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Summer of 23 Variety Auction UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
003Egyptian Paleolithic Flint Stones (4) 414Pre-Classic Huastec Pottery Head705Mexican Dance Masks (2)
004Egyptian Neolithic Flint Tools (3)417Circular Stone Pendants (2)709Bamana Female Figure
015Near Eastern Millefiore Paste Glass Inlay419Izapan Stone Dish710Slab Hermaphrodite Figure
022Syro Hittite Terracotta Head of Astarte Goddess 421Pre-Maya Matching White Stone Brows (2)711Bamana Iron Equestrian Warrior
024Syro-Hittite Pottery Bust of Astarte423Maya Jade Pendants & Beads (4)714Dogon Ancestor Figure
033Miniature Stone Vases (5) 424Maya Flint Axes (2)715Dogon Ancestral Figure
034Ancient Near Eastern Bronze Figure and Two Hares (3)427Maya Carved Vessel with Seated Chiefs 717Large Bateba Phuwe Figure
035Bronze Bracelet, Zoomorphic Finial & Miniature Hare Vessel (3)430Maya Shell Bracelets (4)718Mossi Wooden Animal
037Near Eastern Redware Olla with Black Geometric Designs435Maya Animal Vase721Fanti Female Figure
043Ancient Near East Stone Bowl439Maya Large Gray Flint Blade 724Ashanti Caryatid Figure
045Celtic Bronze Fibula with High Arched Bow445Maya Eccentric Flints (9)727Ivory Coast or Mende Female Figure
046Bactrian Copper-Bronze Kohl Container446Diquis Stone Small Metate735Crocodile Door Lock
047Baluchistan Seated Figure447Costa Rican Shoe Vessel & Redware Pot (2)736Baule Female Figure
049Bronze Tweezer, Spear Points & Bronze Latches (7)451Large Huetar Stone Sukia737Baule Mask
054Early Bronze Age Terracotta Votive Vegiform 453Nicoya Polychrome Decorated Head Vessel 740Baule Slingshot & Drum (2)
061Kilia Head & Bust Fragment (2)454Taino Stone Cassava Platform 741Baule Heddle Pulley
064Kilia Head with Carved Nose456Tairona Carnelian Wand Mortar744Dan Figural Double Ladle
073Greek Geometric Bronze Bird Stamp459Tairona Lidded Plain Chocolate Ware Urn749Dan Mask
076Hellenistic Plainware Pottery Askos460Tairona Stone Votive Axes (2) 750Dan Mask with Shell Headband
080Hellenistic Pottery Votive Pomegranate465Calima Stirrup Spouted Vessels (2)755Ivory Coast Bow
093Greco-Hellenistic Bronze Griffin Head Pin Fragment467Calima Spouted Vessels (2)758Fulani or Wodaabe Hat
096Etruscan Terracotta Head468Calima Anthropomorphic Vessels (2) 760Large Fulani Calabash
109Roman Silver Bracelet 469Carchi Wood Scepter765Igbo Terracotta “Ntekpe” Figure
110Roman Bronze Keys (2)471Narino Anthropomorphic Rotund Vessel766Yoruba or Nupe Shrine Jar
112Roman Bone Stirrer with Aphrodite 474Narino Rotund Anthropomorphic Storage Jar 771Pair of Yoruba Ibeji
117Roman Bronze Medical Instruments (15)475Narino Sting Ray Vessel & Bowl (2)775Izzi Elephant Mask
118Roman Bronze Fibula Brooches (9)476Narino Strainer & Barrel Shape Vessels (2)776Divination Bowl “Agere Ifa”
125Roman & Byzantine Bronze Finger Rings (16) 477Narino Preclassic Blackware Pedestal Dishes (3)779Bagirmi or Kenga Figure
128Roman Bone & Stone Dice (5)479Tumaco Molded Female Figure782Pende “Mbuya” Mask
130Roman Bronze Fibula (9)481Colombian Pottery Vessels (5)783Teke Female Figure
137Withdrawn lot490Chorrera Chocolate Ware Pottery Bottle784Teke Power Figure
142Roman Aubergine Dimpled Glass Jar491Bahia Hollow Standing Figures (2)787Pipe
143Roman Blue-Green Footed Bowl493Ecuadorian “Shoe” Shape Vessel790Small Wooden Headrests (2)
148Roman Glass Conical Bottle 495Ecuadorian Seated Figures (2)791Oromo Headrest
149Roman Glass Bottle with Bulbous Base496Ecuadorian Seated Figure with Elaborate Collar792Sculpture by Charles Kyenze
164Islamic Spool Shape Vials (4) 505Viru Pottery Figures (2)802Kota Style Reliquary
175Egyptian Alabaster Offering Bowl512Moche Figural Stirrup Vessel803Kota Style Reliquary
179Egyptian Blue Faience Uraeus & Sun Disc518Moche / Chimu Cal Spoon with Bird Finial 806Luba Style Caryatid Stool
180Egyptian Steatite Scarabs & Pottery Mold (4)519Moche-Chimu Pottery Figure807Tabwa Style Helmet Mask
182Egyptian Faience Ushabti533Chancay Wooden Staffs (2)809Luba Style Mask
189Roman-Egypt Steatite Bust536Chancay Shamans Rattling Staff812Senufo Decorative Mask
194Islamic Seljuk Bronze Lion Buckle 537Chancay Cylinder Vase with Monkey813Senufo Style Poro Figure
197Islamic Faience Amulets (6)539Chancay Wooden Loom Implement814Guro Style Double Mask with Two Birds
205Italian Renaissance Bronze Candlestick540Chimu Wooden Staff with Monkey Holding Fruit816Decorative Monkey Mask
206Italian Renaissance Bronze Mortar542Chimu Wooden Staff with Anthropomorphic Figure818Decorative Kurumba Style Antelope
221Ancient Bronze Strainer Bowl & Ladle (2)544Chimu Blackware Double Globular Vessel820Decorative Bronze Figural Pot with Lid on Crocodile
222Han Dynasty Pottery Hut545Chimu Silver Head Cup822Dogon Style Bronze Maternity Figure
223Han Dynasty Funnel Shaped Silver Vessel546Chimu Wooden Staff & Weaving Implement (2)823Makonde Sculpture
225Large Han Barrel Shaped Vessel550Chimu Wooden Ear Spool & Stopper (2)826Holy Water Bucket & Salt (2)
226Han Painted Barrel Shaped Vessel557Chimu / Inca Scepter Finial Depicting a Seated Monkey828Spanish Colonial Painting of Saint Lucy
227Large Han Dynasty Sichuan Orangeware Horse559Chimu Gold Alloy Bird Ornaments (4)833Withdrawn lot
228Han Dynasty Pottery Shed562Chimu-Inca Wooden Stool836SW Farber Brass Tripod Vases (2)
229Han Dynasty Pottery Farm House565Inca Votive Petroglyph Painted Chucu 838Bronze Lamp Base
231Han Dynasty Horse & Rider584Chancay Decorated Textile Sash839Leaded Glass with Floral Design Panel
233Northern Qi Polychrome Decorated Dancing Figures (2)598Nazca Tie Dye Partial Shirt 843Geometric & Shield Leaded Glass Window Panel
234Northern Qi Dynasty Stone Buddha Head605Aymara Textile Mantle Section844Leaded Glass Window Panels (2)
237Yuan Dynasty Black Pottery Vase608Modern Pre-Columbian Style Beaded Necklace849Hand Painted Wooden Ducks (4)
240Chinese Sung-Yuan Partially Glazed Bottle613Gila Red Seed Jar852European Blown Clear Glass Bottles (2)
244Ming Style Marble Buddha Head617Native American Artifact Group (5)853Catalogues for Auction 77 (46)
245Large Glazed Ceramic Temple619Cherokee Style Flints (16)854Catalogues for Auction 77 (50)
247Qing Orange Painted Brush Pots (2)620Two Pair of Eskimo Children’s Moccasins 855Catalogues for Auction 83 (50)
249Chinese Four Part Artist’s Vase623Eskimo Figure & Walrus (2)856Catalogues for Auction 92 (36)
259Wooden Figural Corbel631Native American Style Micro-Beaded Medicine Bottle857Catalogues for Auction 92 (36)
264Indian Painting of Multiple Figures634Keichousaurus Dinosaur Fossil858Catalogues for Auction 93 (36)
265Indo-Persian Painting641Fossilized Mammoth Tooth Section 859Catalogues for Auction 93 (36)
268Set of Indo-Persian Paintings (2)642Bison Bone with Embedded Arrow 860Catalogues for Auction 98 (44)
272Large Indian Wooden Carving with Nandi643Late Permian Petrified Wood Tuvichapteris861Catalogues for Auction 101 (40)
277Seated Bronze Ganesh, Small Elephants & Dog (4)644Decorative Gable Mask862Catalogues for Auction 105 (32)
278Burmese Bronze Duck Weights (5)646Pitjantjatjara or Aranda Beanwood Parrying Shield863Catalogues for Auction 105 (32)
280Thai & Cambodian Glazed Pottery Jars (4)657Yina Figure864Catalogues for Auction 105 (21)
281Thai Large Bronze Buddha Head658Kakame or Bioma Figure 865Catalogues for Auction 106 (26)
284Thai Bronze Buddha 660Hawaiian Carved Standing Tiki Figure866Catalogues for Auction 106 (26)
289Large Olmec Jade Pectoral665Maprik Warrior Pendants (2) 867Catalogues for Auction 106 (26)
298Olmecoid Maskette & Misc. Group (6)666Abelam Basketry Mask 868Catalogues for Auction 106 (26)
306Chupicuaro Miniature Figure667Yina Spirit Figure869Catalogues for Auction 106 (26)
308Chupicuaro Decorated Foot Vessel 669Mei Mask 870Catalogues for Auction 105 (32)
311Chupicuaro Decorated Pinch Bowl670“Kara-ut” Abelam Warrior Pectoral871Catalogues for Auction 107 (34)
313Chupicuaro Chocolate Ware Decorated Olla672Decorative Papua New Guinea House Panel872Catalogues for Auction 107 (34)
316Chupicuaro Decorated Tripod Bowl673Iatmul Mei Mask 873Catalogues for Auction 107 (34)
342Mezcala Miniature Figure674Pair of Papuan Gulf Bamboo Pipes (2)874Catalogues for Auction 107 (34)
363Colima Double-Headed Mace Head675Iatmul Basket Hook Figure 875Catalogues for Auction 107 (34)
369Colima Standing Figure678Decorative Sepik River Mask 876Catalogues for Auction 108 (25)
372Colima Standing Female Figure 679Ramu River Ornament877Catalogues for Auction 108 (25)
373Colima Standing Figure681Solomon Island Bowls with Mother of Pearl (3) 878Catalogues for Auction 108 (25)
376Colima Back Ache & Pre-Classic Blind Figure (2)682Samoa War Club 879Catalogues for Auction 108 (25)
380Jalisco Male & Female 3-Toed Variety Figures (2)683Pair of Mendi Figural Dolls880Catalogues for Auction 108 (25)
388Chinesco Dogs (3)684Rare May River Janus Mask 881Catalogues for Auction 108 (25)
389Ixtlan del Rio Seated Female Holding Bowl 686Kwoma Female-Nogwi882Catalogues for Auction 108 (25)
392Nayarit Standing Female Figure688Aboriginal Ceremonial Spearthrower883Catalogues for Auction 108 (25)
393Nayarit Seated Figures (2)691Sumatran Brass Headdress Ornament884Catalogues for Auction 109 (44)
400Teotihuacan Chocolate Ware Bottle with Very Wide Rim692Batak Gold Foil Beaded Shaman Bag “Sirih”885Catalogues for Auction 109 (44)
402Mixtec Avian Vessel693Baskets & Gourds (8)886Catalogues for Auction 109 (44)
403Huastec Pottery Figural Head695Northern Indian Temple Carving887Catalogues for Auction 109 (44)
404Vera Cruz Pottery Head Pendant 697Large Tapa Cloth and Ten Fragments (11)889Catalogues for Auction 110 (38)
408Veracruz Carved Stone Brow Element698Five Brazilian Tapa Cloths890Catalogues for Auction 110 (38)
410Large Decorative Veracruz Standing Warrior Figure702Large Barbone Mask