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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical, Egyptian and Asian Antiquities #108 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
015Olmecoid Stone Maskette 365Central Asian Bronze Axe Head565Decorated Pewter Plate
020Olmec Jade Celt368Bactrian Chlorite Intercultural Style Lidded Pyxis567Ancient Bronze Strainer Bowl & Ladle (2)
021Olmec Jade Fang Necklace373Gilt Silver Ornamental Roundels (2) 568Pair of Tang Baluster Shape Decorated Vases
041Olmecoid Green Serpentine Stone Standing Figure376Middle Eastern Speckled Stone Bowl571Song Dynasty Porcelain Vase with Flowered Rim
047Chontal Greenstone Figure380Large Head of a Monstrous Being with Lionine Features576Han Dynasty Mounted Soldiers (3)
051Guerrero Stone Frog Pendant382Kilia Head with Carved Nose580Tang Dynasty Lidded Pottery Jar
053Mezcala Skeletal Maskette391Attic Blackware Plemochoe581Indian Pink Sandstone Bust of Surya
056Mezcala Gray Stone Figure400Corinthian Decorated Pottery Alabastron583Indian Sandstone Vishnu
061Sultepec Black Serpentine Mask 402Campanian Blackware Bowl584Ming Horse with Rider
063Chinesco Seated Female Figure404Daunian Funnel Krater588Chinese Small Blue & White Bowl
072Chinesco Seated Figure with Wide Hips406Gnathian Ribbed Skyphos of Bird in Flight594Qing Dynasty Bowl with Floral & Fruit Decoration
079Archaic Colima Figure with Multiple Babies411Etruscan Votive Profile Head of a Youthful Male595Chinese Glazed Pottery Decorated Vase
088Colima Lidded Bowl with Figures & Snakes415Greek Male Head Protome605Indian Small Brass figures (5)
097Jalisco Large Redware Wrestler Figure418Greek Protome Bust of Persephone608Indian Marble Parvati
098Colima Redware Hunchback Shaman420Etruscan Bronze Fibulae (2) 609Thai Sandstone Buddha Head
101Colima Jaguar Figural Vessel422Greek Bronze Vessel Handle611Burmese Marble Buddha
106Colima Redware Seated Female 425Greek Geometric Bronze Bird Stamp614Burmese Bronze Duck Weights (5)
111Jalisco Seated Female with Bowl on Back443Roman Bronze Chest Parts 616Thai Bronze Headless Buddha
115Ixtlan del Rio Seated Female Holding Bowl 445Roman Imperial Banded Agate Pyxis (Lidded) “Luxus” Vessel617Southeast Asian Silver Incised Hook Ornaments (2)
126Nayarit Standing Warrior Wielding Club448Holyland Limestone Lidded Incense Burner 625Northwest Coast Totem Pole
134Colima Seated Redware Figure Holding Bowl450Roman Bronze Pegasus Forepart Handle630Boiken Bowl with Relief Carved Fish
138Teotihuacan Speckled Greenstone Symbol Pendant451Bronze Rams Head Handle632Washkuk Men’s House Panels (2)
155Veracruz Seated Figure453Roman Bronze Dolphin Handle & Vessel Fragment (2) 634“Kara-ut” Abelam Warrior Pectoral
160Vera Cruz Pottery Head Pendant 454Late Roman-Byzantine Bronze Cruciform Ornaments (6)638Small Gope Spirit Board
168Fine Maya Black Hardstone Cinnabar Jar 455Roman Bronze Youthful Female Head 639Lower Murray Boomerang
169Maya Animal Vase456Roman Silver Roundel Applique644Fiji Gunstock Club
173Withdrawn Lot458Roman Reclining Limestone Figure 645Fiji Club
183Fine Maya Standing Dignitary 462Large Byzantine Bronze Stamp Seal with Greek Inscription646Rootstock War Club
187Maya Carved Vessel with Seated Chiefs 468Late Roman Blue Green Glass Footed Chalice648Austral Islands Ceremonial Paddle
195Maya Decorated Bowl Bowls (2) 477Roman Bulbous Handled Bottle653Northern Indian Temple Carving
196Maya Decorated Ollas (2)481Byzantine Amber Glass Hexagonal Juglet657Bamana Antelope Chi Wara
224Costa Rican Stone Pendants (4)488Roman Large Handled Glass Vessel659Bamana Mask
226Diquis Stone Mortar489Roman Olive Glass Bowl 662Dogon Wood Figure
235Diquis Stone Standing Figure494Roman Green Glass Handled Juglet663Kulango Male Figure
256Valdivia Limestone Cup496Roman White Glass Alabastron665Guro Mask
264Chavin Carved Shell Pendants 502Egyptian Marble “New Years” Flask 666Dan Mask with Aluminum Teeth & Eyes
266Carchi Pedestal Bowls (2)508Egyptian Blue Faience Glyphs (7) 668Dan Yacouba Mask
272Moche Gold Ball, Crystal & Gold Necklace509Egyptian New Kingdom Woven Sandals673Senufo Standing Figure
274Cupisnique Blackware Decorated Vessel 511Egyptian Limestone Artist’s Sketchpad683Afikpo Mask
276Exceptional Chavin Blackware Double Crab Vessel 512Egyptian Painted Wood Canopic Lid of Duamutef684“Mupo” Bafo Figure
278Moche Drunkard Holding a Large Covered Vessel 516Egyptian Small Blue Faience Ushabti 685Igala Trophy Head
285Viru Owl Vessel526Egyptian Faience Thoth Amulet 692Suku Helmet Mask
288Viru Reclining Man on Blanket Roll Vessel 527Faience Thoth Amulet 697Large Katsina Janus Figure
304Tiwanaku Basketry Plates with Geometric Patterns (2)530Egyptian Faience Ankh705Bundle of Iron “Kissi Pennies”
316Chancay Shamans Rattling Staff532Egyptian Faience Uzat & Sun Disc Amulets (2)712Izzi Elephant Mask
319Chuca Pictographic Painting on Stone535Egyptian Plaster Model of a Leg713Mama /Kantana Water Buffalo Crest
323Nazca Multicolored Geometric Textile Panel540Egyptian Early Dynastic Stone Trussed Pig715Ngbaka/Bwaka Mask
325Chancay Embroidered Stylized Moon-dog Panel543Egyptian Carnelian Amulet of Hapi719“Kalunga” Hunting Charm
328Chancay Stylized Spiders & Chevrons 545Coptic Textile Fragment 720Pende Mask
334Acheulean Hand Axe with Natural Polish546Coptic Textile Fragments (4)721Teke Figure
335Acheulean Hand Axe with Natural Polish547Coptic Bone Female Idol 722Janus Hemba Kabeja Figure
336Acheulean Hand Axe549Parthian Panther Form Bronze Handle 723Yombe Female Figure
338Neanderthal Flint Hand Axe559Indo-Persian Painting724Luntu Figure
347Assyrian Black Stone Plaque/ Relief562European Wooden Putti Applique726Large Hemba Figure
348Sumerian Pink & Yellow Marble Bowl563French Hardwood Carved Corbel