti Staff Finial 641Sassanian Bronze & Stone Double Sided Seals (2)
072Early Maya Seated Stone Figure345Ibeji Figure650Roman Agate Cameo of a Youth
073Early Maya Stone Seated Figure347Bura Head with Long Neck652Roman Agate Cameo of a Woman in Profile
074Maya Stone Deity Head348Ashanti Head660Roman Gold & Red Glass Intaglio Finger Ring
075Maya Grayware Bowl with Incised Bird Design356Senufo Staff674Egyptian Red Jasper Finger Ring
083Maya Relief Decorated Deity Vase 358Terracotta “Ntekpe” Maternity Figure679Egyptian Faience Necklaces (2)
084Maya Blackware Cylinder with Faces 366Lulua Squatting Figure680Roman Carnelian Faceted Bead Necklace
086Maya Painted Bowl and Grayware Incised Vessel (3)370Ntafu Maluangu Staff with Two Figures684Roman Glass Bead Necklace
087Maya Vase with Carved Decoration 380Mbole Figure685Ancient Near Eastern Beaded Necklaces (3)
091Maya Decorated Poison Jar 384Lega Bearded Maskette692Egyptian Bronze Osiris
093Maya Large Enthroned Figure387Knobkerries (2)699Middle Kingdom Alabaster Kohl Vessel
095Jaina Seated Hollow Figure388Zulu Cane702Egyptian Granite Flared Vessel
101Maya Plumbate Tripod Vessel391Ndebele Beaded Apron703Egyptian Greenstone Jar with Triple Lug Handles
104Maya Seated Figure with Spout in Rear 392West Africa Hair Salon Sign709Egyptian Alabaster Vessel
106Maya Rotund Squatting Figure 401Pottery Fertility Idol710Large Alabaster Vessel
117Pre-Maya Flint Blade405Bactrian Alabaster Conical Bowl 712Egyptian Alabastron
119Pre-Maya Stone Celt or Cache Blade407Unusually Large Alabastron Vessel 716Egyptian Turquoise Blue Ushabti
121Colima Spondylus Shell Pendants & Beads (44)408Bactrian Stone Bowl717Egyptian Wooden Ushabti
125Fine Costa Rican Jade Deity Pendant Celt412Stone Mace Heads (4)726Glazed Steatite Openwork Plaque
140Taino Wood Dish with Humanoid Face & Penis415Mesopotamian Hematite Weight727Pre-Dynastic Stone & Bone Hippos (2)
144Cocle Polychrome Decorated Amphora416Bactrian Marble Ritual Object728Egyptian Bone Rodent Form Cosmetic Spoon
145Cocle Polychrome Decorated Fruitera428Luristan Bronze Master of Animals Standard730Egyptian Stone Ibis Amulet
146Cocle Polychrome Decorated Amphora432Large Bronze Pin with Horned Goat Head732Faience Horus Falcon
147Fine Colombian Agate Necklace 435Greco-Hellenistic Bronze Striding Figure735Roman-Egyptian Bronze Bull
151Sinu Pair of Gold Earrings436Cyro-Greek Bronze Bench Figure737Egyptian Limestone Plaster Leg
152Muisca Gold Figures (2)437Northern Greek Miniature Bronze Vessels (4)738Egyptianizing Limestone Votive Foot
161Chimu/Inca Small Gold Tupus & Silver Frogs (7)442Ancient Silver Torques & Bracelets (11)740Egyptianizing Limestone Seated Baboon
162Chimu-Sican Gilt Copper Flat Figures (13)443Northern Greek Bronze Torques (3)744Egyptian Bronze Striding Amun-Ra
163Sinu Matching Pair of Gold Earrings447Luristan Bronze Buckles (3)748Egyptian Bronze Mongoose
164Narino Gold Hollow Necklace Parts (10)448Silver Figural Finial 756Greek Core-Formed Glass Vessel
174Jamacoaque Standing Female Figure452Near Eastern Bronze Ram767Sassanian Cut Glass Bottle
180Valdivia Large Stone Axe460Relief Decorated Massive Bronze Ring768Sassanian Olive Glass Bowl
197Chimu/Inca Copper & Silver Cal Spoons (3)461Silver Standing Headless Figure769Sassanian Yellow Glass Bowl
212Moche Seated Figure with Deer463Parthian Bronze Figural Lid784Ornate Gau Box
215Chimu Royal Wooden Litter Back Splash464Parthian Bronze Figure of an Archer798Large Carved Wood Madonna
225Chancay Pair of Llamas467Bactrian Camel Head805Mezcala Fragmentary Stone Figures (2)
232Marajoara Pottery Headrest & Platform (2)468Anatolian Bronze Bearded Figure807Guanajuato Variety Pretty Ladies (2)
234Bolivian Decorated Redware Keros (3)469Luristan Bronze Horse Bit with Bulls808Chupicuaro Pretty Ladies (3)
236Chimu Painted Textile with Felines471Aramaic Inscribed Bronze Patera816Nopolia Small Molded Figure
237Chancay Large Painted Geometric Panel481Bronze Spear Blades & Knife (3)817Jalisco Dog Head Vessel & Salinar Four-Chambered Vessel (2)
240Chimu Rectangular Panel with Feathers482Urartian Bronze Belt818Carretas Polychrome Jar with Bird Lugs
242Inca Quipu486Corinthian Squat Lidded Vessel820Costa Rican Figure & Tripod Bowl (2)
245Proto-Nazca Panel with Long Fringe487Double-Handled Pedestal Vessel824Cocle Olla & Pedestal Dish (2)
253Moche Fine Figural Textile Border 497Hellenistic Pottery Female Figure825Jamacoaque Baby & Small Chorrera Vessel (2)
254Nazca Complete Textile Tunic 498Hellenistic Terracotta Standing Woman827Moche I Blackware Figural Vessel
255Nazca-Paracas Fringed Textile with Skeletons500Greco-Roman Standing Female Figure828Moche Feline Face Vessel
256Paracas Embroidered Manta Border Fragments (2)503Hellenistic Molded Bust of Aphrodite829Moche Double-Chambered Stirrup Vessels (2)
261Chavinoid Cochineal Painted Textile 506Hellenistic or Roman Silver Cup830Chancay Standing Female Cuchimilco
262Huari Textile Strip with Figures507Hellenistic Silver Bowl831Chancay Standing Female Figure
263Chancay Painted Textile with Figures, Birds & Zoomorphs515Greek Large Black Lekythos832Chancay Standing Female Cuchimilco
271Sioux Beaded Sash524Campanian Trefoil Oinoche (2)841Marajoara Small Vessels (3)
278Yina Figure528Etruscan Bucchero Ware Chalice & Corinthian Alabastron (2)846Ecuadorian Standing Figure & Moche Bearded Man (2)
280Aboriginal Spearthrower529Blackware Askos848Rice Ladle, Pipe Stem, Bone Implements & Head (6)
283Maori Pendant534Roman Bronze of Hercules854Large Pottery Figure
284Maprik Womans Ceremonial Rain Hood539Etruscan Bronze Female Figure of Turan857Ogoni Painted Mask with Articulated Jaw
287Indonesian Wood Kris Handle543Roman Bronze Double Recumbent Panthers859Mbole Currency
288Bone Kris Handle544Canosan Bull Headed Lid875Ancient Silver Bracelets (4)
289Fiji Childs Club556Roman Bronze Vessel Handle
290Tongan Club557Roman Bronze Handle & Figural Facade Fragments