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Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical, Egyptian and Asian Antiquities #98 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
006Small Olmec-Tlatilco Solid Figure313Amulet Mask511Greek Carved Alabaster Reclining Female Figure
010Mezcala Black Stone Figure314Fanti Doll with Beaded Necklace512Greek Reclining Female Molded Pottery Figure
044Pre-Classic Fish Vessel330Yoruba Shango Staff Figure516Gnathian Ware Oinochoe
048Colima Stone Figure & Greenstone Pendant (2)332Dahomey Standing Figure520Canosan Decorated Pyxis
050Colima Embracing Couple 333Yoruba Maternity Bowl523Roman Pottery Oil Lamps (2)
056Colima Redware Vessel & Head Vessel (2)335Mambila Mask527Roman-Judea Terra Sigilata Pottery Cup
057Colima Set of Matching Figures (4)336Ibibio/Eket Triple Face Plaque529Roman Very Large Pair of Bronze Lion Head Knockers
064Colima Seated Hunchback Figure with Rattle337Ogoni Mask with Articulated Jaw531Fine Roman Bronze Reclining Ram
078Colima Redware Vegiform Olla338Ibibio Mask532Roman Bronze Fibula Pin
082Ameca Crouching Male Figure341Pair of Ibo Mans Arm Bracelets533Roman Bronze Swan Head Fulcrum
085Seated Chinesco Female Figure345Yoruba Brass Edan537Roman Bronze Medical Instruments (8)
086Chinesco Type B Seated Female348Figural Fon Recade539Byzantine Bronze Cross
090Chinesco Standing Figure355Pende “Mbuya” Mask540Byzantine Bronze Cross
092Chinesca Miniature Seated Red Slip Painted Female357Binji “Tshibangabanga” Helmet Mask542Roman Carved Limestone Goddess Figure
094Jalisco Seated Male with Striped Shirt358Chokwe Standing Figure548Large Intaglio with Demon
099Ixtlan del Rio Standing Couple364Lega Wood Maskette549Neo-Babylonian Seal & Ancient Silver Figural Pendant (2)
104Veracruz Bedded Figure365Luba Small Portrait Comb553Stone Intaglio/Seals (2)
108Nopiloa Kneeling Priest Figure368Makonde Helmet Mask557Victorian Gold Brooch with Cameo of a Woman
115Jaina Seated Dignitary Figure369Chokwe Mask with Headdress560Neo-Classical Cameos with Female Busts (4)
116Withdrawn Lot371Large Chinese Celadon Vase563Gold & Gray Stone Necklace
121Maya Tall Polychrome Decorated Cylinder Vase374Indian Sandstone Sculpture of Mother Goddess574Egyptian Bronze Bes Scepter
122Ulua Valley Tall Maya Vase with Relief Avian Heads379Seated Bronze Sukothai Buddha575Egyptian Bronze Striding Anubis
126Ulua Valley Maya Cylinder with Fish & Stepped Pyramid Design380Gold Ornament with Intricate Granulation576Large Bronze Horus
131Small Early Maya Pottery Face Vessel382Sino-Tibetan Gilt Bronze Tantric Deity Mahakala589Egyptian Carved Alabaster Ushabti
137Pair of Maya Plumbate Vessels385Indian Painting of Deities Beheading a Dignitary595Egyptian Faience Offering Cups
140Maya Large Incised Decorated Cylinder Vase386Indian Painting of a Woman with Attendants596Egyptian Feldspar Falcon
146Costa Rican Jaguar Tripod Vessel391Assyrian Carved Bone Lion597Egyptian Faience Antelope
147Costa Rican Baluster Shaped Vase with Glyph Bands394Roman Marble Sarcophgus with Apollo598Egyptian Faience Uzat Eye Plaque
148Costa Rican Large Baluster Shaped Vase398Roman Marble Horse with Rider Relief 600Egyptian Faience Anubis & Horus Amulets (2)
149Costa Rican Vase with Relief Avian401 Egyptian Limestone Relief Stele602Egyptian Faience Sons of Horus Amulets (4)
150Costa Rican Baluster Shape Vessel with Jaguar Head403Egyptian Relief Limestone Vulture605Egyptian Faience Bes Amulet
151Costa Rican Jaguar Tripod Vessel404Egyptian Bronze Horus with Inlaid Eyes606Egyptian Decorated Wooden Uraeus
152Costa Rican Anthropomorphic Tripod Bowl405Egyptian Faience Winged Scarab Ensemble (5)611Egyptian Wooden Kohl Container with Triple Tubes
153Costa Rican Squared Zoomorphic Dish410Egyptian Alabaster Duck Spoon615Crystal Bes, Carnelian Bast & Feldspar Birthing Amulets (3)
154Costa Rican Tripod Bowl411Black Steatite Kohl Vessel with Baboons626Roman-Egyptian Bone Comb with Case
156Nicoya Chocolateware Pottery Armadillo Vessel412Egyptian Amethyst Tauret629Islamic Bronze Oil Lamp
157Nicoya Chocolate Ware Tripod Vase416Early Marble Fertility Idol631Roman Aubergine Glass Drinking Vessel
160Costa Rican Tripod Vessel with Birds421Tel Brak Terraoctta Eye Idol637Islamic Glass Bottle with Heavy Rigaree
161Costa Rican Wide Bottomed Urn426Assyrian or Bactrian Chlorite Decorated Vessel 639Medieval Limestone Column
162Costa Rican Baluster Shape Urn431Micoquian Stone Tool652Chupicuaro Small Pinch Bowls (3)
177Chavinoid Carved Stone Miniature Man433Middle Paleolithic Stone Tools (2)666Jalisco Figures & Two Bowls (5)
178Tairona Carnelian & Jade Necklace with Earrings (3)434Yarmukian Stone Flints (2)678Costa Rican Tripod Bowl and Vessel (2)
179Sinu Fine Matching Pair of Gold Earrings435Stone Adze, Flint Knife, Axe & Flint Nodule (4)688Chimu Blackware Head Vessel
185Vicus Gold Reposse Nose Ornament452Bronze Reclining Bull Handle689Chimu Necklaces, Scale, Wooden Stopper & Stone Animal (6)
186La Tolita/Chavin Gold Double Bat Ornament457Sumerian Swan Weight692Graduated Bowls & Tontonicapan Folk Pottery Incensario (5)
206Moche IV Fine-Line Painted Vessel469Holyland Painted Pottery Footed Jar with Handle693Miscellaneous Amazon Group (4)
207Moche Pottery Portrait Vessel of a Dignitary470Levantine Decorated Pottery Bulbous Jug695New Guinea Wooden Platter
210Moche Pottery Portrait Head473Holyland Bilbil Export Ware696Lobi Style Female Figure
212Moche Warrior Vessel475Cypriot Red Lustrous Ware Spindle Bottle699Akan Bronze Pins (2)
217Moche I Grayware Figural Vessel482Danish Neolithic Boat Stone Axe Blades (2)702Neolithic Small Stone Tools (10)
218Chimu-Inca Blackware Flute Player483Three Cast Camel Heads (3)704Israeli Neolithic Small Stone Tools (19)
219Chimu Blackware Sleeper Vessel491Urartrian Copper/Bronze Decorated Belt705Neolithic Small Stone Implements (12)
241Huari Twin Spouted Jaguar Vessel493Bactrian Alabaster Conical Bowl707Neolithic Stone Tools & Flints (9)
244Chancay Wooden Mask497Parthian Bronze Head of a Ruler 710Neolithic Small Flake Knives (3)
256Anasazi Black Corrugated Compound Jar500Etruscan Bucchero Pottery Alabastron712Neolithic Small Stone Flints & Implements (7)
271Siassi Island Zoomorphic Bowl507Hellenistic Molded Figure & Bust (2)714Danish Neolithic Hard Stone Axe Heads (3)
279Pitjantjatjara or Aranda Beanwood Paring Shield509Mycenaean Pottery Stirrup Jar
285Dan Round Eye Mask with Beard510Greek Geometric Miniature Bronze Lidded Pyxis