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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical, Egyptian and AsianAntiquities 102 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
001Olmec Speckled Granite Celt381Haida / North West Coast Staff with Spear 606Egyptian Large Steatite Scarab
016Olmec Greenstone Short Celt383Haniwa Utsubo (Quiver) & Custom Wood Box (2)607Hephran Diorite Button Scarab
025Olmec Standing Shaman in Transition390Indian God Shiva Natraj / Nataraja Lord of Dance Bronze Figure612Egyptian Green Jasper Bull Head Amulet
028Olmec Miniature Decorated Cup404Danish Large Neolithic Knapped Flint Celt619Faience Ring with Cartouche
036Chupicuaro Pedestal Face Bowl412Important Hittite Silver Bull Standard 620Egyptian Faience Inlays (2)
043Olmecoid Maskette & Misc. Group (6)415Rare Tel Brak Alabaster Double Idol624Roman Pottery Head of a Bearded Man
046Mezcala Speckled Graystone Animal Head419Sumerian Banded Alabaster Vessel626Egyptian Faience Figure of Horus
047Mezcala Jadeite Abstract Head Ornament423Kilia Marble Head627Egyptian Faience Amulet of Anubis
053Mezcala Speckled Greenstone Seated Figure425Anatolian Marble Violin Idol629Egyptian Glazed Faience Dish
055Mezcala M-6 Rotund Graystone Figure426Anatolian Pottery Votive Figure635Coptic Textile Roundel with Flying Figure
056Mezcala M-10 Serpentine Standing Figure437Central Asian Sword & Luristan Spear Head (2)637Coptic Textile with Central Figure
057Mezcala M-24 Serpentine Maskette Pendant438Luristan Bronze Spear & Dagger (2)638Coptic Textile with Figures in Tondo
058Guerrero / Chontal Stone Votive Head442Luristan Silver Master of Animals Standard Finial644Glazed Steatite Openwork Plaque of Baboons & Scarab
061Mezcala Greenstone Monkey Figure444Luristan Master of the Animals Bronze Standard650Islamic Core-Formed Glass Vial
062Mezcala Speckled Greenstone Head Pendant448Roman Bone Fertility Idol & Bone Bust (2)657Withdrawn lot
066Mezcala M-4 Greenstone Seated Figure450Western Asiatic Achaemenid Inscribed Jug for King Darius671Withdrawn Lot
067Mezcala M-4 Whitestone Figure452Ordos Gilt Bronze Bull687Romer Blue Glass Romer with Vine Decoration
077Michoacan Decorated Bowl455Scythian Gold over Copper Deer Finial 688Byzantine or Medieval Metal Surgical Scissors
079Archaic Colima Figure with Multiple Babies458Nabatean Bronze Camel with Rider690German Iron Lock, Latch & Key (3)
084West Coast Greenstone Mask460Bronze Pazuzu Pendant with Stamp Base691French Iron Lock, Latch & Key (3)
110Nayarit Seated Figure462Bronze Pazuzu Head Pendant693Neo-Classical Female Cameos (3)
128Veracruz Seated Sonriente Figure463Ancient Near East Stone Bowl697Roman Small Marble Hand
132Mixtec Stone Penates (2)485Holyland Limestone Lidded Incense Burner 699Islamic Seljuk Bronze Ornate Vessel
141Izapan Stone Dish487Northern Greek Bronze Torque699 Indo-Persian Shield with Figures
142Izapan Stone Dish489Early Greek Bronze Ribbed Cuff703Majolica Albarello Noah & the Ark
157Early Maya Wood Standing Figure491Greek Bronze Phiale705Kwoma Mask
158Maya Greenstone Decorated Celt Pendant 493Late Roman Large Dog Mosaic711Fiji Club
167Maya Polychrome Decorated Tripod Dish500Attic Black Figure Lekythose by the Carlsruhe Painter712Massim Drum
173Maya Miniature Carved Bone Cup510East Greek Terracotta Aryballos of a Hoplite713Samoan Fa'alaufa'i Club
196Costa Rican Dark Green Jade Bird-Form Celt Pendant514Roman Bronze Reclining River God 714Western Australia Spear Head
209Tairona Talon Stone Pendants (4)516East Greek Silver Griffin-Headed Spoon715Solomon Islands Club
210Narino Preclassic Blackware Pedestal Dishes (3)530Roman Terra Sigilata Ware Cup with Marriage Scene716Trobriand Massim Spatula
212Chimu / Inca Pair of Silver Decorated Earspools535Byzantine Carved Stone with Saints718“Sali” Fiji War Club
213Tairona Gold Nose Ornament 536Roman Bone Figural Inlay723Luzon Matulis Sword
225Calima Triplet Vessel537Withdrawn lot724Moro Kris
247Chavin Long-Necked Bottles (2)545Roman Bronze Plumbob730Group of Betel Nut Cutters (5)
262Moche Feline Corn Popper563Sassanian Large Agate Domed Seal with Stag & Geese731Bolivian Gaucho Belt with Silver Buckle & Coins
304Chancay Unusual Standing Cuchimilco 573Egyptian Necklace of Amarna Glass & Gold Pomegranates733Dan Figural Double Ladle
312Chancay Wood Figural Post574Egyptian Amarna Faience & Corn Flower Necklace734Fine Baule Male Figure
334Chancay Gauze Panel with Birds575Roman/Byzantine Silver Braided Necklace735Baule Female Figure
337Chancay Gauze Geometric Panel576Roman Carnelian Necklace with Islamic Gold & Garnet Pendant747Dogon Sirige Mask
340Huari Textile Fragment & Nazca Implement with Fringe (2)577Ancient Near Eastern Carnelian Necklace756Dogon Granary Door with Breasts
348Inca Decorated Textile Belt578Roman Garnet & Gold Necklace760Bamileke Bamoun Helmet Mask
350Late Sihuas Embroidered Textile Pouch with Wood Spikes579Phoenician Glass Eye Bead Necklace794Mbala Figure with Crest Hairdo
357Nazca Tie-Dye Patterned Textile581Islamic Gold & Garnet Circular Pendant799Teke Power Figure
362Paracas Fringed Textile with Birds588Roman Carnelian Intaglio Gold Ring805Ngul Parade Knife
366Tularosa Snowflake Black on White Double Lobed Bowl591Canaanite Bronze Enthroned God821Hemba/Luba Style Neckrest
374Casas Grande Geometric Decorated Bowl 605Egyptian Large Scarab of Bes & Crocodile833Ethiopian Headrests (2)