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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical, Egyptian and Asian Antiquities #99 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
003Chupicuaro Figural Rattle Wearing Feathered Costume392Syros Stone Idol715Large Egyptian Bronze Situla
008Tlatilco Pregnant Woman with Snouted Face400Old Babylonian Seal with Lamma722Egyptian Fine Hematite Amulet of Bastet
018Chupicuaro Tripod Bowl with Geometric Design401Akkadian Black-Green Stone Cylinder Seal724Egyptian Bronze Wep Wa Wet
033Olmec Variegated Stone Head Pendant402Akkadian Black Stone Cylinder Seal725Egyptian Silver Ra-Herakety
037Olmec Standing Transformational Figure403Phoenician Black Stone Cylinder Seal726Greek Core-Formed Blue & Yellow Glass Amphoriskos
038Olmecoid-Teotihuacan Standing Figure411Palmwood Head Pendant of Pazuzu749Islamic Glass Chalice with Millefiori Inclusions
040Olmecoid-Chontal Stone Mask412Sumerian Marble Bearded Bull Pendant 761Roman Blue-Green Square Glass Bottle
050Chontal Stone Face Mask413Early Dynastic Calcite Ram770Islamic Glass Sprinkler Bottle with Millefiori Inclusions
052Mezcala Stone Standing Figure414Sumerian Unusual Avian Weight776Roman Iridescent Glass Twin Handled Jar
060Colima Large Seated Shaman415Sumerian Steatite Reclining Calf777Roman Aubergine Glass Handled Pitcher
061Colima Musician with Rattle & Pan Pipes421Near Eastern Bronze Kohl Container & Applicator779Greek Core-Formed Blue Iridescent Amphoriskos
069Colima Two-Toned Pottery Seated Figure424Luristan Bronze Long Sword781Roman-Byzantine Large Glass Stopper with Face
077Colima Gadrooned Tripod Bowl428Luristan Bronze Spear Blades with Rivets (2)782Islamic Large Copper Bowl
082Jalisco Blackware Conjoined Dogs436Bronze Pazuzu Pendant with Stamp Base787Northwest African Meteorite
093Jalisco Standing & Seated Figures (2)445Ordos Bronze Onager788Algerian Iron Meteorite
096Nayarit Seated Warrior448Western Asiatic Bronze Figure of a Beggar791Permian Aquatic Reptile Fossil
098Chinesco Large Seated Female Figure462Scythian Prancing Gold Lion Applique796Brazilian Fish Fossil In Limestone
107Nopiloa Kneeling Figure 470Greek Terracotta Plaque Fragment of a Sow798European Large Iron Keys (12)
110Teotihuacan Polychrome Incensario Lid with Ruler477Large Middle Eastern Limestone Bird799European Iron Keys (12)
119Pre-Maya Jadeite Beaked Maskette 478Holyland Basalt Tripod Mortar801Chaucible Vestments (3)
126Maya Lidded Incensario Urn502Campanian Black Glaze Skyphos802Toraja Horn Slat Armor Vest and Helmet
135Maya Polychrome Decorated Pottery Bowl512Canosan Ochre Painted Pottery Beaked Oinochoe817Aboriginal Didgeridoo
136Maya Jaguar Lidded Jar 518Nishapur Green Glaze Pottery Jug820Victoria Boomerang
137Maya Large Polychrome Jaguar Urn 524Roman Bronze Male Togatus822Port Phillip Boomerang
141Jaina Standing Dignitary Figure525Roman Bronze Enthroned Zeus Serapis826Darling River Club
181Narino Miniature Maskettes (4)527Roman Iron Lock with Key827Wunda Aboriginal Shield
183Valdivia Stone Avian Figure529Roman Lead Sarcophagus Panel828Timor Ceremonial Horn Spoon
187Tairona Carved Bone Finial with Monkeys & Figures534Hellenistic Terracotta Equestrian Warrior829Saranghi Lute
189Tairona Bone Staff Finial with Shaman Motif537Roman Bone Carved Doll of Aphrodite830Indonesian Crocodile Gold Applique
190Jamacoaque Female Standing Figure543Late Roman Small Tapered Amphora831Dayak Adze
236Moche Miniature Portrait Vessels (2)562Large Ovoid Lapis Cabochon Intaglio833Moro Kris with Cord Wrapped Hilt
257Chancay Carved Wood Weaving Post565Sumerian Marble Frog Pendant836Java Kris with Gilt Scabbard
262Chimu Copper Tumi with Parrots590Sassanian Large Agate Seal with Lion837Java Kris with Scabbard
266Huacho Standing Cuchimilco Figure599Roman/Byzantine Glass Pendants with Impressions (7)838Sumatra Kris with Scabbard
312Santa Cruz Red on Buff Seed Jar612Byzantine Silver Bracelet841Moro Barong Knife
318Jeddito Black on Yellow Jar613Byzantine Pair of Silver Gilt Hoop Earrings851New Guinea Highlands Club
322Santa Cruz Red on Buff Pottery Basket Vessel614Phoenician Splash Glass Bead Necklace858Lower Murray River Club
329St. Johns Polychrome Bowl618Roman-Egyptian Faience Shell Beaded Necklace859Neolithic Disc Stones (2)
333Tonto Polychrome Figural Jar624Roman / Byzantine Long Silver Chain Necklace861Bembe Janus Hunting Charm
337Eskimo Horn Drinking Cups (7)677Egyptian Ushabti of Nasy-Per-Neb864Yaure Mask with Figure
358Indian Sandstone Sculpture of Shiva Nataraja686Egyptian Yellow Faience Openwork Amulet of Bes892Yoruba Maternity “Olumeye”
364Tibetan Iron Helmet687Egypto-Phoenician Blue Frit Faience Amulet of Bes893Songye Power Figure
368Indian Sandstone Oil Lamp Niche688Egyptian Lapis Multiple Eye of Horus Amulet900Pende Stool with Figure
369Chinese Exportware Decorated Bowl690Egyptian Paste Glass Squatting Figure902Azande Figure
370Lower Paleolithic Flint Tools (3)699Roman-Egyptian Cartonnage Mask906Luba Style Seated Figure
375Middle Paleolithic Flint Hand Axe708Egyptian Banded Alabaster Cosmetic Tube911Zulu Knobkerrie
379Lower Paleolithic Flint Hand Axe711Alexandrian Terracotta Votive Terracottas (3)