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Fine Pre-Columbian and Tribal Art, Classical, Egyptian and Asian Antiquities #105 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
003Olmec Pretty Lady333Tiwanaku Zoomorphic Wood Scoops (2)557Early Canaanite-Hittite Copper Figure
007Olmec Pottery Standing Figure344Nazca Multicolored Geometric Textile Panel611Roman Large Bronze Handled Storage Vessel
014Olmec Figure with Open Arms368Sacaton Red on Buff Very Large Bowl618Roman Large Marble Lion Head Spout
016Las Bocas Olmec Figure372Four Mile Polychrome Large Bowl624Roman Granite Patera
024Tlatilco Double Face Head374Wingate Black on Red Decorated Bowl627Roman Marble Head of Flora
028Xalitla Seated Female with Long Hair378Wingate Black on Red Bowl with Checker Design630Roman Blue-Green Footed Bowl
064Pre-Classic Figures (3)379Mogollon Stone Head642Roman Baby Feeder Bottle
065Pre-Classic Standing Figure 390Western Australia Spear Head648Roman Gold Finger Ring with Carnelian Elephant Intaglio
074Colima Serpent Rasp391Horns (2)663Egyptian Amethyst & Gold Choker Necklace
076Jalisco Mahogany Obsidian Flint Blade 395Tonga War Club678Faience Ptah with Isis
082Colima Pregnant Mother with Child having a Bloated Belly396Vanuatu Battle Axe681Faience Ptah Amulet & Ushabti (2)
086Colima Redware Dog with Corn Cob397Rare Fiji Drumstick682Egyptian Faience Tauret Amulet
096Colima Redware Seated Hunchback Dwarf398Cook Islands Ceremonial Adze God690Withdrawn Lot
100Colima Large Seated Shaman400Solomon Islands Club695Bronze Horus with Silver Eyes & Necklace
103Pihuamo Large Seated Figure401Fiji Club697Greco-Egyptian Rock Crystal Tazza
116Chinesco Seated Female Figure402Solomon Islands Club698Egyptian Frit Lentoid Miniature Flask
117Chinesco Seated Figure with Wide Hips404Massim Finger Drum 699Egyptian Green Feldspar Wadj Amulet
126Nayarit Mother & Child405Geelvink Bay Shield701Egyptian Bronze Horus & Isis
131Jalisco Seated Female with Bowl on Back407Betel Nut Mortar705Egyptian Bone Roundel Inlay
145Nayarit Reclining Figure with Bowl & Standing Figure (2)409Ancestor Figure714Chinese Gray Ware Zoomorphic Vessel
151Monte Alban Crouching Jaguar Vessel410Santa Cruz Napa Club718Chinese Neolithic Pottery Gu
165Veracruz Seated Figure418Moro Kris & Scabbard719Han Dynasty Bronze Urn with Lid & Chain
170Aztec Light Gray Flint Blade 426Java Topeng Wood Mask720Han Horse & Rider
176Teotihuacan Lidded Box with Figure 431Tellem Divination Stick722Han Painted Barrel Shaped Vessel
208Maya Polychrome Deep Dish with Bird Motif435Marka Mask726Pair of Eastern Han Glazed Baluster Shaped Urns (2)
210Maya Polychrome Plate with Jaguar Deity442Fante Asafo Flag728Han Dynasty Pottery Farm House
274Taino Dark Gray-Black Hardstone Petaloid Celt444Abron Figure729Han Dynasty Pottery Shed
288Darian Gold Split-Tailed Jaguar Pendant452Senufo Female Figure735Tang Large Green-Tan Glazed Jar
297Valdivia Limestone Cup458Baule Fly Whisk737Chinese Glazed Ceramic Seated Ruler on Elephant
304Salinar White Slip Monkey Vessel494Songye Fetish Figure744Early Indian Basalt Fragment
305Chavin Decorated Bottle515Upper Paleolithic Stone Implements (6)748Indian Large Vishnu & Parvati Stone Stele
315Moche Copper Corn Deity Tumi542Withdrawn for further vetting750Bronze Miniature Bala Krishna, Ganesha & Hanuman (3)
321Chimu / Inca Copper Decorated Hooked Knife 548Fine Bactrian Alabaster Vessel759Thai Large Bronze Buddha Head
322Recuay Gilded Copper Pins with Snake Heads (4)551Archaic Bronze Male Standing Figure760Khmer Life-Size Sandstone Head
328Chancay Standing Cuchimilco Figure556Hittite Bronze Sword779Dentist Pulling Tooth of a Young Patient Signed Pottery Group