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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical, Egyptian and Asian Antiquities #107 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
016Olmec Dark Greenstone Disc Mask with Flaming Brows (3)313Small Huon Gulf Bowl661Roman Glass Conical Bottle
022Olmec Green Hardstone Celt 314Silk Ikat Wall Hanging 671Roman Glass Spindle Vial
024Olmec Seated Figure316"Popoi" Pounder674Roman Globular Bottle with Horizontal Applied Bands
030Xalitla Seated Figure318Western Australia Spear Thrower687Roman Small Glass Pinch Cup
031Preclassic Huastec Seated Figure334Dagari Ancestor Figure 711Etruscan Bronze Decorated Oinochoe Handle
033Mezcala Standing Stone Figure343Akua’ba Fertility Figure713Etruscan Huge Bucchero Kyathos
041Guerrero Serpentine Stone Crouching Frog351Baule Figure714Daunian Terracotta Askos
042Mezcala Stone Shamanic Transitional Jaguar/Frog364Rare Loma Figure720Roman Bronze Figure of Isis-Fortuna
045Mezcala Serpentine Monkey365Dan-Kran Kagle Mask728Roman Bronze Negro Head Lid
049Colima Large Redware Dog378Bamana Metal Figure with Spear743Roman Bone Stirrer with Aphrodite
056Jalisco Basalt Kneeling Male Figure with Bowl391Tuareg Bronze Bracelet and Anklet (2) 744Roman Swan Head Silver Spoon
078Withdrawn Lot404Fetish Spoon758Parthian Pendant Necklace with Gold, Lapis & Carnelian
088Joachin Seated Dignitary430Punu Mask760Egyptian Alabaster Offering Bowl
102Aztec Seated Figure Holding Olla465Tabwa Crest762Roman- Egyptian Limestone Snakes (2)
108Withdrawn lot466Tonga or Lozi (Rotse) Stool 764Egyptian Avian “Artist’s Model”
110Maya Jade Parrot Head Beads (2)467Oromo Stool766Egyptian Basalt Decorated Fragments (2)
116Maya Incised & Painted Cylinder Vase474Zulu Club773Egyptian Bronze Nefer-Tum
117Maya Carved Cylinder Vase483Large Han Barrel Shaped Vessel776Egyptian Bronze Double Uraeus with Glass Inlays
119Maya Large Copador Cylinder Vase485Han Dynasty Spear Points (2)777Egyptian Bronze Ibis Amulet
122Maya Lidded Vase with Human-head Finial491Northern Qi Polychrome Decorated Dancing Figures (2)778Egyptian Bronze Striding Ibis
131Maya Carved Decorated Vase493Large Han Dynasty Sichuan Orangeware Horse784Egyptian Limestone Tuaret Amulet
136Maya Shell Bracelets (4)506Qing Orange Painted Brush Pots (2)789Faience Bes & Couchant Lion Amulets (2)
149Costa Rican Jadeite Avian & Figural Pendants (2)507Yuan Dynasty Black Pottery Vase790Egyptian Wood Amulets (2)
175Nicoya Polychrome Decorated Head Vessel 521Khmer Glazed Pottery Vessel791Egyptian Wooden Amulets (4)
180Costa Rican Polychrome Decorated Vulture Urn527India Carved Stone Stele of Lord Bhairava792Faience Amulet of Hapi the Baboon
190Taino Gray-Greenstone Celts (2)532Acheulean Flint Hand Axe794Faience Amulet of Shu
208Chavin Carved Shell Jaguars Pendants (5) 552Neolithic Stone Discs (2)795Faience Double Bes Amulet in Modern Gold Frame
219Paracas Bowl with Monkeys560Western Asiatic Bronze Leaping Stag796Wood Dua Mutef Amulet
222Moche I Stirrup Vessel567Holyland Pottery Lentoid Flask 798Faience Amulet of Min
227Huari Inlay Shell Ear Spools (2)569Near Eastern Lion Attacking Ibex Bronze Pin799Horus Falcon or Bennu Bird
228Chimu Large Gold Avian Crown Ornament with Danglers570Achaemenid Bronze Goat803Islamic Bronze Lamp
237Tiwanaku Woven & Decorated Basket582Luristan Horse Bit 806Large Nishapur Decorated Bowl
244Marajoara Pottery Head Lid589Scythian Gold over Copper Deer Finial 816Merycoidodon Skull
265Show Low Polychrome Decorated Bowl590Iberian Bronze Figural Bust818Late Permian Petrified Wood Tuvichapteris
276Northwest Coast Decorated Bentwood Box591South Arabian Marble Head819Pleistocene Fossil Glyptodont Plate
282Haida Potlatch Shaman Figure596South Arabian Bronze Camel820Clutch of Mosasaurus Vertebra
286Navajo Silver & Turquoise Concha Belt598Celtic Bronze Axe Head 821Hatched Egg of a Velociraptor
289Aleutian Islands Atl-atl608Greek Bronze Gryphon Applique 822Bison Leg Bones (3)
294Hopi Cottonwood & Hide Drum610Greek Silver Bowl with Embossed Figures823Fossilized Rhino Jaw
295Iroquois & Plains Pouch (2)611Greek Decorated Silver Cup 824Mammoth Molar
298Moro Kampilan645Roman Cobalt Blue Bottle with Trailing825Mammoth & Three Mastodon Molar Fragments (4)
299Moro Barong654Roman Double Chambered Balsamarium with Trailing 826Stegodon Molar
300Bulul658Roman Glass Bottle with Bulbous Base827Dinosaur Track