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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical, Egyptian and Asian Antiquities #100 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
002Tlatilco Figure with Hair Tuft350Mousterian Large Stone Tool518Egyptian Bronze Osiris
004Tlatilco Nude Female Figure351Nordic Mesolithic Flint Tools (3)530Egyptian Faience Pataikos Amulet
005Tlatilco Figures & Mezcala Diorite Pendants (4)352Nordic Mesolithic Flint Edge Trimmed Flake Axes (2)534Faince Amulet of Anubis
022Chupicuaro Large Bowls (2)357Neolithic Stone Zoomorphic Votive541Coptic Bone Figures (3)
030Mezcala Greenstone Standing Figure363Mesopotamian Decorated Marble Jar544Pair of Roman Carved Bone Dice
036Mezcala Pair of Stone Maskettes364Cycladic Alabaster Jar548Withdrawn Lot
037Mezcala Stone Mask370Cypriot Decorated Terracotta Jug550Kashan Turquoise Glazed Pottery Bowls (2)
055Colima Chocolate Ware Olla373Limestone Offering Table566Iatmul or Sawos Suspension Hook Figure
057Nayarit Two-Headed Dog376Anatolian Bronze Bull571Trobriand Island Wooden Lime Spatulas (2)
072Nayarit Male & Female Standing Figures (2)380Luristan Bronze Fenestrated Axe578Philippine Bulul Deity
074Nayarit Small Seated Figure381Luristan Bronze Spearhead589Hawaiian Beaded Necklaces (2)
076Nayarit Seated Figures (2)386Luristan Bronze Standard Finial594Antique & Ethnographic Combs (10)
077Ixtlan del Rio Seated Female Figure393Mother-of-Pearl Bird & Fly Beads (10)595Dogon Female Figure
089Veracruz Seated Huehuetotl Figure400Archaic Stone Seal with Bull Rollout597Dogon Female Figure
095Veracruz Decorated Animal Deep Dish Plate 404Ancient Middle Eastern Seals & Pendant (10)602Bamana Female Figure
097Zapotec Seated Deity Urn409Holyland Small Alabaster Pedestal Dish608Figure with Mask
119Pre-classic Maya Seated Figure413Large Middle Eastern Pottery Vessel611Mossi Wooden Animal
131Maya Quiche Large Urn416Holyland Terracotta Vessels (3)612Bamana Doll
159Costa Rican Blue Jade Heirloom Pendant418Holyland Terracotta Lentoid Flask618Baule Goli Mask
166Costa Rican Stone Zoomorphic Pendants (6)422Large Middle Eastern Pottery Bowl620Baule Heddle Pulley
168Diquis Stone Small Metate423Holyland Terracotta Altar627West African Slingshots (3)
197Sican Decorated Silver Vessel426Egyptianizing Small Alabaster Vessel628Chamba Vessel
214Jamacoaque Standing Shaman Figure428Syro-Hittite Terracotta Animals (3)632Akan Ceramic Pot
221Moche/Chimu Pole Axe435Greek Terracotta Silenos & Boeotian Plaque of a Youth634Fanti Doll
224Moche Copper Spotted Jaguar Tumi437Greek Bronze Satyr Handle635Toma Wood Female Fetish Figure
234Huari Vase with Monkey443Hellenistic Molded Female Head 637Yoruba Gelede Helmet Mask with Crown
239Chimu Blackware Vessel with Monkey447Roman Bronze Standing Aphrodite Anadyomene640Yoruba Epa Mask
253Chancay Gauze Textile450Roman Terra Sigilata Ware Cup with Scene of Olympian Gods650Igbo Mask
257Chancay Wooden Staffs (2)453Greco-Italic Lidded Pyxis651Ibibio “Mfon ekpo” Mask with Seated Figure
261Withdrawn lot455Italic Geometric Painted Pottery Oinochoe652Ibibio Mask
273Four Mile Polychrome Decorated Bowl461Roman Lead Sarcophagus Panel Fragment655Yoruba Crocodile
275Gila Polychrome Bowl465Byzantine Decorated Silver Bowl657Igbo Figure
283Tularosa Decorated Ladle468Roman Bronze Phallus Pendants (4)661Ibeji Figures (2)
290Roosevelt Red Open Mouthed Jar470Roman Large Yellow Glass Jar with Trailing663Bangwa Figure
291Manitoulin Island Papoose Cradle472Roman Glass Paddle Shaped Flask668Cameroon Pipe Stem
292Pima Coiled Basket473Roman Glass Double Bottle with Constricted Neck669Fang Byeri Guardian Figure
297Tang Lokapala Head & Torso474Roman Glass Double Chambered Balsamarium & Applicator (2)672Kota Reliquary Figure “Mbulu Ngulu”
300Indian Red Sandstone Standing Surya475Roman Glass Bottle with Tripod Legs677Congo Figural Spoon
301Tang Dynasty Tomb Figure of a Warrior 478Roman Iridescent Glass Jar & Bottle (2)681Luba Mask & Altarpiece (2)
302Tang Dynasty Horse & Rider481Roman Fine Surgical Tools (4)686Pende Drum
304Ming Dynasty Tomb Figure485Sumerian Gold Earrings692Pende Male Figure
314Thai Celadon Glazed Plate486Sumerian Ornate Gold Earrings694Hemba Terracotta Power Figure
315Thai Celedon Glazed Bowl491Solid Gold Ring with Asclepius, God of Medicine Intaglio695Luba Power Figure
318Indian Standstone Stele Fragment498Egyptian Limestone Relief Fragment698Zigua Ancestor Figures (2)
323Tibetan Bronze Buddha499Egyptian Old Kingdom Breccia Vessel699Zulu Ritual Clay Beer Vessel
324Indian Candlestick501Large Pre-Dynastic Feldspar Frog714Eskimo Bone Doll
336Large Quartzite Pike Type Hand Axe503Egyptian Faience Cup Dedicated to a Musician715Ohio Quadracave Gorget
341Group of Mousterian Flints (20)510Middle Kingdom Alabaster Ushabti720Solomon Islands Tourist Dolls (2)
346Nordic Mesolithic Grayish Black Flint Adze 512Egyptian White Ushabti with Hieroglyphs722Akan Small Combs (2)