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Pre-Columbian& Tribal Art, Classical, Egyptian & Asian Antiquities Summer Sale 2021 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
006Olla with Star Design316Proto-Nazca Textile Head & Flower Textile Band (2)447Mbole Anklet Currency
010Greenstone Head Beads (2)321Withdrawn Lot449Kuba Kete Large Mask
013Two Mezcala Bird Pendants335Jeddito Black on Yellow Jar450Kusu Power Figure
015Tlatilco Nude Female Figure340Santa Cruz Red on Buff Pottery Basket Vessel452Pende Drum
017Tlatilco Pregnant Woman with Snouted Face345Anasazi Black and White Pottery Bowl453Pende “Mbuya” Mask
029Chupicuaro Figural Rattle Wearing Feathered Costume346Casas Grande Geometric Decorated Bowl 464Kete/Lulua Mask
034Chupicuaro Dimpled Bowl348Manitoulin Island Papoose Cradle467Sculpture by Charles Kyenze
035Chupicuaro Large Bowl358Massim Drum470Acheulean Hand Axes and Neolithic Adze (3)
038Chupicuaro Tripod Bowl with Geometric Design359Massim Clapper Lime Spatulas (2)492Neolithic Stone Arrow Points (12)
041Chupicuaro Tripod Bowl366Metal-Tipped Spear499Nordic Mesolithic Symmetrical Beige Flint Axe
042Brownware Incised Bowl368Korwar or Massim Pestle and Mortar500Nordic Mesolithic Flint Edge Trimmed Flake Axes (2)
052Chupicuaro Flared Vessel369Trobriand Massim Spatula501Nordic Mesolithic Flint Tools (3)
081Tecoman Face Olla375Boiken Bowl with Stylized Bird505Ancient Near East Marble Jars (2)
108Jalisco Decorated Redware Urn378Archaic Wood Figure511Mesopotamian Decorated Marble Jar
109Jalisco Red & White Decorated Bowl379Luzon Matulis Sword514Luristan Bronze Goat & Horse (2)
110Jalisco Blackware Anthropomorphic Vessel380Moro Kris520Ancient Near East Stone Bowl
113Jalisco Miniature Standing Figures (2)382Philippine Bulul Deity521Ancient Near Eastern Bronze Figure and Two Hares (3)
114Jalisco Grayware Lobed Vessel386Indo-Persian Shield with Figures564Sassanian Bronze & Stone Double Sided Seals (2)
140Nayarit Seated Figures (2)392Graduated Bowls & Tontonicapan Folk Pottery Incensario (5)591Roman-Egypt Steatite Bust
145Nayarit Floral Vessel397Baule Female Figure596Roman Terracotta Plaque of Three Musicians
152Maya Shell Figure & Feline Head Pendants (2)398Baule Female Figure599Roman Bronze Weight
162Circular Stone Pendants (2)400Baule Style Bronze Mask600Roman Bronze Weight
185Veracruz Decorated Animal Deep Dish Plate 402Dan Round-Eye Mask606Roman Carnelian Necklace with Islamic Gold & Garnet Pendant
194Maya Jade Pendants & Beads (4)406Dogon Female Figure608Byzantine Rings & Partial Ring (3)
201Maya Polychrome Decorated Pottery Bowl408Dogon Sirige Mask632Bronze Osiris Head
208Maya Orangeware Vessel with Protruding Head409Dogon Style Post634Egyptian Glazed Faience Dish
209Maya Orangeware Large Zoomorphic Dish411Three Door Locks (3)640Coptic Textile with Central Figure
211Maya Early Classic Rattle Vase412Bamana Doll641Coptic Textile Roundel with Flying Figure
213Maya Pair of Greenstone Ears414Bura Terracotta Head650Roman Iridescent Glass Jar & Bottle (2)
222Diquis Stone Small Metate416Cameroon Pipe Stem651Parthanian Sprinkler Flask & Drinking Cup (2)
257Moche/Chimu Pole Axe420Mossi Bronze Whistle660Core-Formed Glass Alabastron
262Chancay Unusual Standing Cuchimilco 421Mossi Wooden Animal661Byzantine or Medieval Metal Surgical Scissors
263Chancay Wooden Staffs (2)425Figural Fon Recade665Chinese Porcelain Dish with Floral Decoration
269Figural Wood Posts and Shield (3)428Fon “Bocio” Male Figure with Padlock672Chinese Exportware Decorated Bowl
276Chimu Silver Head Cup429Ibeji Figures (2)688Indian Sandstone Oil Lamp Niche
280Chimu Gold Alloy Bird Ornaments (4)430Ibibio “Mfon ekpo” Mask with Seated Figure689Bengal Garuda Bronze Bell
295Tiahuanaco Cat Head Vessel433Nok Carnelian Necklace694Indian Standstone Stele Fragment
300Argentinean Decorated Bowl434Urhobo or Ibibio Spirit Figure698Thai Low Bowl
304Marajoara Pottery Headrest & Platform (2)435Yemi Bisiri Brass Sculpture704Nepal Gurung Gold & Resin Necklace
310Chancay Brown & Beige Geometric Painted Textile 441Fang Decorative Figure705Ornate Tibetan Gau Box in Traveling Case
313Chancay Gauze Geometric Panel445Hemba Standing Male Figure713Majolica Albarello Noah & the Ark
315Inca Decorated Textile Belt446Hemba Terracotta Power Figure