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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical, Egyptian and Asian Antiquities #113 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
002Olmec Effigy Vessel of Two Embracing Tlacuaches258Moche II Painted Vessel570War Trumpet
046Colima Redware Seated Shaman Figure259Moche II Stirrup Vessel with Geometric Design 575Abelam Ancestor Panel
047Chinesco Standing Female Figure on Vessel 265Moche Parrot Stirrup Vessel583Indonesian Horn Spoon
048Colima Seated Figure Hand to Mouth270Moche Mountain Vessel584Timor Spoons (8)
050Colima Redware Double Duck Vessel271Moche Kneeling Male Stirrup Vessel587Topeng Mask
051Colima Coiled Snake Vessel 272Moche Lizard Vessel588Batak Singa
054Colima Redware Fox Head Vessel280Nazca Mythological Deity Globular Vessel589Toraja Architectural Element
057Colima Curled Snake with Six Babies281Tiahuanaco Matching Pair of Dog Vessels (2)595Two Mossi Dolls
060Colima Redware Seated Figure288Chimu Crab Effigy Vessel608Baule Figure
061Colima Redware Seated Female 290Chimu / Inca Erotic Couple & Child Vessel 609Ashanti Seated Figure
063Colima Redware Olla 294Chimu Hardwood Votive Monkey Vessel 613Baule Male Figure
064Colima Redware Olla with Heads300Inca Standing Female Figure 615Attie Female Figure
065Chinesco Seated Figure311Chancay Gauze with Stepped Motif in Central Diagonal 617Bidjogo “Iran” Figure
066Chinesco Pensador Figure with Bowl312Chancay Tie-Dyed Gauze with Central Stepped Motif 621Dan Zakpai Firefighter Mask
068Colima Redware Seated Shaman314Chancay Fringed Border Depicting Deer Inscribed in Squares 622We Wobe Mask
071Colima Warrior Figure with Sling Shot 317Chancay Gauze Panel 626Dan Kran Mask
074Colima Tlaloc Incensario320Chancay Blue Gauze with Crosses629Dan Mask
076Seated Colima Redware Shaman Holding Rattles322Chancay Striped Textile Panel630We Guere Mask
081Jalisco Kneeling Transformational Figure with Bowl327Hopewellian Chert Axe636Bambara Mask
083Monumental Jalisco Seated Female Figure328Native American Flint Points & Tools (6)637Dogon Tellem Twin Sculpture
084Large Standing Nayarit Man Wielding Club337Pomo Basket with Geometric Design638Bamana Female Figure
088Large Seated Nayarit Figure338Withdrawn Lot639Dogon Female Figure
089Ixtlan del Rio Seated Musician339Withdrawn Lot643Dogon Ancestor Figure
090Nayarit Seated Figure340Withdrawn Lot644Colonial Attie Figure
091Nayarit Seated Male on Stool341Flemish Prophet Figure 645Dogon Miniature Staff in the Form of a Ladder
092San Sebastian Seated Smoker Figure342Brazilian Carved Wood Santo646Dogon Miniature Staff in the Form of a Ladder
093Large Jalisco Seated Female Figure 344Philippine Carved Wood Santos (2)647Senufo “Tefalipitya” Staff
096Nayarit Standing Female Figures (2)346Han Gilt Bronze Saddle Plate Decoration654Moba Figure
100 Double Listing - No Lot352Japanese Menpo660Edo Bronze Fish Lidded Container
113Nayarit Large Seated Female Figure366Schist Panel with Trilobite Fossils 661Bura Head
116Nayarit Standing Female Holding Bowl382Withdrawn lot662Colon Head of Shrine Figure
117Jalisco & Nayarit Figures (2) 383Holyland Pottery Vessel with Flanges664Urhobo Figure with Hat
134Costa Rican Spider Leg Vessels (2) 388Ancient Bronze Bracelets (2)666Pair of Yoruba Ibeji Twins
137Teotihuacan Lidded Incensario Urn 399Moheno Daro Rectangular Bone Seals with Geometrics (2)667Two Ere-Ibeji Figures
140Teotihuacan Decorated Tripod Bowl406Near Eastern Stone Vessel 668Ibeji Twins with Sandals
141Casas Grandes Small Olla 412Daunian Ware Decorated Askos 672Small Mumuye/Chamba Figure
143Maya Deity Holding Olla Two-Piece Jar414Hellenistic Terracotta Satyr Head675Fon Bronze Scepter
146Maya (Escuintla) Large Hollow Female Figural Incensario416Greek Geometric Votive Pitcher 677Published Gelede Mask
150Maya Jaguar Decorated Cylinder Vase426Roman-Egypt Marble Head of a Youth 679Yoruba Shango Staff
151Maya Bowl with Resist Painted Design430Roman Bronze Mirror681Hemba Kabeja Figure
165Maya Pottery Monkey Scepter 434Roman Green Glazed Skyphos 683Hemba Figure
166Maya Urn of the Sun God436Greek Blackware Pottery Guttos684Luba Chief Stool
172Costa Rican Jadeite Figural Pendant 443Late Roman Bone Dolls (2)687Hemba Stool
175Costa Rican Jadeite Cayman Figural Pendant 451Roman Glass Drinking Vessel697Pende Mask
200Pre-Columbian Vessels (4)459Roman Ribbed Glass Cup698Kota-Obamba Reliquary Figure
204Chorrera Chocolate Ware Bulbous Vessel473Roman Small Roman Glass Bottles (3)699Chokwe Mask with Fibre Hood
206Chavin Incised Decorated Blackware Vessel512Egyptian Bronze Sun God Plaque 703Tabwa Female Figure
211Moche Blackware Bottle with Inset Beads 517Tesher Crown of Lower Egypt Stone Amulet 704Makonde Figure
218Inca Pyro-engraved Gourd Bowls (2) 538Roman-Egypt Stucco Head705Lwena Mask
226Withdrawn Lot541Egyptian Schist Striding Apis Bull711Kaguru Chair
227Chavin Blackware Bottle with Feathered Body Pattern543Egyptian Green Painted Wood Mummy Mask 712Makonde Figural Spoon
229Important Chavin Raptor & Fish Vessel 559Egyptian Wood Carving of A Woman & Two Children713Pende Janiform Figure Staff
233Chavin Vessel with Stippled Design562Trobriand Lime Spatulas & Pectoral (4)738Luba Sculpture
235Chavin Cupisnique Cherimoya563Asmat Dish with Figure741Tabwa Fly Whisk
244Moche IV Portrait Vessel564Abelam Dance Headdress743Sanza Thumb Piano
248Moche Dove Vessel566Chambri Lakes Figure 751Book Lot [17]
251Moche Fine-Line Deity in Boat Vessel567Abelam Post Figure
256Moche Frog Stirrup Vessel568Vanuatu Fernwood Grade Figure