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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical, Egyptian and Asian Antiquities #110 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
008Cuneiform Round Bulla238Pre-Maya Olmecoid Cubistic Stone Head Tenon440Moche IV Bottle with Fruit
018Large Marble Kilia Head246Colima Litter Group448Moche Seated Man with Mustache & Goatee
019Luristan Bronze Dagger & Arrow Points (3)251Colima Seated Hunchback Figure459Tiahuanaco Bird Vessel
021Near Eastern Redware Olla with Black Geometric Designs261Colima Seated Figure Hand to Mouth461Tiahuanaco Fawn Head Vessel
022Tel El Yahudieh Pyriform Juglets (2)265Fine Colima Kneeling Man with Large Olla 462Tiahuanaco Llama Head Vessel
023Miniature Stone Cup270Colima Redware Fox Head Vessel463Tiahuanaco Figural Mummy Vessel
035Bronze Stamp Seal Finger Ring274Colima Curled Snake with Six Babies466Tiahuanaco Polychrome Decorated Head Vessel
057Attic White Ground Lekythos283Colima Coiled Snake Vessel 467Tiahuanaco Owl Vessel
067Gnathian Ware Feeder Vessel284Ixtlan del Rio Seated Pair469Chimu / Inca Erotic Couple & Child Vessel
078Daunian Ware Decorated Askos287Ixtlan del Rio Conjoined Pair470Chimu Llama Head Vessel
079Greek Blackware Pottery Guttos299Jalisco Stone Standing Jaguar Effigy477Chimu-Inca Wooden Stool
080Hellenistic Redware Bottle322Izapan Stone Dish478Chancay Wooden Loom Implement
086Roman Marble Male Torso 323Izapan Stone Dish481Sican Blackware Musician Figure Wearing a Labret
095Hellenistic Gold Diadem Fragments (23)332Maya Polychrome Seated Chief Vase491Inca Basalt Mortar
096Greco-Roman Gold Pendant with Bust334Maya Polychrome Decorated Hunter Plate493Ecuadorian Coleros & Colombian Stone Shell-form Pendant (3)
098Greco-Roman Gold Herm Necklace Pendants (3)342Taino Stone Cassava Platform 494Moche Mosaic Inlaid Ear Spools
104Roman Miniature Bronze Head of a Lion 343Costa Rican Stone Pendants & Pottery Tapir (4)497Moche Gold Button & Turquoise Necklace
105Roman Bronze Fibula Brooches (9)349Costa Rican Jade Celt 503Chancay Gauze Textile
107Roman Bronze Utilitarian Implements (25)350Costa Rican Blue Jade Belt Celt 508Carved Gray Slate Birdstone
112Collection of Ancient Glass Shards (19)356Large Huetar Stone Sukia512Native American Stone Pipes (2)
121Roman Bottle with Applied Handle372Tairona Tumbaga Anthropomorphic Pendant515Sacaton Red on Buff Very Large S Olla
123Roman Bulbous Bottle with Net Trailing379Large Anthropomorphic Urn517Maori Wood Figure
126Roman Decorated Bottle383Large Globular Lidded Urn519Yena Spirit Figure
140Roman Yellow-green Glass Flask with Handles384Lidded Rio Magdalena Urn521Figural Suspension Hook
145Roman Six Panel Olive-Amber Bottle with Green Handle385Tamalameque Lidded Urn526Gable Figure for Ceremonial House
159Exceptional Egyptian Tall Alabaster Vessel with Collared Neck386Narino Large Decorated Amphora527Sago Storage Jar
161Egyptian Old Kingdom Breccia Vessel395Tairona Blackware Bird Vessel535Kundu Drum
176Islamic Seljuk Bronze Reclining Lion Latch404Manabi / Manta Figural Bust537Long Hand Drum
184Ming Bronze Bearded Elder409Chavin Grayware Plain Bottle 543Dogon Figure
193Gandharan Schist Torso Fragment 411Moche Pottery Shell Trumpet 546Large Bateba Phuwe Figure
200Large Thai Bronze Buddha412Nazca Polychrome Decorated Kero 548Dogon Ancestor Figure
201Tibetan Bronze White Tara413Recuay Figural Vessel with Pour Spout553Dan Mask with Metal Teeth
202Tibetan Bronze White Tara417Recuay Temple Vessel569Female Senufo Figure
203Indian Brass Bodhisattvas (2) 421Vicus Jaguar Vessel584Edo Iron Dart
213Mezcala Wide Body Standing Stone Figure423Viru Seated Figure with Large Penis594Small Wooden Headrests (2)
217Guerrero Gray-Green Serpentine Standing Figure426Moche III-V Vessel with Swirl Decoration597Luba Janiform Divination Figure
230Exceptional Large Guerrero Gray Stone Standing Figure431Moche IV Portrait Vessel604Comb
237Teotihuacan Standing Figure with Rasp Type Headdress 439Moche IV House Vessel