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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical, Egyptian and Asian Antiquities #109 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
022Olmec Dark Greenstone Duck Head Spoon Pendant301Solomon Island Bowls with Mother of Pearl (3)492Canosan Decorated Ewer
024Olmec Large Blue-Green Jade Incised Spoon Pendant309New Hebrides Slit Drum496Etrusco-Corinthian Decorated Aryballoi (2)
028Xalitla Seated Figure311Janus Solomon Islands Ceremonial Paddle497Messapian Decorated Miniature Bell Krater
067Fine Guerrero Carved Serpentine Head312Aboriginal Ceremonial Spearthrower498Attic Blackware Skyphos
069Chontal Serpentine Head 313Bioma Spirit Figure512Roman Bronze Swan Head Fulcrum
076Mezcala Standing Figure 314Kakame or Bioma Figure515Roman Marble Head of a Patrician
077Mezcala Stone Female Figure315Spirit Board518Roman Giallo Antico Marble Head of Cupid
078Guerrero/Chontal Large Standing Figure318Kwoma Female-Nogwi520Roman Orangeware Terracotta Serving Bowl
090Colima Double-Headed Mace Head323Iatmul Mei Mask 521Roman Terracotta Large Handled Jug
103Colima Professional Group 331Rare May River Janus Mask522North African Orangeware Jugs (2)
111Colima Redware Decorated Olla338Clay Enemy Skull 531Phoenician Paste Glass Head
123Jalisco Seated Female with Hand to Head339Kamanggabi or Yipwon Figures (3)532Phoenician Paste Glass Head Beads
126Zacatecas Seated Male Drummer Figure340Two Maprik Warrior Pendants (2)535Roman Green Glass Jar
143Jalisco Seated Pair of Sheep-Face Figures (2)341Pair of Papuan Gulf Bamboo Pipes (2)537Egyptian Glazed Faience Amulet of Bastet
156Veracruz Polychrome Decorated Incensario Base347Maori Shaman’s Digging Stick Support538Egyptian Falcon Canopic Jar Lid
162Teotihuacan Seated Stone Figure350Bamana Hyena Mask543Egyptian Green Glazed Faience Ushabti for Wawa
171Maya Mosaic Maskette 352Bamana Female Figure548Egyptian Faience Amulet of Pataikos
178Veracruz Standing Priest with Trumpet361Malinke Stool with Figures552Egyptian Bronze Serpent Coffin
186Maya Flint Axes (2)370Dan Mask 557Withdrawn lot
187Maya Large Gray Flint Blade 371Dan Mask with Cowrie Shells559Egyptian Serpentine Winged Khnum with Patek Body
191Maya Eccentric Flints (9)381Dan Passport Mask560Egyptian Serpentine Pectoral Plaque with Hathor
198Maya Polychrome Decorated Snake Deity Bowl 382Figural Pulley568Late Coptic Limestone Figural Relief
203Costa Rican Green Jade Stone Axe God385Pulleys (3)572Italian Renaissance Bronze Candlestick
209Sinu Gold Nose Rings (3) 400Divination Bowl “Agere Ifa”573Italian Renaissance Bronze Mortar
245Moche IV Decorated Pottery Bottle402Luba Seated Divination Figure578Seljuk Lusterware Bowl
249Moche Head Vessel415Kongo Ntadi Stone Figure580Fine Tang Dynasty Lidded Jar
258Moche / Chimu Various Finials & Beads (8)416Luba Hemba Small Mboko581Tang Dynasty Ochre Ewer
260Chimu Gilt Copper Crown Ornament 460Mesopotamian Frit Face 583Wei Dynasty Pottery Tomb Figure
269Inca Blackware Pedestal Bowl466Fine Rock Crystal Amuletic Kneeling Figure 588Gilt Bronze Lingam Cap
275Chimu / Inca Scepter Finial Depicting a Seated Monkey467Egyptian Blue Head Pendant Pazuzu589Neolithic Cup, 2-Handled Jar, Pedestal Chalice & Two Birds (5)
281Chancay White Gauze Decorated with Owls471Fine Near Eastern Calcite Head Pendant 590Chinese Sung-Yuan Partially Glazed Bottle
293Nootka Polychrome Decorated Shamans Bird Rattle 477Vinca Terracotta Heads (2) 593Chinese Four Part Artist’s Vase
294Northwest Coast Thunderbird Head Crest481Bactrian Small Chlorite Dishes (3)603Burmese Wood Partial Seated Buddha